Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trip // That Last Week & A Half - Shopping + Chocolate + Bowling + Driving = Hanging out with Tyrel

After Kirsten and Emily left us to go home to their families, LaKaysha and I kind felt like.... "Now what?" We knew Felicity would be no help because... um... BOYFRIEND. Both Danita and Janeya work, so we didn't really think we'd see much of them. Kinda felt hopeless.

But Tyrel came to our rescue!

The day after they left, we just kinda sat around all day. Don't know where Felicity was or what she did or anything. She may have been home during the day... yeah, I think she was. I just remember me and LaKaysha were sitting on the couch looking at old pictures when Josiah came to pick her up. And Tyrel got dropped off from work and we both panicked because we hadn't started supper yet! So we jumped up and starting running around the kitchen. By the time he came in, supper was started and he never knew the panic we were in a few seconds before. *winks* 

That night it was just me, LaKaysha, Tyrel, Grandpa, and Grandma around the table - an odd thing after two weeks of a zillion people to cook for. *winks* 

That was the night that Tyrel drew the craziness out of me. I mean, I can be crazy - that is true. But I've always said I would never drive a stick-shift. Way too much work, way too confusing, and you ain't ever gonna get me to do it. So why could Tyrel get me to do it? Maybe because he's just as stubborn as me. On the way to Boston he said he was going to teach me, and I was like, "Haha, yeah, sure."

And then, that night he said he was going to.
Me - "He thinks he's going to." 
And then he walked into the living room with his hat on - "You ready?" 
Me and LaKaysha - *moan* 
But we got up and hopped in the car.

But first. Pop.

 Tyrel stopped at the store and bought us some 1893 Pepsi-Cola. *dies - it was so good* And soon we were at Christian Outreach. I was so afraid that I would kill us, or I'd ruin the car, or I'd cry, .... the worse possible things were going through my head on that short ride over to the church. But once I got in the drivers seat I calmed down. Never once wanted to cry, and Tyrel was a good teacher.

So. Guys. I can drive a stick. *flexes* 

Meaning - it is possible. But I am terrible. *face palm* Tyrel said I did good! *looks doubtful* How was backing up, you ask? *dies laughing* Let's hope that if I'm ever driving a stick-shift I'll never have to back up. *winks* 
But I did it. I never thought I would. I didn't kill us, I didn't ruin Grandpa's car, and I didn't cry. Laughed, actually. Especially during LaKaysha's lesson. *tries not to explode in laughter* 
It was a lot of fun. Driving around, sipping my pop (and trying not to spill while LaKaysha tried to shift *winks*) I was shaking when I got done driving, but I just do that when I'm being a wild child. *winks*

After our lesson we went to volleyball at Ji-Cal. That was fun. Just me and LaKaysha sitting against a wall and watching everyone play while scary bugs "tried to kill us" (more like one crawled by, but whatever ;P).

And so the last week and a half was spent cuddling the twins during the day (when Mary came over) and waiting around for Tyrel to get home so we could do something at night. Of course there were a few nights when he ditched us to play video games and we were left to entertain ourselves. One such night we watched Temple Grandin. But he actually didn't ditch us very much at all! I was shocked. Guess he didn't want us to be bored... unless he actually enjoyed being with us!? *laughs*

One night we went to the mall with Josiah and Felicity - Tyrel too. *winks* The entire trip, I had been craving a soft pretzel. We tried to get one in Boston, we tried to get one on the way home from Boston. But it took Felicity's boyfriend saying, "Do you want to go to the mall?" for me to finally get one. And it sure tasted good. *sighs*

That was a fun night. Riding around in the back of Josiah's pickup and playing Hangman with Tyrel and LaKaysha, stopping at Hobby Lobby and following Tyrel around, going to the mall and getting my pretzel, then following Tyrel around as he shopped, getting lost in the dark parking lot, and on the way home we stopped so Tyrel could get a milkshake - he bought me and LaKaysha some more pop. *hugs it*

Mostly the evenings were spent at home, sitting at the kitchen counter and chatting our heads off. Such fun. *sighs* playing with Tyrel's fidget spinner. I honestly don't even know what we talked about, or how we kept ourselves so entertained! But we stayed up late every night. (this entire trip I was never in bed before one - it was lovely)

shhhhh.... I didn't drink THAT much pop 
Tyrel, LaKaysha, Me - spending our time like we always do
Believe LaKaysha when she says we were The Three Musketeers during those last days 

Saturday came and we made plans to have our hair done by my aunt Brittany. Sometime in the afternoon. So we spent the morning doing... nothing. *winks* (at one point it was even just me and LaKaysha home with Grandpa outside mowing the lawn - that's how much "nothing" we did ;P)
Soon it was lunch time and Tyrel decided to take us out to pizza - once again, just us three. I had never spent one-on-one time with Tyrel before and having LaKaysha with us doesn't count, so basically that's what this week was. *winks* I really enjoyed getting to know him again. I realize now that I hadn't actaully talked to him since I was twelve! And even then we were just kids so...

The pizza was good and Tyrel paid. (once again *rolls eyes* - he said he went to the bank that morning and seen how much money he had so had to spend it on someone *laughs at his logic*) And we were home in time for us to get our hair done! I love what she did!!

By this time I had decided that I never wanted to go home. I just kept wondering how I was gonna leave all my people. When I told Mary that Tyrel took us out to lunch and she said, "Awww! He's gonna miss you girls!" I almost died right there.

*still in awe that I boarded the plane with no tears* 

Brittany also curled my hair, so it's hard to see the difference in this pic, but you can defiantly see
that it's shorter. Also look at at Callen!!!! *misses him* 
and Cormick sitting on Tyrel!! *cries I'm so lonely right now* 

I had never been bowling. And as you all know, Kirsten tried to take me once but we ended up at McDonald's for milkshakes. (which ended up being really fun, so who's complaining?) 
Kirsten wanted to take us while she was out there with us, but it never worked out. 
Saturday night it was decided that Tyrel was going to take us (mostly by Uncle Marlon, but I never heard Tyrel complain ;P). We were joined by Jeremy and we got a lane by some other cousins (two boys and one's girlfriend). 

We went Glow Bowling from 9-Midnight and goodness it was fun! 

But I'm so bad at it, like wow! *laughs so hard*

I knew Tyrel and LaKaysha were laughing their heads off behind me when it was my turn but I didn't care! I was having fun! 
It was loud, very loud. You'd have to learn close together till your heads were pretty much touching to hear when someone talked. After a while you got used to it and the music was just a background noise. 

And the ride home was even enjoyable. I've always enjoyed long rides in the dark. But when it's after midnight, you're in New Hampshire and you just got done bowling the night away with Tyrel, then you ride home in Jeremy's car between LaKaysha and Tyrel and basically fall asleep.... *sigh* 

That Sunday was a lazy day for me and LaKaysha. Tyrel ran off to Six Flags, Felicity ran off to the Cape with her boyfriend, and we were left alone.
Danita and Janeya came over with Shila and Chenelle, and then they left again to get ice cream. I would've gone with, but Grandpa and LaKaysha were taking naps so nobody was home to watch the twins if they woke up before Mary got back from where ever it was she went with Grandma.

So it was just me wandering the house all alone. I actually enjoyed that. I cleaned up the house, and then just sat on the couch. Cormick woke up so I took him and let Grandpa go back to sleep.

Just me and Cormick, sitting on the couch and listening to elk bugling. *sigh* The dear little kid held my hand and played with my bracelet and snuggled and I wanted to cry. Then Callen woke up and he came and sat on my lap too... and oh dear, I'm making myself so lonely.

Danita and Janeya came back. And Janeya - the sweetheart- brought me ice cream.

 Coffee Ice Cream from Kimball's!!!! 

Oh man, that place is good! Why don't we have ice cream shops like that out here?
Anyway, they left pretty much right away to go over to Danita's. They invited us to come along too, but LaKaysha still was kinda sleepy from her nap and still kinda had a headache from all that loud music the night before.

After they left, she got over her headache and we got bored, just sitting on the couch. Just the two of us. Then we remembered that Kaysha and Roger had just flown in! So we text Kaysha and asked where they were at. And we did one of the bravest things I've ever done - we crashed their family gathering. *laughs*

Grandma dropped us off and we sat in the living room. Where all the guys were playing and singing. It was so relaxing and wonderful. I had text my cousin Kaylee before, and told she could come visit us. She didn't answer until we weren't home anymore, but I just told her to come there and that's what she did.

And she brought us home. and Sunday was over.

Monday was Memorial Day. and it was wet. And rain out there is different than here, so yeah... I had an umbrella. *hides face* We went to the center of town but because of the rain there wasn't much of a parade or anything. Mostly we stood around in the cold wondering why we were doing this to ourselves. Finally we got the "go-ahead" to run home, and believe me - we ran. My legs felt really weird because I couldn't feel them they were so numb, yet they hurt every time my feet hit the ground.

Because of the rain, the usual traditions didn't happen and I still don't know what Memorial Day was like for my dad growing up. I guess I'll just have to go back out there (so sad, isn't it? ;P)
Family came over and we had some sort of "celebration" supper. After which Tyrel ran off to play board games at a friends house.

There was supposed to be a gathering at Outreach and I knew Tyrel was gonna be stopping there, I text him and asked if Janeya was there. If she wasn't, I wasn't gonna even bother finding a ride over there. She was and she and Danita came and picked me and LaKaysha up.

oh Cormick. I miss you! (and yeah, be sneaky and stare at Felicity and Josiah
in the background - I don't mind ;P)

So, we sat at Outreach and watched the volleyball game while sitting on the stairs. And we hung out in the kitchen some, and ate food. *winks*

 Food is good, so of course that was fun. 

chillin' with Janeya 

After Outreach we went to "a fire" that never happened. *winks* We were told that was where all the young kids would be, but nobody came. So after just sitting there for the longest time, we headed back to Grandma's. Janeya brought us, and Danita came too. Tyrel came home, and we began another evening of just sitting at the kitchen counter.

And like all the rest, it was great. <3 
the fuzzy, weird-looking selfie ;P 

The next day it was planned that Grandpa and Grandma were taking us out to Outback. After texting Tyrel and making sure he would be home in time, we decided to go for supper so he could join us. So we waited all day long for him to come home. Well, LaKaysha and I did anyway - can't say Felicity did. She was too busy enjoying herself at Josiah's work and trying to set us up with some of his friends. Thankfully it didn't work out. *wipes away sweat* I didn't like the feeling of being put up for auction. I also know LaKaysha hated the idea of even seeing any of Josiah's friends. *winks and laughs* 

Most of the day me and LaKaysha were home alone, actually. Can't even remember where Grandpa and Grandma went, but they were gone. So it was just me and LaKaysha walking around the house and wondering how long till Tyrel got home. Once Felicity got home, LaKaysha wanted Tyrel home even more. *still laughing* You would've seen her pacing the floors, wringing her hands and yelling, "Tyrel I need you!!!"

Finally he came home, and he did exactly what I told her he would do - he joined me and Felicity in laughing at her. Which made her mad, which made us laugh more, and it was great. Then it started raining and she calmed down because plans were changed. *winks*

By this time Josiah was there, and we were all pretty hungry so we took off for Outback. *smiles at the thought of Tyrel blabbing his head off on the way there about work and telling me every move he was gonna make for the next two days and that he was probably gonna have Friday off - the day we flew out* The food was good, and the company great, so that was a good time.

After a wonderful meal, we jumped back in Grandpa's car and there we sat - trying to decide what to do. 'Cause of course we couldn't just simply go home. How lame. We drove separate from Grandpa and Grandma so we could do something fun after. (and I think it goes without being said that Felicity rode with Josiah *winks*) Tyrel once again pulled out his handy-dandy phone we searched for things to do. Did we want coffee? Tea? See a movie? Go to the mall?

LaKaysha piped up from the back seat, "I want an Orange Julius." So Tyrel searched for a place to get one. But why not just stop at the store, buy the stuff, and go home and make our own? So that's what we did. The ride home was an adventure - because part of the time I wasn't riding. *still shocked at my bravery* I didn't even think about it at the time, but now I realize how brave I was - I haven't even driven much on the highway at home! In an automatic! And before Tyrel taught me how to drive a stick, I didn't dare drive with him in the passenger seat. But I did it. I was driving down a road I didn't know, in a stick, in a state 3,000 miles away from mine, with Tyrel in the passenger seat and talking to me... and I did think, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

But it was wonderful. 

I drove to the school across the street from Grandpa and Grandma's, and Tyrel hopped back in. We went to the store, and we got the stuff for our Orange Julius. Went home, and Tyrel made it for us. Grandpa and Grandma weren't home yet, so it was just us there. And Tyrel wanted us to watch Les Mis. so we skipped off to his room. And wow. That movie!!! For some reason, it didn't make me kill over like Love Me Tender but it was close.

By the time the movie was over Grandpa and Grandma had pretty much gone to bed, and Felicity and Josiah were back. It wasn't quite late enough for us to go to bed *winks* so we sat at the counter for a while. Then Tyrel ran off to go to bed - work in the morning - and me and LaKaysha did the same.

The next day we went shopping with Grandma and Aunt Mary - and the twins! What better way to spend your time than running around the store with little Callen? And when he got heavy, I'd take Cormick - he's much lighter. *winks*

Went to Panera Bread for lunch, and got my yummy tea again. Then it was home again. I text Tyrel and asked him if he would take me and LaKaysha shopping again after supper. He said he would, in the only way he says things, "Probably." (with him everything is "probably", "I guess", "I suppose". Can't ever say things for sure - it's just how he is ;P) LaKaysha wanted an Aeropostle sweatshirt like mine.

Tyrel came home from work, we ate supper, picked up Ryan, and headed out to the Outlet stores. Ever ride around with with two guys? It's such great fun. Especially when they don't know exactly where they're going. *laughs* Listening to them talk is great too. And sing. They like to sing. *winks*

Ryan- "Where's Felicity?" 
Tyrel- "Um. She has a boyfriend. It's kinda gross." 
Me and LaKaysha- *burst out laughing* 

And shopping with guys is great too. When you're at an Outlet Mall and you have no idea how to find the store you're looking for and you walk around in circles. Finally we looked at a map. *winks* Sometimes we act just like the small-town-kids we are. *laughs* And they both tried to help LaKaysha pick out her sweatshirt. It was so cute *winks* Sadly, she didn't buy either one they picked out. She would've bought the Tyrel picked, but the sleeves weren't lined in the inside, so it wasn't very cozy. She got one that "matches her purse-thing" (aka as wallet) *laughs at Tyrel*

The greatest part about this shopping trip was the thunderstorm. And the fact that we didn't bring an umbrella. We should win a medal for our brilliance. *nods* After LaKaysha got her sweatshirt, it started to rain. Just a sprinkle at first, then it started pouring. It was great! Running and jumping, trying to stay under the covered areas. Finally we ducked into the chocolate shop. Where we spent some time, trying to pick out 100 chocolates for Tyrel to buy. The sky looked beautiful when we were leaving! But sadly, I didn't get a single clear picture of it! It was pink from the sunset, yet with a rainbow! Can you imagine the beauty!?

photo credit to Tyrel - you can tell because I'm in the picture, and his camera is better than mine 

It was dark by the time we got home. But first we had to stop for snacks. *nods* Another 1893 Pepsi-Cola. And we ate way too many chocolates! *holds stomach* Tyrel made Ryan drive home from the store - in the dark and rain. Which is probably why he didn't make me or LaKaysha. He must think it's fun to sit back and watch someone try to drive a stick-shift or something.

Tyrel and Ryan didn't have to work the next day, so they were all ready to party. What do we call a party? Playing Trivial Pursuit till 1:30 or 2 in the morning. And I won. *flexes*

What was your favorite part of this long post? Did you even make it through it!? Would 100 chocolates make your day? Want Tyrel to make you an Orange Julius?? - 'cause he will if you ask him, or maybe he won't, you never know ;P Would you let your cousin trick you into driving a stick on the highway? Watched Les Mis? Want to go shopping with twins? Does my vacation even sound as amazing as I thought it was? Are you annoyed of these "trip" posts yet? 

Sorry, but there's still one more!*burst out into song - ONE DAY MORE!!!* also, are you annoyed that my schedule got messed up from these posts? don't worry, I will get the photo dump for June up at some point, plus I've been tagged for a couple tags and I will do those someday. *laughs at how behind I am* 


  1. Oh man, driving a stick shift has always looked terrifying. I applaud you!

    1. Oh I've always been terrified of it too. But this cousin of mine is crazy and makes me do crazy things. Like, when he made me drive home from Outback! I was just sitting there enjoying the ride and chatting away, when he stops at a stop sign, and jumps out of the car! What else could I do but get in the drivers seat? We were in the middle of the road and there was no time to be stubborn ;P it's actually pretty easy, or my Grandpa's car is anyway. Tyrel said it's an easy car to learn in, so maybe other cars are harder? All I know is, I'll never be able to drive one unless he is in the passenger seat helping me ;D (a few times he had to guide my hand while I was shifting)

  2. Soooooooo much fun! Those twins! Ah! Seriously there should be a law against being that kissable *rolls eyes*

    I am glad Tyrel took care of you girls for me! *wink*

    1. Ah!!!! Don't remind me! They're way too precious! <333333

      Yeah. It's a good thing he did. Or my last week and a half would've been so dull. Probably would've ended up wanting to go home. *Laughs* ok. Maybe that's not true. I still would've had the twins ;P

  3. Fun fun! Tyrel probably wouldn't make me an orange Julius beings I'm his mother and all, but you never know. I do believe I have had some he's made! And it took me 36 years to learn how to drive a stick so you're doing good. You can even drive mine when you come here! ;)

    1. Haha! You don't think he'd make one for you? Lol! And HA! You and your son are crazy ppl ;P

  4. Haha! You got your pretzel! ;)

    1. Haha! You think I would've been able to live this long if I hadn't? ;P

  5. You are making me lonely... goodness.
    Those twins! You have got to stop putting pictures up of them or I may weep! That picture of Cormick's hand kills me every time.
    It was great shopping with the boys. lol
    And Trivial Pursuit was fun, although I can't believe I lost and you won. That's just so wrong.
    But could be because I was half-asleep the last hour or so of the game. *winks*

    1. Oh Cormick and Callen!!! *cries* I think it's way past time for them to come visit me.
      Shopping with guys is the best!
      Bahahahahahaha!!! Guess I'm not as dumb as I think I am ;P
      Sure, blame it on your tired brain ;)

  6. AMAZING! I SO want to see the TWINS!!! *dies*
    Tyrel sounds like your best friend! *winks*
    I am SO glad you had fun out there! <3


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