Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trip // Goodbyes

I almost don't want to write this post. Yet, I want to get it over with because it's been taking me way too long to get these posts done. But who wants to think about that last day? Even if it was a wonderful day. And I have wonderful memories from it. I also remember the sadness I felt whenever I thought of leaving the next day.

As I ran around and made sure the twins didn't die while Mary went somewhere, I just didn't want to leave. Maybe I'm weird, but everything in me was fighting against going home. Cormick and Callen had stolen my heart, and I won't lie to you - they still hold it in their puggy little hands.

The morning of our last day was spent running around and setting up in the backyard for a "Fun Day" my Grandma had planned as a thank-you for those who helped in the Bike-A-Thon, back in the beginning of our trip. Mostly I watched the twins, which I enjoyed, but... there's two of them! Everytime I turned around from stopping one from doing something harmful the other would be across the yard doing something he shouldn't. So I'd take off running to stop him, and I got tired. *winks* Tyrel did help. Mostly I'd just be like, "Watch that one!!" as I chased the other one down.

LaKaysha was in her room - primping. While I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. If it wasn't for Tyrel, I may have died. *winks and sticks out tongue* I'm just kidding. LaKaysha came out once Mary actually left, and she took Cormick while I had Callen, and then we'd switch. Both of them were being very clingy and didn't let us put them down. And Callen gets heavy after a while. *winks*

showing.... um.... Cormick?? the fun house *laughs* (Tyrel took this pic)
how could these little guys not steal your heart!?

Once Mary was home, and we had the twins happily playing, we helped Tyrel blow up balloons. Ryan came over and we got a pretty good system going - except when they worked too fast and I had to hold some of them in my mouth while I tried to find a spot to tie them. *laughs* And one exploded. That was actually funny. Cormick started bawling and Tyrel was like, "Kid!" LaKaysha took him and he was fine after that *winks*

Pretty soon people started to show up. And I tried to put Cormick to sleep. The dear little kid laid on my shoulder and drooled on my arm. *chuckles*

Tyrel and Ryan were going to get coffee and wanted to know if I would come along. But I had Cormick and he was getting really sleepy, so I just asked Tyrel to pick me up one. And that was my last Dunkin's before leaving. *sigh* Coffee may be better here, but Dunkin's is a lot more fun *winks* Probably because coffee is so much money here, and we just don't get it as much, and there isn't as many people to enjoy it with you.

The rest of the day was spent under the canopy. allllllllll dayyyyyyyyy. It was great! Watching kids run around and play. The random little girls taking Tyrel's phone and snapchatting all his friends. A bunch more people came over. People like Danita, Kaysha and Roger, Janeya even came later. And it was a beautiful day for it. After days and days of rain. And of course, bugs came to our party too. *winks*  Tyrel took out his chocolate from the night before and we ate more. And his fidget spinner got passed around a lot. It was just a relaxing day in the backyard.

I even raced Tyrel through the Fun House. Lost of course. *winks* And bubbles!!! I think we played in the bubble more than the little kids. *laughs* Didn't realize how much I love bubbles till this trip. But aren't they so fun? 

LaKaysha and Tyrel were playing catch and LaKaysha stepped in a hole. And the rest of the trip she was hopping around on a hurt foot. We sat on the couch most of the evening, with LaKaysha's foot propped up. Some cousins were flying in that night, and I guess everyone came over to see them. Because the house was full of young people.

I was so tired. Staying up late the night before, and then getting up earlier than I wanted to because that's what happens when you share a room with Felicity. At one point I told Tyrel that I didn't know if I could stay awake. He said we could go get coffee, but it was way too late for that. I get sick if I drink coffee too late. So, Tyrel made me some tea. He made some for himself and LaKaysha too, but I was the reason he started. *winks* One of these days I'm gonna have to double check what kind of tea he buys, and then ask him what he puts in it, 'cause his tea is really good. And it did help keep me up a little longer.

Only for a little while that night did the house get quiet - when everyone ran off to get coffee. Just me, LaKaysha, and Tyrel, talking to each other. Our last time alone. I sure miss that nut. *laughs*
Before everyone left Tyrel told Ryan to pick up a couple fidget spinners if he seen any. And when he got back, he had bought the cutest ones ever. Tyrel was gonna pay Ryan back, but he pulled a Tyrel and won't let him. So my fidget spinner is from Ryan. *hugs it* Now it's a little beat up compared to the picture below. *laughs* the other day I dropped it and almost cried when it cracked and my dad had to glue it. *winks* Plus it's so faded it's almost white - it's been loved. *winks and sticks out tongue*  

I didn't even realize I was almost asleep on the couch till Tyrel jumped up and said it was late, "And these people a basically sleeping." I wanted to go to bed, because I was so tired, but I was sure sad when that day ended. All those people left, except Roger - his ride went somewhere - and we went to bed. We were gonna get up in the morning and go out to breakfast with Tyrel and Ryan, so we had to get some sleep. And that's what I got - some.

I slept pretty good from 11:30-ish to 2:30-ish, which is when Felicity came in. After that, my mind started spinning like my fidget spinner - for real, like, that's what I was seeing. *gets dizzy* Plus I kept thinking about leaving in the morning. I had so much to do before we could leave. Pack, for one thing. I kept thinking about going to the airport, trying to walk to our gate with LaKaysha's bad foot, getting on the plane, and flying in the wrong direction. So, I didn't sleep very well.

Finally it was time to get up. I wasn't planning on taking a shower till after we got back from breakfast, but I was awake earlier than planned, so I jumped in the shower. After we were all ready, we sat around waiting for Ryan to come pick us up.

And we went to the Diner to eat. If it had been any other time, I would've taken a bunch of pictures and chatted a lot. But I was tired, and to tell you the truth I was sad. So sad it ached *laughs at how weird that sounds* I really didn't want to go home, guys. After breakfast we went to Market Basket to get our airplane snacks. We must've looked like quite the group in there - with Tyrel carrying LaKaysha on his back, and Ryan running around looking for Trail Mix, that we never found.

And it was back home - or to Grandpa and Grandma's. That sure was a quiet day. Nobody was very happy. Even Ryan was trying to convince us to extend our tickets. But we had to be home for Chancy's confirmation that Sunday. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably still be there. *winks*

Tyrel taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me... if that even makes sense *laughs*
pic from Tyrel

For lunch we got Pizza Haven. This time I got a Calzone. I think my sadness effected my appetite though. It tasted good, but I just didn't want to eat anything. 

Pretty soon it was time to head out to Mary's to say bye. So we had to say bye to Tyrel, and that was so sad. I wanted to cry, but as I said before - I manged not to. I was so sad about leaving and telling Tyrel bye, I forgot to even wave at Ryan! Hopefully he didn't feel un-liked or something, 'cause I do like him. I just wanted to hug Tyrel, then leave and get it over with. Since I had to leave and all.  

At Mary's things got worse. Those twins! *sobs* It's amazing that I never cried! You all should be proud of me. Even though I cried a couple days after getting home

Cormick *sniff*
sleeping angels *hearts*  (I leaned over and kissed Callen's hand and he woke up. So I got to say bye to both of them)

It was a quiet ride to the airport, and soon we were in the sky on the way home. It was a long, long, long day and by the time we got home it was really late and I felt asleep - like that dreamy feeling. It was an awful day to tell you the truth. I slept most of that last flight, and it felt good. I hardly could wake up to get off the plane. Felicity told me we were landing but I didn't care, sleeping felt so good. Almost as good as crying would've felt. But I did wake up and walked off the plane into my home airport. 

It sure was good to see my family waiting for us. I wanted to just fall into my dad's or brother's arms and go back to sleep. *laughs* 

It was late and I was hungry. We stopped at Taco Bell and got some snacks. And it was a loud drive home. Everyone talking at once. It sure woke me up. *winks* 

When we got home, I dropped everything in a pile in my room and crawled in bed. I normally can't sleep in a messy room, but I was that tired. I slept till one in the afternoon NH time - which is what my body was used to! 

So there you have it. The whole story of my vacation to New England. It was the most amazing month of my life and worth every penny I spent for it. Did you enjoy reading about it? 
Do you hate goodbyes as much as me? 


  1. Wow! your fidget spinner has gotten a work out! It sure doesn't look like in the picture anymore.

  2. Aw, what a sad goodbye. But that's so awesome that you guys got to do it!! <3 I enjoyed reading about it.
    Goodbyes can be pretty terrible. If I'm ready to go home it's fine though... which is obvious. :P

    1. It was so sad! *sniff* I know!! I'm so glad we did! God blessed that trip in so many ways!!!! <3333 It was just what I needed!
      Oh man, they're awful! LOL! that's true ;P

  3. So glad you were able to make this trip and so glad God blessed it! :)

  4. Yes, goodbyes aren't fun, but if you didn't do things because you don't want to say goodbye life wouldn't be any fun! Enjoyed reading about your trip.


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