Thursday, July 13, 2017

Photo Dump // June 2017 - So Very Late

I know! I know! I'm super late with this! Life has been busy, and all those posts about my trip.... Don't glare at me like that! The Photo Dump is here now!

Better late than never. *winks*

My brother got confirmed the Sunday after we got home from our trip. The reason we couldn't extend our tickets. *winks* but isn't he a cutie? *smiles*

And this what we do after church. :D

Our skies are so blue it's amazing! Especially after being in NH *winks*

Gotta love those shadow pictures. *winks* first one with little cousin Caleb, second with LaKaysha (and yep, on the roof)

oh goodness! Hamburger Pie! *craves it* 

One day not long after we got home, we went to a park for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we had fun climbing on the rocks by the falls. *smiles*

you know your brother missed you when he steals your phone and won't give it back till you take a selfie with him *laughs* 

Tyrel got me hooked on that pop. *hides face*

On the barn roof with the auntie *grins*

rainbows are always beautiful. *hearts*

One night after supper we headed to Shari's for a girls coffee night. Kirsten was in town so... need I say more? *grins and hugs her* 

At the bridal shower that Kirsten had come down for, and out behind the shop at Jen and Levi's. *nods* yes, I know, my sister is beautiful. I like to pretend it was my picture taking skills that made her that way *winks* 

One Sunday after church, a group of us headed up to the mountains for the day. The bouncy ride up, the smokey fire, the lovely view, the beautiful flowers, and the brave walks away from the boys... it was a good day. *sighs* I think it's about time Danielle comes back now. 

gotta love Polaroid *hearts*

And then I came down with a cold and I drank so many cups of tea I squished when I walks. *laughs* it was actually a pretty miserable cold, but have no fear - I am over it. 

kitty kitty *laughs* 

and it's not a photo dump without a random picture of a book. *grins*

what would life be without siblings to take weird selfies with? 

it's not summer without Strawberry Glaze Pie

Chilling on the swing and texting cousins. No better way to spend an afternoon. 

No AC, so what can you do? *laughs* 

SISTERS!!!!! *pretends to hug them, bc I never really would* 

beautiful LaKaysha on Auntie and Uncle's swing. 

the outfit I wore to church that Sunday that Uncle Mikey preached. 

and with Uncle Mikey came his family. And Emmeline's little smile kills me every time *hugs her* 
yep. we're cool. *sunglasses* 
at a birthday party for a little cousin. We had to take a selfie for our cousin back in NH 'cause it had been three weeks since we seen him and we wanted to make him lonely. *laughs* 

I got a kitten this month! My cousin, Tyrel, named her - after one of his/my favorite character from Les Mis. Kirsten named my last cat, which I find funny! Didn't even realize that siblings have named my last two kittens! But it's not like I said, "you're naming my cat" or anything. No, I just asked for ideas and I guess I like the names they come up with. Even if most people don't know how to say Eponine. *laughs* She's such an adorable fluff ball! Can't help but love her! 

We've had plenty of campfires this summer. Biscuits made over the fire are the best! you just have to have patients. *laughs* 

And there you have the photo dump! 

June actually was a good month. Even though most of the time was still trying to get used to the idea of being home and not in New Hampshire. Still it was fun.

And this month has been great! With Felicity's boyfriend in town we've been doing a lot of stuff! But that's for the next photo dump. *winks*

How's your summer going? 


  1. LOVED!!!!
    I miss Josiah already! *sobs*
    My summer is great!
    I LOVE to make biscuits over the fire!

  2. Why am I not in the sibling selfie?! *pouts*

    Enjoyed! You always take such neat pictures *rolls eyes*

    1. Um.... Boyfriend took you away? Idk! Didn't even notice you were the only one not in it! *laughs*
      Ha! You think you're so funny ;)

    2. Well! Shows how much you love me!

    3. No, it just shows how much you're not around these days ;P

  3. Love your pictures! I always enjoy these. :) It looks like you all have been having some great times! I hope we can finish our house up already, so SUMMER can really start. Like, relaxing summer. ;P Our summer HAS been good though. And I have more fun things to look forward to. *winks*
    That outfit is so cute!

    1. Thanks! You do? *giggles with glee* I'm glad somebody enjoys them!
      Oh I have been!! And you haven't even seen what I've done THIS month! (But you do know about some of it through texts ;P)
      I hope you get your house finished soon! Wouldn't want a whole summer to go by without you relaxing at least SOME ;P
      That's awesome that you have more fun things to look forward to *winks back*
      Thanks!!! XD

  4. Didn't realize what busy, fun summer it's been. lol *winks*

  5. You make me want strawberry glaze pie! *Sniff* ;P


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