Monday, June 19, 2017

Trip // The Hike up Monadnock

Saturday morning we got up and headed out for a hike up Mt. Monadnock - dragging Tyrel with us *winks*
Hiking out there is so different from hiking out here. Here you have a trail that goes up the mountain and it can take you up to 4 hours to reach the top, walking the whole way - no climbing. But out there, the mountain is made of pretty much nothing but rock. I've never seen so much rock! Where I come from, if there's rock to climb up, then you must be near water. Not that way in New Hampshire. *laughs*
Amazingly I made it up this mountain, no problem. Even though I'm usually panting and almost passing out and having a hard time of it. No, this time it was LaKaysha doing all that. And watching Tyrel carry her part of the way was so funny! *dies laughing* You have to climb up these rocks which is really tiring, but my lungs never really got bothered, so that's way there was no "almost passing out" moments. But. I ached so bad at church the next day. It was bad. *laughs* My shoes were not made for such things, so I kept slipping and almost falling off the mountain. Twice I fell. Once I caught myself before slamming my face into the sharp edge of a rock, and the other time I just sat down with a PLOP. And both times there were only strangers around to ask if I was alright. *laughs*
The view is different from at home too, but still pretty. I'm used to mountains that go on forever and the view is just breathtaking. In New Hampshire, it's flat for the most part, but it's cool to be able to see the towns and lakes and such.

Somehow Tyrel never got a picture with me looking *shakes head* this one will just have to do

It's always those spur-of-the-moment pictures that turn out the cutest. Didn't plan to have Tyrel in this picture but he was in the background so he was told to smile too 

Emily, taking Kirsten's picture 

*realizes these are all of Tyrel and Kirsten* *shrugs*

getting closer to the top. It was crawling in people 

and we made it! *flexes* 

we took a different trail down, and this one was easier. Not so much straight-up-and-down climbing, but it takes longer. (yeah, I look so tired) 

You probably already seen this picture on Felicity's blog, but I took it *winks*

After the hike we went home and Kirsten took a nap *laughs and points to the picture below*
Tyrel mowed the lawn, and me and LaKaysha sat outside on the porch. Doing nothing is so fun! Kirsten joined us, and there we chatted and watched Tyrel mow (and listened to him sing he probably didn't  realize we could  hear him so SHHH. ;P) Emily had a friend over and they baked while we did this. *winks* That night there was a church gathering and we planned to go, so Emily was making the dessert we were supposed to bring.

Soon we were leaving for the gathering. This time we were unable to drag Tyrel along. *shakes head*
It was really fun. We ate a supper there of hamburgers, and there was a fire and a short service. It was a relaxing time.

watching the twins while Mary got food for the other boys. they were kinda crabby, but still cute *winks*

After the gathering we went to Auntie Mary and Uncle Amos's because they live just down the road from where the gathering was. We sat there for a while, then remembered we had to get up in the morning for church, and we went home to sleep.


  1. Climbing Monadnock was really fun, but that picture of me sleeping is slightly horrible😜

  2. I had forgotten about that gathering!
    :D <3

  3. The gathering was so much fun! <3
    I loved hearing the adults talk, and sitting around the fire (the only escape from mosquitoes is to sit in the smoke)
    Hiking was HARD for me, but I had just been sick, ok?

    1. Sure, try to come up for an excuse for your weakness ;)

    2. Hmmp. The truth is the truth, wether you accept it or not 😜

  4. It looks so pretty there! You guys had way to much fun on that trip! ;D

    1. It is!! <3333
      Haha! Reminds me of the country song "Too Much Fun" ;P

  5. Both hiking Monadnock and going to the gathering were such fun! I enjoyed the singing and listening to the words of wisdom... :)

  6. I haven't hiked Monadnock in forever! You all look like you had so much fun!


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