Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trip // The Flight To New Hampshire

  Some of you may remember that I was really nervous about our trip to New Hampshire. Flying without my parents, being out there for almost a month... the thought frightened me. And yes, all that was my idea. *laughs* 

But when we woke up early the morning of May 9th, I felt nothing but happiness! And soon we were walking through security. They patted down my braid, along with Kirsten's, but other than that we made it through fine. And all worries and fears stayed behind security. *winks* 

Once through security we found our gate, so we'd know where to go, then headed out to find breakfast. We sat down at McDonald's and enjoyed the tickle belly and chatting. Nothing is like that feeling of being at the airport early in the morning with all your friends and knowing you'll be at your grandparent's by the end of the day. *grins*

After breakfast, we used the restroom, filled up our waters, and then went to our gate to wait for boarding. We charged phones and took pictures while waiting. And I enjoyed the excitement of the moment. *grins even bigger*

Me and Kirsty 'cause she's so adorbs.

Soon we were boarding. Me boarding with my sisters - and Kirsten and Emily boarding together. Once we were on, it wasn't long till Kirsten and Emily were boarding. I stuck my head over the seats so they'd see where we were, and they managed to get the seats behind us. So it worked out perfect - us chatting and passing food and stuff between the seats.

That first flight went beautifully. I read, wrote, watched "Fixer Upper" and ate food... such fun. XP

Once we landed in Chicago, we left our plane and found a screen telling us where to go next. Our flight had been delayed over 2 hours and it appeared we'd be there for a while. So we walked... walked all over the place. Back and fourth, and back again. We found some tables and sat to eat our snacks that were to replace a lunch. After which, we walked and walked some more - finally finding chairs along a wall and just sitting there. Most of us read while we charged our phones.

After a long wait, we finally boarded our second flight and were in the air again. That delay couldn't dampen my spirits *winks* even though some people on our flight were mad about it.
We got to New Hampshire later then planned, but that's just the way life goes. When I seen Grandpa and Grandma waiting for us at the airport it hit me - I'M HERE. Finally. After thinking and dreaming of it for two years (yep. two years) I was finally in Hew Hampshire for a long visit! We hugged Grandpa and Grandma and got our picture taken by the moose, and soon we were heading to what was to be my home for the next month.

We chatted and giggled and bounced around in the back seat of the car on the hour drive. We hadn't eaten supper and it was pretty late, so we all text Aunt Mary our orders for Pizza Haven and she sent Tyrel to get it for us.
I took my shoes off in the car 'cause my poor feet had been in them since 2:30 that morning! When we got there, I just jumped out of the car barefooted and went running in the house. I was home! The first twin I met was Cormick. Such a cutie. My little baby. Callen is more shy, so it took him a little longer to warm up to us. But by the end of our vacation, those two were so attached to us, and us to them.

Then Tyrel got home with our food, and we sat down to eat. This was the first of many trips to Pizza Haven. *laughs*
As you can imagine, I was exhausted after that long day of excitement. I took a quick shower and was soon in the bedroom and writing in my diary. I had no idea what the month held for me, but I was so happy. Little did I know, I was about to live the best month of my life.


  1. That grinder looks delicious, guess I didn't eat enough lunch! Love reading about your trip and my kiddos.

    1. Haha! It was!! XD
      I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your kiddos are the best!!!! <33333

  2. LOVE! <3 *cries because I miss it all*

  3. LOVE reading and hearing about your trip!!! <3

  4. LOVED! Can't wait until part two!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE hurry up please xD

    1. I'm glad you can't wait! But so many photos to go through and pick and plus write about all the awesomeness! I'm not sure what the next post should be about! LOL! XP I'll figure it out though, don't worry ;P

  6. Hey! You used me for your headed photo
    *feels special*

  7. Love love love!! Can't wait for the next part. <3


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