Friday, June 23, 2017

Trip // The Day We Went to Boston

you know you love this picture, comment below if you love this picture!!! *winks*

Bright and early we were up and ready to pile into the car. Of course we had to wait for Felicity *winks* I don't know how she always is the last person ready to go.
But we headed out to spend the day in Boston.
It's not a super long drive - just two hours - and soon we were there. I've got to say, I was glad we had Tyrel with us and he was the driver. The traffic in Boston is crazy!! He kept saying it was way better than NYC, but I've never been there so I wouldn't know.

Our first stop was The New England Aquarium. That was a lot of fun. Wandering around and looking at all the fish. There are some really ugly fish out there! Really. I didn't take any pictures of the ugly ones though, I was in shock or something. We'd walk up to a tank and I'd be like, "Ewwwww!!! It's so ugly!!"
But, guys, I love sea turtles!!!! They're so big and adorable! *watches a video Felicity got of us at the Aquarium and realizes Tyrel says, "I am Daminka and I am obsessed with turtles"* *dies laughing* I guess maybe it's true. But aren't they just so cute!?
Also we got to touch some rays and a small shark. *squeals* I kinda liked the way the rays felt. But the shark was gross *shudders* It was sleeping, otherwise I may not have dared to put my hand anywhere near it. *laughs* 

After the Aquarium we just took off walking, and found a Panera Bread. There we stopped to have lunch. I had never ate there before and I had no idea what to get. So, that was when Tyrel shoved me up to the counter and started ordering for me. He got me some kind of chicken sandwich and some kind of green tea. And it was so good! I got the same thing on the my second time at Panera Bread, it was that good. Mostly it was the tea. *craves it now*

this picture is the greatest. *laughs* thanks Emily *winks*

After lunch, we wanted to find the Freedom Trail - which is a brick trail through Boston, with Historical markers and places all along - so Tyrel pulled out his handy-dandy phone and found which way to walk to find it. Once we found it, we looked at the map and pointed ourselves in the direction of Paul Revere's house because that was one thing almost all of us wanted to be sure to see.

this girl was dumb, and didn't bring a coat. guess her mind was elsewhere? *chuckle*
so Tyrel let her wear his for a while

I didn't get a single picture of Paul Revere's house! No pictures where allowed inside, but I didn't take any of the outside even. I guess I was too busy living in the moment and posing for other people's pictures. *winks* But it was great! Even some of the furniture where once used by Paul Revere himself!!!!! 

So we walked a lot, let me tell you - was so tired by the end of this day. We ended up walking through Little Italy and Tyrel and Kirsten got some Gelato. I tried both theirs, but Tyrel's was the best. I almost died. I think he got strawberry and Kirsten got Espresso. I love ice cream y'all, but Gelato is ten-thousand times better. It's that good. *craving it so bad*

It was a lot of fun, walking along the Freedom Trail and hopping in any store we thought looked nice. People could probably tell we were tourists from a mile off. We sure acted like tourists. *laughs* Pointing out every little thing, squealing and gasping - it was great.

LaKaysha and Tyrel - 'cause they're too cool to come in the gift shop ;P
the statue of Paul Revere *hearts*
after even more tries than this, we got the perfect selfie *feels proud*

The next stop was The Old North Church. *dies* Just think, I've actually been in the church where they hung the lanterns - "One if by land, two if by sea" *dies some more*

I was the first one to see this, and I almost passed out and died, and was like, "guys!! come read this!!"
I stood where Lafayette stood, and seen what he seen!!!!! *squeals*
look at those tourist faces! *laughs* 

After The Old North Church, we walked some more down the Freedom Trail, but it was getting late, and we basically seen all we had hoped to see, so we turned around and headed back to the parking garage to get the car. But once we recognized where we were and knew how to get back to the car, we went to walk by the Harbor.

Felicity, taking a picture of us (go to her blog and you'll see I'm telling the truth *laughs*

It was right along here ^^^ that Tyrel, LaKaysha, and I did The Monkee Walk. *shrugs* I don't know why, we're just cool I guess.

After the Harbor, it was back to the parking garage and we were headed home again. It was a great day and I loved every minute of it. *happy sigh* 

We must've ate some sort of supper or something, but I don't remember what it was. I just remember that I drank some tea and Josiah came over. *laughs* like he did every night. *winks* 
oh, and our uncles TP-ed our rooms. *nods with a sigh* they're funny guys

We watched a movie that night, and soon we were headed off to bed. Kirsten and Emily's vacation was over. The next day they flew out and we were left alone. One of the rare moments when I felt sad on this trip was the night after they left. Babysitting at Mary's, knowing they were on their way home, not sure what I was gonna do for the rest of my time there. I didn't want to go home - nothing like that. I was just tired and lonely - I have a right to be that way sometimes *winks* 

But the rest of my trip was just as great as the two weeks Emily and Kirsten were there with us!! We'll save that for another post, though *laughs* 

Hey gang! What do you say we do Seattle next!? *winks* 

Ever been to Boston? Isn't it just amazing!? 
Have a favorite pic from this post? Would you dare to be seen with my group in public? *laughs* 


  1. Honestly, in all my growing up years I never really toured Boston! Went to the aquarium on a field trip, but never been on the Freedom Trail! Would love to go someday..

  2. Sounds SO fun!!! I AM going someday!! :p

  3. OH, it sounds like so much fun!! All those historic places? So cool!
    I think I went to a Panera Bread in Boston! Maybe it was the same one. xP I went there when me and my mom flew to NH for Great Grandpa's funeral... after we got picked up from the airport. ;D
    I enjoyed your pictures! Looks like such fun cousin\sibling times! <3 And yes, I would definitely dare be seen with your group in public. xP You have an awesome group. :D

    1. It was a great day!! So cool! I'm not as much a history freak as my sisters (or even my brother ;P) but it was still really cool!
      Really!? So it must've been somewhere by the airport... I'm not sure if we were by the airport or not. We were in the North End of Boston. What did you get!?
      Thanks! Some pictures Emily actually took ;) it was great cousin/sibling time! XD really!? You're not afraid we might do something crazy? Bc we just might, you never know ;P aw, thanks! I think my group is awesome too ;D

    2. Yea, I don't know if it was near the airport of if we drove a little while first... it was too long ago. ;P it was night when we got there, so we didn't get too much- me and my mom got smoothies. And my uncle gave me one of his bagels, I believe. :) It was good.
      Well, I probably wouldn't care... unless it was REALLY crazy. ;P But I sometimes like doing crazy things, lol.

    3. They have smoothies there too!? Gotta try this ;P
      I don't believe we'd go CRAZY-crazy. Depends on what you call crazy ;P and who all is there. ;D

  4. Yes, let's go to Seattle! I love going to cities for a days adventure, wouldn't want to live there but I love going๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Let's!! Next time Tyrel comes out. We kinda need him ;P I do too! I'd hate to live there, but they make such grand adventures for us country folk ;P

  5. I don't know...Seattle's a...well, ;) Boston is too, but it's got more history. ;P Haha! I just noticed yours and Kirsten's comment. Guess I'm the odd one out!
    Yes, Boston was GREAT!! :D
    You're very welcome for the pics. ;)

  6. LOVE! I SO want to go to Boston!


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