Monday, June 12, 2017

Trip // Cathedral of the Pines + Photo Shoot + More

After cleaning and cooking all day at Mary's, we went and hung out with Danita, running all over town. First, we went to Cathedral of The Pines and walked around. We ended up being there just at Sunset making it so beautiful! <3 From there we went to Shell or Dunkin's - the Dunkin's in Shell. *winks* We sat there for hours I do believe. Drinking our coffee or tea and having some good laughs. From there we went to Danita's house (or Jonny and Darlene's *winks*). LaKaysha was sick and getting tired out, so we brought her home. I think we went to Grassy Pond then, just to turn back around and head back to my Grandma's. And we left again. *laughs* This time to go to Volleyball, but nobody was there, so we went home again. *laughs some more* It was a great night. *winks*

The next day we went to my Great-Aunt's house to deep clean for her. It was actually fun. and it felt good to make some money. *grins*

sneaking pics for Mother *winks* 
how could you not fall in love with these kiddos!? 
tired and feeling lazy after supper *laughs*

One sunny day, we decided to do a photo shoot just for fun. Kirsten wouldn't let us take pictures of her *shakes head at her* 

It was beautiful weather for a few days. And hot. So hot and muggy. Yuck. I have to admit, I spent a lot of my time reading in the coolness of the basement during those days. *laughs*

Tyrel sent me this while we were just sitting in the living room doing nothing *laughs*
if you must know, I was texting my Mother *winks*
Tyrel also took this picture and sent it to me 

One night we were hanging out at Grandma's doing nothing. Kirsten was gone with a friend of hers and Felicity was off with Josiah somewhere. *winks*
Felicity text and said they were going to get ice cream and we could meet them there if we wanted. So that's what we did. I didn't get any ice cream, but ate some of Emily's. *dies it was so good*

I guess this post was mostly just pictures. *shrugs* hope you don't mind.

Next Post: Pickity Place!! *grins*


  1. No, I certainly don't mind that it was mostly pictures! Pictures can tell the story. ;) Those look like a lot of great relaxing summer days. :D Hot and muggy though, ugh. I think that's how it is here right now. ;P

    1. Well, that's good ;P
      They were! *sighs 'cause I miss them*
      I know. So gross. It never gets muggy here.... very rarely anyway. So I just couldn't handle it. My aunt would laugh at me as I wandered around the house fanning myself and yelling, "IT'S WAY TOO HOT HOW DO YOU LIVE HERE!!??" Then I'd be like, "I can't handle this." and run to the basement. *laughs*

  2. Daminika! That picture of us is so nasty! Or... I look nasty

    All the others look nice though!

  3. *doesn't mind at all* KEEP POSTING!

  4. Any photo with me is horrid.... But other than that, great post. ;)

  5. Kylie~ I don't mind at all that it was just picture! I LOVE the picture of LaKaysha looking down at the dog! Felicity and Josiah are so cute! You must be so excited about them I know if Kimberly was doing that I would be vary excited! *sigh* The twins are so Big!

    1. I'm glad :D and I like that picture too ;)
      They are!! And they make me so happy! :)
      Those twins! *dies I miss them so much*

  6. Love looking at pictures of your trip!

  7. Really enjoying looking at pictures from your trip!! :)

  8. Cathedral of the pines was so pretty! And we happened along at just the right time, but, alas! I had left my camera at Grandpa and Grandma's!

  9. I LOVE the picture posts!! <333


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