Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trip // Those Moments

I never knew that leaving New Hampshire would be so hard. But, wow. It was the hardest thing I ever did.
I miss all the people there, and I get so lonely for them, and I only got home last night. But it is wonderful to be home to my bed. Where I have all my stuff, and you know what? I can still talk to all those awesome people thanks to this modern age. *winks*

I feel like I actually had two vacations! *laughs* After Kirsten and Emily flew home, my whole world changed to almost feel like I was in a different place. Grandma even painted the kitchen and changed things in the house around a bit, so it really was kinda different. *winks*

"Both" vacations were so wonderful! And somehow I managed to not cry when we left. Can't say we all managed not to, but I did. *winks* Which seems really weird.... I'll probably break down later. Like a delayed reaction.

Every moment I spent on my vacation was wonderful... besides the goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. Especially when you have no idea when you'll be seeing them next. The twins are young enough that if I don't keep seeing them every so often, they'll forget that they even have a cousin named Daminika! Or that she came to visit them for a month, and they loved her ('cause they did, I promise) and would run across a run to jump into her arms... *sniff*

So. I'll be telling all you guys about this wonderful trip slowly 'cause.... um... i've been gone almost a month!!! and you expect to hear about it in one post? HA!

Today I'm sharing moments. all those wonderful moments, and crazy moments, and scary moments... you get it. *winks*

M O M E N T S   T O   R E M E M B E R: 

- when you hide in a cubby hole and text your grandpa, "want to play hide and seek? Come find us."
then you hear your grandpa and grandma wandering the house, "where did the girls go?" *laughs so hard* we are the best granddaughters

- *uncle walks up and gives me a hug* "Now which one are you?"
*me grinning* "I'll just let you think about that."

- doing The Monkee walk down the street in Boston just because we're awesome that way

- when LaKaysha can't climb a mountain and I win Trivial Pursuit -- how did we switch places? (LaKaysha says the air is different out there)

- watching Tyrel jump from rock to rock with LaKaysha slung over his shoulder like a little sheep. why didn't I think to video!? *laughs* 

- when it's late and your playing a drawing game with Tyrel and all you see is Elvis Presley. I'm not that obsessed, I promise.

- watching "Love Me Tender" during a thunderstorm and almost crying 'cause how dare they kill Elvis! 

- when you don't know what to order and you ask Tyrel for help and all he does is shove you up to the counter, rambling out what he just ordered. The guy stared at me, then Tyrel, then is like, "Is that what you want?"

- riding around with DaNita and just laughing at everything she does

- blowing bubbles with the twins. who else is in love with bubbles!?

- when it's the day before you leave, you walked out of your room and there's little Callen standing there looking way too cute in his pajama's and he grins when he sees you and comes running over, so you bend down and he jumps into your arms... *blinkblink* good thing I didn't think about that while boarding the plane.

- when you're riding with Tyrel and he stops at a stop sign, yanks up the e-brake and jumps out of the car, "You're driving." I guess he wouldn't settle for one lesson on how to drive a stick...
"Tyrel!! I can't do this!" but he believed in me more than I did and I did do it... we won't mention how many tries it took to get going. *facepalm*

Tyrel - *holds up a pair if shorts* "What do you think?"
Me - "I have no idea. I've never been shopping with a guy before."
Tyrel - "Well, it's just like shopping with a girl, only way faster."

- "So. Kirsten and Emily were here for two weeks and I hardly seen them? I'm a horrible person. I should be sunk." *says Aunt Jenny as she has her head in the sink*

- sitting at Pauly and Sharon's, listening to the guys sing... *happy sigh*

- glow bowling till midnight when you've never even been before in your life, then basically falling asleep in the car on the way home 'cause fun is exhausting.

- just sitting up late, chatting with Tyrel <3

- realizing fidget spinners are so fun and mentioning you want one. So your sister's boyfriend buys you one -- but Felicity falls in love with it so he lets her keep it. Then you end up with a better one anyway 'cause Ryan picked it out and bought it. *spins it with love* 

- for some reason your "go-to" drink changes from coffee to Coke after Kirsten leaves. *shrug* 

-getting your hair cut with layers for the first time in your life -- I finally feel like a teen girl, which doesn't really make sense *laughs*

- having a "fun day" for kids and racing Tyrel through the obstacle course. We're kids too *winks*

- not being able to leave your phone unattended when you live with Tyrel. *laughs* 


  1. *sigh*
    Seriously the most amazing trip of my life.
    Hardest thing ever to leave...
    Those twins <3

    I wish life had a replay button.

  2. AH, IT SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS AN AMAZING TRIP! <3 Of course I knew that already. ;)
    That one about shopping with guys, haha! ;D
    Bowling until midnight?! Oh, my night owl self would like that. ;P

    Sounds so blessed! ^____^

    1. IT WAS SO AMAZING THAT I COULD CRY!!!! *whispers* got so lonely last night, I did cry. *hides face*
      I know!! Tyrel comes up with the greatest comebacks. *laughs* I actually went shopping with him twice, and yep - it's just like shopping with a girl, only way faster. ;P
      YES!!! Oh you should go!!! It's so fun and exhausting! ;P I loved it!!

      YES!! That's the one word that describes these past three weeks! BLESSED!!!! ^__^

    2. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! It's so hard coming back to your life after a wonderful trip. ;P
      Haha! ;D
      Ooh yea, maybe I will sometime! :D

    3. It's really hard. But I'm sure I'll get used to it ;)

  3. My oh my sounds like a lot of fun. Have to say I laughed at Tyrel's shopping reply. Yup, sounds like my boy! And don't ever trust him with your phone!

    1. Your boy is awesome!!! <333 and yeah.... I figured that out *laughs* sorry about that random text he sent you the other morning ;P

    2. Haha, oh I'm used to random texts from him!

    3. That's good. ;P he told me I wasn't allowed to tell you he sent it, but I did XP

  4. Sounds like such a fun time!! I am so glad you girls were able to go. :):)

  5. Such a great time, especially hanging out in the cubby hole;)

    1. Oh yes. I should've hid in there when it came time to leave ;P

  6. LOVED! I wish I could have been there with you! I want to hide in the cubby hole! ;P

    1. Haha! We could've fit you if we tried ;P


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