Monday, May 8, 2017

Silver Wings // Photos So Far - M A Y 2017

Tomorrow morning, at three-thirty A.M. (yes!! A.M!!) I will be leaving my house and heading to the airport. All five of us packed and loaded into the van.
And we'll board a plane, with it's silver wings - off we'll go on a very big adventure. *English accent*
It still doesn't feel real, but my cousin, Kirsten, is in town - our snacks are bought and  I BELIEVE I am packed. *looks doubtful at suitcase*
Today, I hopped on the four-wheeler with my younger sister, and took off. Something about going to New Hampshire that makes me want to "fly". *winks* Two years ago, when we flew out as a family - I drove that same four-wheeler the day before we left. *shrugs* must be what you do. *winks*
And here I am sitting, in a tank-top and capri's, eating ice cream and smelling like exhaust - THIS is what summer feels like. *sigh*

So. This will be my last post before flying away. I have three posts scheduled to go up while I'm gone, so you have those to look forward to. And I will be able to reply to comments when I'm away - as long as I'm not too busy. *winks*

And, guys, I'm gonna be gone at the end of this month, so there will be no photo dump. *sniff*
But, I did some pretty cool stuff so far this month, so I'll dump a bunch of pictures on you right now. *winks*

S O   F A R   T H I S   M A Y:

 This is no joke. It got SO HOT that day! And I thought I was gonna die! *laughs* 

 Writing out lists and getting everything ready to pack. 
just chillin' before bed. 
Our cousin, Danielle, just moved out here, and Friday night she text and asked if we wanted to go out to coffee with her. That was a great change in this dull life I live. Maybe Dullsville will turn into Funsville now that she's here? *winks* 
Felicity dug out her quarters, and bought me an Italian Soda. I decided to try a Frosted Mint Italian Soda - and it was so good!! Even if LaKaysha said it tasted liked toothpaste. *rolls eyes* 
Kirsten drove into town on Saturday, and we headed to town to get all our last minute things - including our snacks. Then we headed to "Buds" for Malts. I didn't buy one, but I got one for free. *smug look* Danielle, Kirsten, and LaKaysha all bought some, but it only took two blender-thingys to fill their cups. So I got the leftovers for free!! how cool is that!? They got Mint Chocolate Chip Malts. YUMMM!!! 
Kirsten's Malt - cause it was the cutest. *winks*
On Sunday, Kirsten wanted to hike Multnomah Falls, so after lunch, we piled into my parents van and off we went - with Kaysha and Roger leading the way, and Dustin (with Chancy and Kenyon) behind. It was quite an adventure finding a parking spot, but we somehow managed to find three - after a long wait in line. Then we headed up the mountain. 
 It's a pretty easy hike, paved pretty much the whole way. And just stay away from the edges and you should be fine. But my poor lungs could hardly could handle it. We had to rest quite a bit for me, and the boys weren't exactly thrilled about that. It's a busy trail with lots of traffic, and you do have to go to the edge to let people pass, so try not to look down. (I did get pretty dizzy, but no passing out this time *high five*)
 I made it to the top! All of us did. *winks* There was a lot of people on the overlook, but I just didn't take any pictures with them in it, so it looks pretty nice in these. *winks* Can't really tell high high up we were... but that's the parking lot down there ^^^
 me and Emily <3
 and with Kirsty <3
 the guys ^^^
 These steps are pretty cute, don't you think? (credit to Emily for the pic <33) and sorry that I look so tired - I was. ;P
it's all down hill from the top. *winks* And that mist from the falls sure feels good after that hike. (that was hard for me, but somehow the boys ran up and back down the mountain - no sweat!?)
Sweet Kirsten brought me the next book to the series I'm reading. (plus another series by Sarah Sundin) 
 our room looks like this - and we don't have Emily's luggage here yet. *nods* 
This is really happening!!!! *squealing* 


  1. Ok, people, the reason I look so dorky in that picture next to the tree roots is because I was exhausted from the climb. Good, glad we got that established.
    *clucks tongue as I look at my strange face*
    Great pictures, otherwise. ;) lol

  2. Fun post! I love Sarah Sundin, and can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy of When Tides Turn! :D

    I hope you girls have SO MUCH FUN on your vacation!! So exciting! =D <3

    1. I really like her books too! My aunt has it, and Kirsten brought it down for me ;) I just started it, but liking it so far

      Thanks!!! It is!! =D <3

  3. The past couple days have been pretty warm. Too bad it wouldn't just be hot and the humidity would never come! But it will. *sighs* ;P
    Hanging out is so fuunnn! :D The malt looks really good!
    The waterfall is so pretty! And wow, that is HIGH! *gapes* ;P
    AHH, farewell! Have fun flying tomorrow! =D =D

    1. It got humid one day here and I was like Aaaaaaaa gonna DIEEEE!!! *laughs* so glad that's not normal here. ;)
      It is!!!! And it was!!! *laughs*
      It is a really pretty waterfall! And the longest in the state! Which is why the trail is so popular. ;P
      FAREWELL!!! XP

  4. I am so gonna miss you guys! I can't believe your leaving tomorrow!! *gasps* I hope you have fun! <333

  5. Looks like you guys had fun :) hope you have a good time in NH!

    1. It was a lot of fun! It felt weird to not have you guys there *laughs*
      So far - it's amazing. We got here, I ate a grinder, took a shower, and now I'm just chilling ;P

  6. Aww so fun! And yes, Sarah Sundin books are great. :) Have fun on your trip!

    1. I'm really liking them. :D
      Ok - Auntie A just gave me orders and I must obey ;P

  7. AHHH I'm obsessed with that waterfall. It's so pretty <3 also, I have those same pink tennis shoes *fist bump* Loved that photos!


    1. It's really beautiful!! I didn't get a good picture of the whole thing - like how long it is an' all, so I just deleted it. But now I kinda wish I didn't ;P
      You do!? I bought them for my trip, and that hike was the first time I wore them. And I fell in love with 'em ;) *fist bump*


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