Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Peek Inside My World // My CDs

Well. We are beginning another month. Since I am so busy this month, I don't really have time to sit down and do something cool for my "Peek Inside My World" post, so you're just gonna be bored to death with my CD collection. *winks*
I'll list them in the order that I stack them on the dresser.

 Merry Christmas... Love, Elvis
This CD, my dear sweet brother bought for me one Christmas. It has Blue Christmas on it, so of course it's amazing. *winks*

Cedarmont Kids:
Bible Songs
Cedarmont Worship For Kids 4
I grew up listening to these kids sing, so of course I have them in my collection. These are actually the first CDs I ever owned. I got the Bible Songs CD from my grandparents one Christmas when I was a kid, and the other one from my parents when I was 12, I think.

Disney's Greatest Volume 2
The Sherman Brothers Songbook
Mary Poppins
Brother Bear
Disney Songs and Story: The Lion King
Yep. Of course Disney is in my collection. I actually mostly have Disney soundtracks. *winks* The first one I got was the Songs and Story one. I don't listen to it much, but it has Jonathan Taylor Thomas's voice on it, so it's cool. *winks* and think how cool it will be to have when I someday have kids.
I really like the Brother Bear soundtrack, cause Phil Collins is amazing, and I just love the songs! of all these CDs, the only one that I bought for myself is Tangled, and I used birthday money, so I don't think that really counts. *laughs*
The most listened to of all these is probably The Sherman Brothers Songbook and the Greatest CD.

1950s/60s Rock/Pop:
The Monkees Greatest Hits
The Complete Hits of Johnny Crawford
The Very Best of The Everly Brothers
Here we have my "favorite" CDs. All the old rock CDs. The Monkees are who I used to listen to a lot that embarrass LaKaysha. *rolls eyes* I'm not ashamed of the fact that I like them, so she shouldn't be. I will admit that when I was about 13, Davy Jones was "the bomb" and he would cause me to have giggle fits. (also someone else I know giggled over him, but I won't say who *winks* you know who you are) I still pop in The Monkees when I'm feeling down and need some "carefree" moments. *grins* My favorite song on this CD is probably.... *thinking real hard* A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You *shrugs* if I must pick one song.
And then Johnny Crawford came along, and yeah - Davy Jones was "forgotten". *laughs* I got this CD for Christmas one year and I thought it was too good to be true. I listened to it 24/7 and my family got really bored of Johnny's voice. They would tease me that he was just a little boy, but hey! I was just a little girl. *winks* My favorite song on this CD? Um.... *really has no idea cause I love them all* Good Buddies *laughs* I just like how he sings with his brother Bobby in that song. *winks*
And The Everly Brothers are just amazing. I've listened to them my whole life and am proud of my CD of them. Favorite Song: Cathy's Clown or Crying in the Rain

Celtic Thunder:
 Phil Coulter - Heartland: The Composer's Salute to Celtic Thunder
Take Me Home
Act II
And yep, yep, yep. My Celtic Thunder CDs. Two were gifts from LaKaysha, and two I bought myself.
Heritage was the first one I ever bought/owned and so it has wonderful good memories with it. Favorite Song: A Place in the Choir
I then got Take Me Home for Christmas. This one also has good memories with it. Of listening to it with Kimberly and singing along with every song as we drive down the road, helping them move. *nods* even if I ended up horribly sick on that trip, those memories are still good. *smiles* Favorite Song: (besides Take Me Home?) Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Act II I bought myself and it came in the mail just days before we moved from the "house that build me", so you'd think I wouldn't like it very much because of the memories it has with it, but I still love it. It reminds me of the warm feeling of "everything is okay" I would get when I laid on my floor for the last time and listened to Damian sing to me. Favorite Song: Caledonia or Young Love 
The Phil Coulter CD I usually listen to at night or when I want a background noise without being distracted by singing. My favorite song would probably be Heartland.

 Neal McCoy - Pride: a Tribute to Charley Pride
 I am so ashamed of myself. *covers face* I only have one country Cd!!!!! *tries to figure out what is wrong with me* Seriously guys, despite the fact that I mostly talk about my love for Classic Rock, I am a huge Classic Country fan! I promise! George Strait gives me warm butterflies, Patty Loveless makes me grin, Randy Travis gives me a warm feeling, Doug Stone soothes me, and Alan Jackson makes me so happy. So why do I only have Neal McCoy's tribute to Charley Pride? I have no idea. I must fix this problem. *laughs*
So, anyway. I got this CD for Christmas last year. (yep, from LaKaysha) I love it! Neal McCoy's voice is amazing in itself, but singing Charley Pride's songs? *dies* Favorite song: Roll on Mississippi

So there you have my ramble about each of my Cds. *winks* Hope I didn't bore you too much.
Have a wonderful month of May! I know I will. *winks*
P.S. I leave in one week!!!!!



  1. I LOVE the Brother Bear CD! it is AMAZING! I own the movie so that makes it even more amazing, *laughs* I can't believe your only gonna leave in one week! Ahhhh! How can I live without you guys!?

  2. These all look super cool!! I think the only ones I have heard of are the Disney ones . . . ;D Thanks for sharing!
    Happy May!! xx


    1. They are super cool! XD I'm glad you think they so, too. ;P
      HAPPY MAY TO YOU TOO!!!! <333

  3. You have quite a few! ;) I don't own any CD's... probably because I don't have a CD player. I have a little one to use with headphones but it doesn't work. ;P I should get one and then maybe I'd listen to music more. :)

    1. I don't have my own CD player either.. it's Felicity's. But I used to have one. When we started sharing a room with Felicity we didn't see the point of having two CD players in one room, so we gave it to Chancy.
      Oh! We used to have those kind of CD players! Such great memories with them! I was so sad when they BOTH died. ;P

  4. Enjoyed! I should count how many cd's I have someday??
    And I still am missing so many good classics in my collection!

    1. You have... way too many to count! *laughs* You and LaKaysha just buy every CD in the world.
      You are! get with it, girl. ;P

  5. *laughs because I have WAY more CDs than you....*
    and *laughs because it looks like I'm the one who provides you with your music*
    I should do a post on my CDs and see just how many I have. lol
    The Monkees were hippies. Nuff said. *covers face because my sister told the whole internet world that she listens to them*
    Elvis is the bomb, I'll admit Johnny Crawford brings back happy memories, and Neal McCoy is ok. ;)

    1. I'm not even gonna argue with you... *Rolls eyes*
      Elvis. The bomb.
      Come on! Admit it! You love Johnny!! *laughs*


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