Friday, April 21, 2017

What's Up in Your Life? // He's Alive

Wow, guys. It's been a while since I've been on here. We got a new computer and now it's much easier to do this. Our laptop was so annoyingly old. *winks*

I've been super sick and am finally well enough to walk around for a little while.
Not long after that wonderful week of being with family, we all got sick, and we're finally on the mend. I never got sick until Monday, and when it hit me, it hit me hard. I was down for three days. Dizzy, fever, headache, cough, sore throat, weak, and just plain gross.
Tuesday morning I almost didn't make it in the house from my bedroom. I was trying to make it to the couch, but I got as far the kitchen when I realized if I went any further I'd pass out. So I sat down where I was. I started to feel all the blood rush from my face and my mom made me lay down. She got me something to drink that would help, and I then crawled to the couch. And there I stayed most of the day.
I'm still dizzy, which is why I can't walk around much still, but my fever is gone! Yesterday I managed to babysit some little cousins. I may have been exhausted when the day was finished, but the fact remains that I did it. *winks*

My mom and dad were to go up to The Ranch and help my Grandpa pack it up, and to say good-bye to the wonderful place -- for real this time -- but my mom got sick too.
So plans were changed. Liberty had really wanted to say bye to The Ranch, but it just couldn't be helped. But I am very glad that my brother got to go up there with Grandpa. I know this trip will mean a lot to him.
And me? Well. I've said bye so many times, and my last memories of that place are so wonderful. I didn't want to go up there and see it empty. I want to remember as it was. Maybe I'm weird. I don't know.

I bought everything I needed for my trip and I'm counting the days till we leave!!! *still can't believe we're really going* It's really not as far away as it seems. My parents leave in less than a week! And six days after they get back I leave!
I was right about this month flying by. It's already the 21st! I never had time to help my dad in the shop. Which I do feel bad about. I guess I'll just have to work extra in June. I'm gonna be gone most of May, you know. *winks*
Okay. I'll admit it. I'm attached to my parents and younger siblings. I am a little worried about being gone from home that long. But hey! This trip is gonna be awesome!!!!
I'm gonna meet the twins! It doesn't get much more awesome than that. *winks*

And now a news flash! I'M WEARING SHORTS!!!!!! *wishes I was strong enough to dance*
How cool is that!? It's actually really warm out! Summer is on the way. *puts on sunglasses*

How was Easter for you all? I actually had already celebrated Easter on Palm Sunday because that was when all the family was out here. Easter morning I was starting to feel pretty sick, but I had bought a dress and everything! So I went to church anyway.

I always like to listen to this song around Easter. I know, I'm really late but whatever. *winks*

I hope you all enjoyed this little update on my life!
What's going on in your world?


  1. I too would rather keep the memories I have of the Ranch. Would be far too hard to see that house and the barn sad and empty...
    Eep!! Maybe you are ready to go but I am not! I have so much I still need to get! *panicking*

    1. I know...
      Bahahaha!!!! Better hurry up! TWO WEEKS FROM TUESDAY!!!!!!!

  2. I really wanted to see The Ranch for one last time, say bye and stuff, but now I'm not going... I could have been there right now! Well I am glad your excited to go, I'll die without you guys!!!

    1. I'm trying not to think about how lonely I'll be without my family. ;P

  3. Hey, I was sick on Easter too! :P Imagine that. I came down with a cold in Florida (we got back home late last night- it was actually probably EARLY morning), but I still went to church on Easter. I didn't get as sick as you though! That doesn't sound fun.
    Our trip was awesome! I'll hopefully get a post up soon. That's exciting that your trip is coming up! :D
    That's great that it's warm enough to wear shorts there! ;) I wore shorts the whole time in Florida, of course. It was like summer. *sighs* :D

    1. You were!? This has been the weirdest cold. I'm still not 100%. But I made it to church today and actually could pay attention to the sermon. Sadly, on Easter I was too focused on not coughing to listen. It hasn't been much fun being that sick. ;P I am getting better though! A little stronger everyday! *claps* ;D
      I can't wait to hear about your trip! It must've been great to have summer for ten days ;P It's cold again here.
      I feel bad because I had wanted you to have a letter to come home to, but I got sick and never got to reply soon enough. I have your letter all ready now, but it will have to wait to be sent out tomorrow. :)
      I leave two weeks from Tuesday! eek! I hope I really am ready!! I've never been gone from home that long!!! So thankful my sisters will be there with me! It will be just us three when we fly home, hopefully we know what we're doing. *laughs*

    2. Yep. ;P The worst thing about the cold for me was probably just feeling tired. It didn't last too long though! Not where I felt bad, anyhow. :) I'm glad you're getting over it!
      It was nice! I think the post is going to take awhile though... I started it today but I've been on the computer too long to finish. I did put pictures of Facebook. :)
      Oh, that's alright. :) I had thought it would be cool to find a postcard in Florida to send you, but I never saw any. We didn't shop much. ;)
      Exciting!! =D

    3. I'm still tired! Lol. ;P that's good it didn't last long for you. It seems to be still hanging on for me. But I do feel so much better.
      Haha! I know how that feels! All of sudden you feel like you were on the computer for way too long and you wasted a while day ;) oh! I'll have to beg one of my sisters to let me on her Facebook so I can see!!
      That would've been cool to get a postcard from you. But I understand ;P

    4. Yes, and then my little siblings are like, "You've been on the computer for hours!" *rolls eyes* It's really not a good feeling though. ;P
      :) :)

  4. My family got the stomach flu and I succumbed Wednesday night, but it didn't last very long into Thursday so it wasn't that bad. And I still need to go shopping for the trip! I'm so excited😊😁

    1. *gasp* I wasn't told you got the flu!! *cries* oh poor poor Kirsten!! ;P

  5. You girls are going to have so much fun! Just the flying alone should be an adventure with 5 teenage girls!

    1. I know! XD I have to admit though, I'm scared to death of security. ;P


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