Monday, April 24, 2017

Photo Dump // April 2017

I know, this photo dump is a little early. But I'm probably gonna be busy over the next two weeks. Getting ready to go on my trip, and scheduling posts to go up while I'm gone. I'm gonna be gone for so long, and I wouldn't want to leave you all for that long. *winks* So I'm gonna schedule all my regular posts. Like my "Beautiful Words" post. So don't worry, that will still be coming out. *winks*

So. Time for the Photo Dump!
I don't know about you, but I've waited all month to do this. It's so fun! *laughs*

 here we have a relaxing night before bed. *grins*

 and a beautiful Spring day! The tree at church in full bloom.

 It's always fun to start a new Louis L'Amour *winks*

 and now we come to that wonderful week of being with my wonderful family. here, they are practicing for the funeral.

 I thought this picture turned out really cool. looking through the window into the music room.

 everyone just having a wonderful time.

 Roger, O'Neal, Eunie, and "Big" Darlene making beautiful music to fill our hearts.

 I liked it best when Jed joined them on the violin. ^_^

 Where there's love, there's room. Heading back to the church from the graveside service. *laughs* how many girls can you fit in one "bus"?

 DaNita, Kaaren, and Felicity enjoying the family time.

 and yes, I got snuggles with Kaaren too!

 After the funeral was all over, we headed to Grandpa's house to hang out. Jonathan hadn't been here in 9 1/2 years, so of course he wanted Rocky's Pizza! (yep, Marita has Lando's hat)

 Now Jonathan has the hat? *laughs* It was wonderful to see that uncle of mine! *wishes I was more bold and gave him a hug*

 Everyone's there at this house for the first time since Grandma died! Doesn't my mom have an adorable family?

 How many cameras does it take to take a family picture?

 why am I so attached to this house? this picture made LaKaysha and Marissa sad. They said it needs a poem to go with it. Too bad I can't write worth anything. *laughs*

Such cute little cousins! <3 

climbing the memory tree and remembering all those years we climbed that tree and it was our "house". I had carved in the tree somewhere but I couldn't find it.  


here's my $50 sweatshirt that I got for $16. It's so cute! <3 

never realized how amazing honey is until we didn't have it for months!! 

I finished this book now and am on to the second one. Loved it! <333 

this was the day I got everything I needed for my trip *winks* 

Easter morning. I sure didn't feel like my Easter outfit was very nice, then after church Evelyn says to me, "Daminika, you're pretty." *heart is puddle on the floor* 

playing Marrying Mr. Darcy *grins* 

LaKaysha runs outside to take pictures of her gorgeous view *winks* 
I don't know how those little cousins of mine did this, or why I kept it, but it does look kind cool? 

my outfit last Sunday. 

after church and riding with "Bobby" <3 

Well, there you have my month. *winks*

Did you enjoy? Have a favorite picture?
How was your month of April? 


  1. Pretty drawing! And that tree is SO gorgeous!
    That 7th picture IS cool! That must have been so fun having lots of family around. :)
    That looks like such a nice sweatshirt!
    Yea, isn't it so nice to have honey around? We don't seem to have it as much as we used to. It's so nice for sweetening things "healthily". ;)
    Of course, April has been an awesome month for me. :D I worked on my post for our trip more today, but it's STILL not done. ;P

    Very enjoyable, as usual! :D

    1. Thanks! <3 I know!!
      I was quite proud of it! It was so wonderful!! So many of them used to live here and then left me all alone. *sniff* just hearing their voices made me so happy!
      It really is! I'm trying not to wear it much so that it's still really new when I wear it to New Hampshire. ;P
      It is so wonderful!! We usually have it all the time, but we haven't been able to get any in so long! We but it by the gallon ;P I love putting honey in my tea! Especially if I'm sick. ;P
      I'm still excited for your post to go up! *jumps up and down* can't wait to see it!

      Aww!! THANKS!!! :D

  2. Cool pictures.

    That video was so cool. Everybody sang so good. It's great to see people praising our Savior together :) I loved the violin too!!


    1. Thank you so much!! <333

      Oh you watched it!! *is so glad* I know! I can't sing like that. Sometimes I wonder how I'm even a part of that awesome family. It is great. That's why I loved having so much of this family around -- it's their favorite thing to do. Jed has so much talent with the violin. ;P

  3. hey, I messaged you on hangouts cuz I wrote a poem about that if you accept that chat then I can send it to you xD

  4. Always love these posts :):)

  5. Enjoyed!
    Except, goodness sister, you don't know how to catch me at my best do you *shakes head*

    1. What are you talking about? You're always gorgeous ;D

  6. Enjoyed reading this! If I ever did a photo dump it would get boring. All kinds of pictures of Kaaren!

    1. Haha! But Kaaren is adorable! I know *I* wouldn't get bored of looking at pictures of her ;D

  7. I love the picture of Grandpa with all of his kids!! Oh how much fun we had! It was SO nice to see Jonathan! I always love these posts! <333

  8. Sneaking pictures of me..... Shameful. ;) I love the video of them singing. ^_^ Always awesome to hear family sing, and play thier instruments.... :D
    Great post!

  9. Wow you have an awesome blog!! All of your photography is great. I loved this photo dump!! :D
    Kaaren is totally adorable and has an awesome name. What a joyful little face!
    That church tree's blossoms are absolutely gorgeous! Wow. <3 <3
    You sisters are all so sweet and I love your blogs! Lovely post.


    1. Really? Thanks! *Blushes* I'm glad you liked it. :)
      Kaaren is just the cutest cousin ever! XD and yes, her name is awesome! It's probably a good thing they don't live near by cause I'd probably spoil her rotten ;P
      They were really pretty! I believe they have all fallen off now, but they were beautiful while they lasted ;)
      I do have some awesome sisters! I'm glad you like our blogs!! <333
      Thanks xD

  10. Hi there! This is Kylie I got a blog Its . I like the 13th pic. And The ones of grandpa and Nana.

    1. That's so awesome!!! *high five*
      I commented on your blog. ;)
      Thanks! =D


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