Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beautiful Words // April

why is it easier to pin on pinterest
than it is to write that paper

why do i pick apart your flaws
when mine are staring me in the face

why do i text
and not call

what makes a donut taste so much better
than the green beans in the garden

how come swimming for exercise is a blast
but jogging that mile is a pain

what's wrong with your way
when mine is just as wacky

how come i can remember to charge my electronics
and feed myself
but forget to recharge my spirit
and feed myself the living Word

what makes going to sleep easy
and waking up hard

why is netflix more enjoyable
than reading my bible

who decided these things
and why do we let them dictate
how we go day by day

stop being normal
and start being abnormal

something happened
i think normal is broken 

written by JULIA RYAN  

Here I am, doing my "Beautiful Words" post for the month! Thanks so much, Julia, for letting me use your poem!! <333

Last week was so crazy, with the funeral of my Great-Grandpa and all. Every night I went somewhere -- starting Tuesday, and I almost never got home before midnight. It was actually an amazing week, even if I was exhausted when it was over. *winks* All those late nights really got to me.

But being with my family made me happy. All those people who moved away from me. <3
Just hearing their voices and seeing their faces brought a smile to mine! *grins*

The singing... singing those hymns will always make us happy, won't they?

LaKaysha did a blog post all about this, so how 'bout I just leave a link to her post so you can read it? Because she's much, much better with words. I do have some pretty cool pictures from the week, but I shall wait till my photo dump to post them. *winks*

A Funeral, A Family, and A Legacy - Calico and Lace 

And now that it's all over, and I can get serious about shopping and planning for my trip. *grins* I already bought an adorable sweatshirt. *checks off my list* It's so soft and warm I might die! And I got an amazing deal on it! Regular $50, and I got it for $16!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?

I have a few more things to get before I'm ready to go... less than a month now!! Just think. At this time next month, I will be in New Hampshire. With Grandpa, Grandma, Mary, the Twins, Kirsten, DaNita... Eeeeee!!!!!!! *must stop screaming*


  1. That's a nice poem. :) The pictures are so pretty!
    Wow, you got a $50 sweatshirt for $16?! That's awesome! :D

    1. Isn't it? Julia did a good job ;P Thanks! Spring is finally here and the trees are blossoming!! <333
      I KNOW!!!! And I'm in love with it ;P

  2. Can't wait!!!!!!!!! EEeeeee! :D

    1. *jumps up and down and claps and squeals* XD XD XD XD

  3. Seriously, you're so sweet for wanting to post my poem! *hugs*

    beautiful photo btw xD

    1. It was a lovely poem and I had to share it! *hugs* <333

      Thanks!! XD

  4. Twas a blessed family time for sure!

  5. It was so nice to see all the family!


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