Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photo Dump // March 2017

Ending another month? Really?
This month, was... idk. I don't remember much about it! *laughs*
At the beginning of the month we visited my aunt and uncle -- probably the best weekend of the month. *winks* (see that post here)
And spring came! With it's random beautiful days in the midst of all those rainy ones. Summer is getting closer and closer.
I worked a couple days this month. We're still not sure if that job is gonna work out, but it was nice to make a few extra bucks. *winks*

And now, here's the Photo Dump for the month:

Got these in the mail this month. The beautiful dog-tags, in memory of my Great-Grandpa. I wear mine a lot. (wearing it right now, actually *winks*) The rubber part ripped, so I had to take that off, but whatever.
 After I worked that first time, I was kinda stressed from such a hard day, and I took it out on the pantry door. *winks* 
This beautiful diary took all my money,but hey! It's amazing! I can't wait to write in it!! *grins*
 This local coffee shop sure is great! *winks* I hadn't been there in a while, and the "Mustang" sure tasted good on that rainy day! *grins*
 Don't look too hard at that. ^^ thanks. 
 My "giant doughnut" I made. It was a pretty good cake. *winks* 
One random Saturday morning, the girlies of the "gang" met at Shari's and had breakfast together. That sure was fun, and relaxing. Afterwards, we walked around stores and just had fun. *winks* 
 Then and now -- me and Auntie Marissa. *winks* 

 Ready for church. Watcha think of my outfit? (you can't tell, but the boots are brown)
 The pretty night sky -- one good thing about having to go outside to get to your bedroom. 
Spending a beautiful day with the goats and an iced coffee
 A chocolate bunny. *winks* 
 received this in the mail. *winks* 
 Done working, and very tired. Went to Burgerville afterwards and got a milkshake!! 
 The outfit I wore last Sunday. 
Life is peaches and cream when you have an adorable baby cousin like Joshua!! 

Well, there you have it! Not much of a photo dumb this month, most of pictures were from that first weekend, which I already shared. *grins* 

Next month Easter is coming!! Plus my parents fly to NH to visit family. *smiles* 

Have a favorite picture? 
Plans for next month? 


  1. That's such a lovely diary! Ooh, coffee on a rainy day sounds nice... although if I bought coffee, It'd probably be cold. So it wouldn't help on a rainy day. ;P
    I like the drawing! You're pretty good with shadowing. :)
    Oh my, that breakfast looks delicious! The cake does too. :) I made wacky cake last night (and one of my sister's made fudge frosting for it), and it was really good... :D
    That's a really cute outfit!
    Love how you colored the Proverbs card. ;)

    Yea, before I comment on everything... I really enjoyed this! =D

    Plans for next month? THE BEACH!! ;D It's also going to be the time I can take my driver's test for my license. O.O But I probably won't have enough hours yet.

    1. I know, it is! I probably could've found a cheaper one, but this one was way too perfect! It was really good! LaKaysha only buys blended coffees, rain or shine. I buy blended in the summer and hot in the winter. You enjoy them better that way. ;)
      Thanks! Really? Never really thought about it. :)
      It was really good! And so was the cake! :D It was just a basic cake with (store-bought) chocolate frosting. Had to use the frosting up, so I made a cake. :) Oh I love wacky cake! The best chocolate cake ever!!! Fudge frosting!? That sounds amazing!!
      Thanks!! =D

      LOL! I'm glad! :P

      That sounds awesome!!
      Ooooh!! Scary! I pray you don't do what I did. ;P

  2. Your diary is pretty cute! Oooh and that coffee on a rainy day *sighs* I was there when you bought it *winks* Your cake was so good!!! I love your outfit! You looked so cute when you where a baby! and as you know I don't really have plans for next month, ;P I think my favorit picture is the one of your cross bracelet! A well enjoyed post! <3

  3. Fun post! The drawing is super! Is it you? Looks like you to me ;)

    1. Yes, I actually DID use a picture of myself for a model... didn't think it was meant to be me,though. ;P

  4. The drawing looks like you to me too!
    I like your sunday outfit, especially since its my clothes you're wearing *laughs*

  5. Is the drawing a self portrait? It looks like you!! Also, love the pic of you and Marissa. BTW, You girls always dress so classy and stylish! ❤️❤️

    1. Wasn't really meant to be, but I did use myself. ;P I can't believe you guys actually noticed!! *laughs*
      *giggles about the pic of me and Marissa ;P*
      Aww! Thanks!! <3

  6. P.S. I LOVE the chalkboard art! 😍😍

  7. Replies
    1. poor dear.
      I actually got one from Coffee Creation one day, but you know what? It wasn't as good as Arrow Head! *laughs*

  8. Haha! I hadn't been on here in so long that it IS next month! ;) But I do have plans. I'm supposed to be babysitting for FIVE days at the end of this month. Not any other plans, as of now... My brothers want to go turkey hunting sometime, but that might be next (next) month... Haha! :D

  9. My sister has that same calendar whattt? :D lol. Love these pictures!


    1. SHE DOES!!?? That's so awesome!!! I got it for Christmas and I just LOVE IT!! XD

      And thank you so much for commenting + following!! <3


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