Friday, March 10, 2017

Hangin' With Cousins // Last Minute Trip

There's nothing like a weekend with cousins. 

So I packed my bag, we piled into the van and headed up to see Auntie A and Uncle T.
We had four hours of driving ahead of us, we sat back to enjoy the ride.

 (taking pictures while your going 70 (mph) down the freeway can be hard *winks*)

Look at that! ^^^ As much as I love my mountains and trees, this view is pretty! Or is that just me? *winks*

Me 'n Little Sis. Getin' kinda bored in this van. *laughs*

Finally we made it!
Kirsten took us on a tour of their new house. During which I wore her boots. Aren't they beautiful!?

And of course Kirsten made us tea. <3
and we enjoyed it while sitting around in the living room, doing absolutely nothing, and having a wonderful time!

Sometimes I think it's illegal to be that cute. ^
Little Kaaren got lots of hugs and kisses over the weekend. Poor baby. *winks*
But she's way too adorable! I don't know how we managed to leave her when the weekend was over!

Kirsten made us Lamb Chops for supper that night, and it was so good I could've cried!
My very first time having lamb, and I have to admit I was a little scared. But goodness! It was the best thing I ever ate!!

Us girls stayed in the trailer, and that night we hid away in there to watch a movie while drinking Pop. We watched "Roman Holiday" starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. My very first Gregory Peck movie.
I went to bed that night thinking that it was the cutest movie ever, and it ended so wrong!

The next morning of course I got snuggles from Kaaren! (please! I want to eat her!)
After showers and all that stuff, we hopped in Kirsten's Jeep and headed to town. Just to "bum around".

Had Chinese for lunch, and man oh man, it was good! Yep. Definitely going back someday.

After lunch we just walked around and went into random places that looked cool. That was fun. I haven't walked around town much, even here where I live. We mostly just drive. Lame people, I know.
Oh! And guess what we found!! We found what Annette Funicello would've called a "Record Hop"!! How cool is that!? It was actually connected to comic/ used book store, and it had a coffee shop in it. So of course I bought a record!

Don't mind the silly-looking me. Just look at LaKaysha and Kirsten. They're cute. *winks*
We found an antique shop, and spent hours there looking at all the cool stuff! *grins*

To add to the adventure, we tried "Gelato". It's really good and if you ever get to chance to try it, you must! I didn't buy any, but ate some of Kirsten's and LaKaysha's.

And here's the record I got. It fits right in with my collection, and I love it! I've been listening to Patty Duke on Pandora for a while now, and I'm as happy as can now that I own a record of hers!

That night, Kirsten had planned to take us bowling, but when we got there the bowling ally was closed. So we "demanded" that the boys go with us, and we headed to McDonald's to hang out. I hadn't been there in... forever!
Even though I enjoyed my milkshake, I do feel bad for you people who don't get to have Burgerville milkshakes. *winks*

*whaps Shiloh for blocking "the bro"*

The next day was our last day there, and Auntie Missy and Uncle Mikey came down to visit. So fun to see these cute little girls playing happily together. ^^^

They sure have a lot of sky over there. *winks*

yeah. I love shadow pictures. What can I say?

We walked to the town store, and I bought some Coke and a coffee. It was a beautiful walk, and I enjoyed it. The wind was a little chilly, but that was why I bought the hot coffee. *winks*

Back across the river, and heading home.

It was a wonderful weekend and I look forward to heading that way again someday! *grins*

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Felicity got better pictures from the trip, so head over to her blog and see her post about it! Just click here. 


  1. Lovely post. The pictures are all super neat :) We had a good little trip didn't we?! :)

    1. Also I have to say... I love those wide open skies!!!:)

  2. It was so nice having you all here, you girls blogs make it look so fun here. ;) I agree about the sky, I love our wide open spaces! Also have to agree about the milkshakes, nobody is as good as Burgerville! You'll have to come back soon!

    1. Your sky is so beautiful!! <3
      Yes! I guess I'm spoiled with Burgerville.
      We will! :D

  3. Great stuff, even if my hand looks creepy and deformed in that pic of me driving;)

  4. Such fun! It looks so beautiful over there! (Not saying that over here doesn't look beautiful, mind you. ;P)

    1. It is! (and yes, it's beautiful here too ;P)

  5. Loved it! Can't wait to visit again. And I have admit the skies are pretty.... But can I help it if I like mountains and trees and waterfalls? I guess it IS pretty in it's own way. :) I know that the stars are gorgeous! I went out one of the nights and man, oh, man there were so many!

    1. I didn't get to see the stars. I was too lazy to crawl out of bed when you said they were gorgeous. ;P

  6. Looks like so much fun! :D And it's so pretty there!

    Aw, Kaaren is adorable!

    Chinese food is so good! I love China buffets especially. :) The chicken... *dies* :P

    1. It was! and it is! ;P I love the mountains and all here, but every once in a while I like the open-ness of "the dry side" ;P

      Isn't she!? She looks so much like her brother (Tyrel) it's crazy! haha! ;P

      I love Chinese food too! I hadn't had a good Chinese meal in a long time. Because "our restaurant" closed. *pouts*
      But this was very close to it! I guess I'm picky about my Chinese food. The soup has to be just so. ;D

  7. This looks like such a fun trip!

  8. LOVED! I loved all the pictures, and we ARE spoiled with Burgerville milkshakes! ;P I hope to go back soon!! <333 (Kaaren is sooooo cute!) *gasps*

  9. This sounds so fun!


    1. I'm glad I was able to make it sound that way.
      Visiting cousins is always fun. :)
      Thanks for the comment, Hailey! :)


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