Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beautiful Words // March

Was this to be the end? Here in this high, rocky country above the desert? Had all my dreams and plans come only to this? To die here, alone, killed by my enemies? Had all the sacrifice of my father and mother brought me only to this? 

Yet I fled not in fear but to find a better place from which to fight. The odds were against me - how great I did not know.  Many times before, I had run with my friends, the desert Indians. My breath came evenly and strong; the rifle was heavy, but I would need it. 

A mile, another mile. Thicker, taller, rougher rocks, great crags jutting out, trails that dipped between them. Topping out on a ridge among some rocks, I glanced back and saw them coming, single file, issuing from a narrow place. I counted six, and more followed behind. 

"You want a chase," I said aloud, "I will lead you one." 

~Louis L'Amour, The Lonesome God's

Doesn't that make you wonder what is happening? Who is he running from, and why?  Can't you just feel the rocks under your feet as you run alongside Johannes? Feel the weight of the heavy rifle?
Don't let the title scare you. You have to read this book! 
Starting when he's six makes it a really long book, but his whole life is a great big adventure, and as he grows older you want to know what will happen next. And, I've said it before, but Louis L'Amour's writing is so beautiful!

I realized it was about time for my "Beautiful Words" post  and I couldn't think of what to put. Then I was remembered this quote that I had sent LaKaysha was I first read it.

So I used it. I hope you enjoyed it, even though I've used quotes by Louis L'Amour before. *winks*

So. here we are in the middle of March. Wow, the days are going fast!
As LaKaysha said in her post , we may have a part time job cleaning. LaKaysha has been sick so I went and cleaned without her. And it was hard, scary, overwhelming, and stressful. But I did it, and made some money. Like LaKaysha, I'm not overly excited about this job.
But it's not for sure yet, so we'll have to see how it goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of March! *grins*

Did you enjoy the quote?
Want to read the book now?


  1. Lakaysha sent me that quote the other day, I was quite confused, haha;)

    1. haha! That's because I sent it to her because I didn't want to loose it. ;P

  2. Sounds interesting! :) The pictures you put on here go really well with the quote. :D

    The days ARE going by fast! It would be nice if they slowed down a little... Or maybe I just need to do more. ;)

    1. It is! I thought they did. ;P They are from the drive up to see my aunt and uncle. ;)

      It's crazy! I would like to enjoy the days more. We only live March 2017 once ;P

  3. It does make me curious... :)

  4. Really enjoyed that book.... read it to many times to count;)

  5. Ah! Wow!
    Once again, Louis L'Amour sent shivers up my spine.
    My favorite book by him!
    He had a beautiful way of painting pictures with words.

  6. Louis L'Amour paints such a picture​ with his words.... Makes you just FEEL what's happening, and makes your imagination soar 💜 I loved that book from the first. Anything he writes about the desert is amazing!


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