Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Q & A Tag

Before I get into this tag, I'd like to wish you all a happy and wonderful Valentine's Day! *grins* We're not doing like anything today, but whatever. We still love each other. *winks*
And how many of you guys can say Garth Brooks wished you a Happy Valentines Day!!??  'Cause I can!! *smug look*

And now for the tag!!

I was tagged my Shantelle @ A Writer's Heart for The Q & A Tag.
Thanks so much, girl! *grins*

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#1 Favorite book you've read this year?

Hm... I've read quit a bit of Louis L'Amour's books so far this year, but I think my favorite book I read was "Love Me Tender" by Janice Hanna. I love the 1950s and when I heard of the Christian novel taking place in that time -- of course I had to read it! And it was so lovely! *sighs*
I knew a lot of the TV shows, movies, singers, and songs mentioned in the book. But, I have to admit, I had never actually heard Elvis sing "Love Me Tender". *blushes* (Sorry, Kirsten)
But I have now, so it's all good! *winks*

#2 A restaurant you love, and what do you usually order?

Oh boy! How do I choose!? Can I say more than one?

I love Rocky's Pizza. Since getting older and going there on our own, a lot of my group has started getting the buffet, but I'm a stick in the mud. I still get a lightweight pepperoni pizza with root beer. I see no point in getting the buffet, because all I want is pepperoni. I don't even want salad or bread stick. *winks*

I also like Burgerville. Here I get two original hamburgers, fries, a coke, and sometimes a milkshake. Best fast food place, ever. *grins*

And I love Olive Garden. I get the Tour of Italy, salad, and peach iced tea.

#3 What's one movie/TV show that has impacted you? Why?

I'm not sure. Probably "Father Knows Best". In that show, the family is so close. Yet normal. Like they tease and joke, make fun of each other, have fights, but they are so close knit and would die without each other. And when it really comes down to it -- they tell each other they love each other. Made me realize I don't say it in words enough.

#4 Do you prefer cold cereal or oatmeal?

Definitely cold cereal. *wrinkles nose at oatmeal*

#5 Love being with people, or would you rather be a loner?

Being with people. I'm super shy, but I love people. And I'm only shy around certain people. When you really get to know me -- I'm so odd. *winks* I say the stupidest things, do the craziest.
I love going to weddings, special services, and I love being with family. I love to "hang out", but I don't do it ever. Being one of the youngest in the group. *rolls eyes at the "old farts"* *winks*

#6 A book cover you love?

Um. "Love Me Tender" is my number one for sure. *winks*

Plus I love the cover of my grandma's "Spring's Gentle Promise" by Janette Oke. Mine looks kinda the same, but it's still not Grandma's. Sadly, I can't find a picture that's like her's. Sorry.
This one is kinda like hers. (even though this isn't a picture of a book *winks*)

#7 What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?

Hmm... happiness. If someone is happy, then they make the people around them happy. I'm so sick of being sad.

#8 A favorite thing about blogging?

I love being able to connect with other Christian girls. Seeing their posts and comments. Getting to know them. It's all so fun!

#9 What's one wish of your heart?

To fall in love. Get married. Have children and live in a new, two story house with a long winding driveway.

#10 Could you share about three blessings (big or small) that have touched your day?

Can't think of anything that has touched my day, but I can think of some have touched my week.
Last week was the hardest week of my life. So can I share three blessings from that week?

Family. I realized I have a wonderful family. They all love and care. We were all hurting, and we still are. But we have each other. Isn't that such a blessing?

Hugs. When I really need one, there's always someone around. and I'm a person who thrives on hugs. They are what help me through hard times.

Prayer. Prayer is such a blessing. 'nough said.




#1 What is your "dream life"?
#2 Would you rather read the book before watching the movie, or the other way around?
#3 What was your favorite movie growing up, and do you still watch it?
#4 What actor just has "the voice"?
#5 Do you watch old movies/TV shows, or would you rather not?
#6 What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone new?
#7 What is your favorite time of day?
#8 What's your "go-to" shirt?
#9 How many plates can you eat in one sitting?
#10 What are your three favorite baby names?


There you have it! Hope you enjoyed! *grins*


  1. Enjoyed this! These kind of things are fun. We'll see what mine turns out like!

    1. It will turn out 1,000,000,000 times better than mine. ;P

  2. Sorry, I just don't know what to say! But I did enjoy it and we DO have a wonderful family. :)

  3. Really enjoyed this!
    I really want to read "Love Me Tender"! It sounds really cute. :)
    Ooh, I need to go to Olive Garden again. I've only been once, so I need to go again! =D
    I'll probably do my post sometime after the currently post I'm posting tomorrow. ;)

    1. Ooohh! don't get me started on Love Me Tender. ;P
      ONLY ONCE!!!?? *falls over* yeah. you need to go again.
      Ooh! Can't wait to see both posts! =D

    2. Oh, I actually probably went when I was little too. But only once when I was older. ;)
      =D =D

    3. Don't they have one where you live?

    4. Yea there is, but not in the town we go to most often. ;)

    5. oh. ;P
      We're going there this Sunday. Why don't you come along? ;D

    6. OH, SURE! ;D (although I think I'm too late now ;P)

  4. Loved this! :D
    I know what you mean about the family! It's so wonderful to know that whenever things are the hardest, you have a great big wonderful clan of fellow Christians who love you and will always be there for you. <3
    Oh, and Garth Brooks...
    Psh... You're so weird, girl. ;)
    He told LOTS of ppl who were listening to Pandora at that moment. LOL

    1. Well. It made me feel special anyway. Even though I really don't care for Garth Brooks as a singer. ;P

  5. Love Me Tender ... I smile every time I see you talking about that book, Daminika! I LOVE sharing my favorite reads with people! ^_^

    All those places sound delicious! I can't really have pizza anymore, but I really love Burgerville! So yummy!!

    I enjoy shows about family life! Something special about that. Though I've never watched "Father Knows Best" ...

    Haha, I'm not a big fan of oatmeal either! :p

    ME TOO! I know I'm an introvert, yet I love being with people! And big crowds, as long as there's a few people I know well there. I once did a personality test, and it classified me as an introvert, but said people with this personality are referred to as "quiet extroverts". I'm like, "YES, that's me!" :D

    The cover for Spring's Gentle Promise is quite lovely! ^_^

    That is true. I'm one who can get down easily, but I have to try to remember to embrace joy for the sake of those around me! (And mine!)

    That's a beautiful heart wish. ^_^

    Family, hugs, and prayer. <3 Those are SO special and important, I agree.

    .... Wow, sorry for the really big comment! O.O I really loved reading your answers though! So glad you did the tag! :D

    1. I smiled when I read that you smile. ;P

      Burgerville is my "go-to" place. Like when we can't think of anything else. ;D

      You should watch "Father Knows Best"! Our library has all six seasons, if you want to put some on hold when you get home. ;)

      Oh, I like that! "Quiet Extroverts" ;P So me.

      Don't worry! I LOVE long comments! I enjoyed yours! =D

  6. Enjoyed this so much!! *hugs* <3


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