Monday, February 6, 2017

Bedroom Tour // Number Two

We changed a few things in our room. Now it feels more like a room, and not a storage place that we sleep in. *winks*  

We moved Felicity's dresser to the other wall, and stuck a bunch of our boxes back in storage to get them out of our way. Today I took what we used to have our computer on and stuck my record player on it. That feels a lot better. For some reason I just didn't like having no real "home" for my record player. I don't really like the color of it though. I would like to paint it one of these days. I don't have money so I'll just have to checkout our paint collection -- can't buy anything new. Shucks.
We also changed things around on the dressers. We turned the shelf that Chancy made LaKaysha sideways to make an interesting way to store our CDs and Bibles. With the CD player beside it.

I forgot to take a picture of the bookshelf, and things are different on it. The top has all our tea cups, coffee cups, and otherwise special bottles and such. Also a framed postcard from Route 66 that Liberty bought us on their way to Texas last year.

On record player I put Polaroid pictures. (you may notice that I took one away -- it's in my "smash-book")

I finally convinced my sisters to let me put stringed lights up. And I rather like it. Makes it feel like we decorated at least some. *winks*
On my dresser is now LaKaysha's typewriter. This is a better height for her to use without moving it.
Other than that, things are the same on my dresser -- all our "girly" things all sitting there.

We also switched our bed around. The steps are now by my dresser, and not the door. We had to do this because the breaker kept popping and the button to fix it was behind the steps. So now it's easy to get to for next time.
And I think I like it this way. *smiles*

I have some things on the mirror that add character to our room.
This quote from Tigger. *grins he's so cute* and pictures of Annette Funicello and Roberta Shore.

There is also a Winnie-the-Pooh sign above the door that says, "Together we will be, Forever you and me." with Christopher Robin and Pooh on it. Felicity got it from a friend a few years ago.

Someday I would like to have a cork board to put more quotes and things on.
And we still don't have curtains or cute bedding. But what we've got done has made a huge difference in making this bedroom home.

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Click here to see the first bedroom tour. 


  1. Your room so pretty, I love the string lights! Aaaaah, I want your bed though!! :D The steps are so cool!!


    1. Thanks! <3
      Really? We thought it was kinda lame. Maybe I need to take a better look at it. ;P

  2. Your room is seriously so cute!!



    and wowowoowow 2 years?! GO YOU!

    1. Really!? I don't get what's so cool about it? We just have it because we have to! lol! ;P

      I know! It's crazy! <3

  4. You have a nice room! :) Ooh the lights! I saw this idea on pinterest where you put ping-pong balls over those lights- it looked really cool!

    1. Oh! And congratulations on two years on blogging! =D

    2. I love the lights! <3 Yeah, I seen that too! It does look cool! Too bad we don't have ping-pong balls. ;P

  5. LOVED this! I really think your room is pretty cool, and I really like the string lights!! <3 ;P

  6. I think your bedroom is looking nice,cozy and welcoming!! :) <3 I love you Peanut! <3


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