Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Peek Inside my World // Awkward Moments

We all have those awkward moments that make you hide your face at the thought of them. Or make you laugh so hard because you can't believe you could be so dumb.

Yep, even I have had those moments.

Like the time that my great-aunt and uncle still had their house here, but were living in Texas. My older sister was taking care of the plants and inside of the house, while one of my dad's cousins took care of the lawns and outside stuff. Me and LaKaysha would go with Felicity to help with the stuff (and play the beautiful grand piano) and sometimes we would see Leander, or signs that he had been there. (a dirty coffee cup just sitting around is a sure sign that Leander was there at some point)
And we all slide on the hard floor with our socks, right?
Well, one time we unlocked the door and went in. I instantly went sliding into the kitchen, my arms out stretched and I was about to burst into song when I heard a deep, "Hello." And guys - I don't even know where Leander was in the kitchen, I spun around that fast. I then went back into the entry and told Felicity that "Lee" (sorry, but that's what I called him at the time) was there.
Felicity - "Did you just turn around and leave when he said hello?'
Me -"Uh... yeah."
Then we all tried not to laugh. Then Felicity went into the kitchen to make up for my rudeness.
I'm sure my face was a sight, and I can just imagine Leander laughing to himself while I ran out of the room.
*laughs at the memory of it*


And then there were those horrible moments of Drivers Ed. One (that wasn't too bad), was a moment when I realized just how short I am.
I was standing by another student from my class as we waited for our drive instructors so we could do our drives. Suddenly my teacher said from across the room, "You're so tall, Daminika."
I looked up at the student beside me, just to find out that he was like two heads taller than me. I sure felt like a mouse. *winks*


I embarrassed myself while I was in New Hampshire for my great-grandpa's funeral, and a lot of people were at my grandparents house.
I was wearing a maxi skirt - which I had to pick up when I walked because I'm too short. *blushes*
I went to get a water bottle and "the whole world" told me to get them one too.
So I walked back through the living room where my dad's cousin was, with my arms full of water bottles. I stepped on my skirt (because I couldn't hold it up because of all those water bottles), which made me slip on the hard floor - and guys, I did the Barbie splits! Right in front of  my dads cousin! *blinkblink*
I think he may have asked if I was alright, and I just mumbled something in reply - thinking how I couldn't believe that happened. *blushes*
I supposed it wouldn't have been so bad if it was a cousin that I knew - like Leander. But it was Lyle! *shakes head* and that was one of the only times I've seen him.
I still get embarrassed when I think about that. *hides face in hands*


We had just got back from a five mile hike and I was really tired -- and I had to use the bathroom like never before. So I ran into our bedroom to put my stuff away. Then I turned back around to leave... and "threw" the coffee I was holding. -- and I had to clean that up.
"This is just not my day."


When you're texting your cousin and you mention the fact that her uncle is over. So she sends a picture and says "your uncle". And you stare at it for a whole minute thinking "what uncle of mine is she with?" then you realize the picture is of her dad. like duh!


When your cousin says something funny while you're texting her and you laugh so hard you throw your phone and fall off the couch.


We went to New Hampshire a couple summers ago, and of course we stayed at my grandparents house. One lunch I was trying to make tuna, but I couldn't figure out my grandma's can opener. When I finally did figure it out, I couldn't strain the tuna all the way, so it ended up looking like slop.
Tyrel - *walks into kitchen* "What is that!?" 
Me - *chuckles* "It was tuna... once."


The random moment when you forget you're shy and randomly yell out that you hate gum and your jaw is killing you...
random 2nd cousin - *blink blink* 
me- *blushes*


Listening to your cousins conversation with his friend and trying not to laugh. Because I'm just a quiet mouse in the corner and it would just be the end of the world if they knew I was listening to them. (but they're soo funny!!)


Serving in a wedding and instead of pouring water in a groomsman's cup you pour ice on his plate...
*blink blink* I still have no memory of cleaning it up.*blushes*


I once said someone's name and he stared at me with wide eyes until I started to panic that maybe I said his name wrong...


my dad - "What kind of pizza do you want?" 
me - "I don't like pepperoni unless it's Rocky's... and I take the pepperoni off." 
my great-uncle - *laughs* "So you don't like pepperoni?"
me - *blushes* "oh. yeah." 


I started school sooner than most people my age. So when I was sent to school for first grade I was five. Yes. Five years old. and everyone in my class was six or seven. At five I was quite the little child. Chubby. Short. And I had long hair. I was too short to reach the drinking fountain even with a stool. So my teacher would have to pick me up and pull back my hair so I could get a drink.
And when she was busy, the boys would do it. Sure, I was five. And maybe I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I look back and am like... *dies* I remember one time he talked to me and told me all about how annoying it must be to have to hold your hair back. Talk about awkward. Having a boy pick you up and hold your hair.*blushes*


I'm sure I've done way more awkward and weird things in my seventeen years.But I can't think of them right now. haha!

Did any of these make you laugh? 
Which one was your favorite?

P.S. On February 6th it will have been 2 years since I started my blog! two years!? Crazy.  


  1. Oh boy! YES these made me laugh, right out loud! *laughs* I liked the one about the tuna and you say, "It was tuna... once" LOL!


    this was awesome - it should be a series ;)

    1. I KNOW!!!!! It's way too funny! I felt horrible, and he said it was okay. Then I wanted to laugh! Because for weeks before the wedding LaKaysha was freaking out that she would dump meatballs on the bride or something dumb, and I told her nothing like that would happen!! And I was the one who did something stupid! LOL! XD

      I'm glad you liked it. ;P

  3. Ugh, awkward moments. I've certainly had these. Some that make me want to sink into the ground. xP One time I was playing this trivia game with people from my homeschool group, and the it was true or false- something about the Patriots in the Revolutionary War being called lobster backs because of their red coats. And I said TRUE! I had thought they were talking about the British! *facepalm* Everyone probably thought I was that dumb. ;P
    That first one- haha! Sometimes people turn up at the wrong moments... like when you're singing wierdly. :P
    Which Lyle are you talking about, by the way? That one made me laugh. ;P But it would be pretty embarrassing!

    1. Hahahaha!!!! Sorry. But that made me laugh!! I've had brain farts like that! ;P hehe!
      I KNOW! I had no idea Leander was there! He parked where we couldn't see and I thought we were alone! And he NEVER sees that side of me! *facepalm* oh well. Now he knows what I'm like when I think nobody's looking! LOL! ;P
      Your Lyle. The only Lyle I know besides my grandpa. lol! ;P (and I don't call him by his first name, and he's not my dad's cousin so that changes everything LOL! XP)
      Oh it was embarrassing at the time! But now I laugh at it! hahahaha!!!! XD ;P

    2. Yea, it was pretty ridiculous! ;P
      Haha, oh well. I guess maybe it's good for people to see the real you once in a while. ;)
      I thought it probably was! ;P HAHA.
      Yea, it's best to laugh at embarrassing moments. I just had one today... *facepalm* yea. ;P

    3. haha! You're not gonna tell me what it was? ;P

    4. Uh... well I did in you letter. ;P Haha! It really probably doesn't seem that bad, except to me. :P

    5. Well, I guess I shall have to be patient. ;P

  4. We all have those moments! LOL
    I have had plenty!

  5. Haha Man, these are funny! XD
    My awkward moments usually consist of running into things, or smashing my hand against something in front of people...
    Or the time I smashed a cup while doing dishes, with TONS of people over.
    Liberty: 'LaKaysha, you just broke it!'
    ME: 'SHHHHH!'
    I have broke exactly three glasses since we moved into this house... It's a gift.

  6. I know you pretty good. ;) You did surprise me with a few, though. Like the one of you trying to figure out which uncle your cousin was talking about. Haha! That's just too funny! But I'd be the one to do the same thing! ;) :)


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