Friday, January 13, 2017

The 10 Random Questions Tag

I was tagged by Natasha @ Looking Through My Lens for The 10 Random Questions Tag.
Thanks so much, girl! *grins*

I think this will be a lot of fun, and I enjoyed her post, so I hope you enjoy mine.

#1 When is your favorite time to read?

Hmm... well, I read anytime throughout the day - depending on what is happening that day. But mostly I like to read at night. If I finish a book during the day, that night I sit like, "Now what?" and I am bored out of my minds while my sisters "do their things". *winks*
So yeah - at night would be my answer. When we all just sit and quietly read or whatever till late into the night. *winks*

#2 What natural disaster are you most afraid of?

Uh... I'm not sure. I could say a volcano erupting, but I'm honestly not afraid that "the sleeping giant" will erupt - and if it does it would probably blow towards the weaker side of the mountain - which is the opposite direction that I live, so... (but maybe I should be afraid of that? *winks*)
So let's just say an earth quake. Like a really big one... *shudders*

#3 What is something you loved to do when you were little?

Oh! So many things! Hm....
Playing that we were birds after Grandpa mowed the lawn - we would make a nest out of the cut grass, and sit on balls for eggs... and being the youngest I would be the baby bird. And a naughty little bird I was - constantly flying out of the nest when "Mom" (Marissa) would tell me not to. *winks*
Or eat ice cream at Grandpa and Grandma's. It was always the most amazing moment when you'd open the freezer to find that Schwans (which I called "Swans" *winks*) had been there and the freezer was stocked up.
We'd run outside and tell all our cousins - kids would come running from all directions - some even jumping out of the pool - to get their favorite kind before they were all gone. (man, we must've cost Grandpa a lot of money)

#4 Would you rather have the ability to fly or breath under water? 

Haha! I just think of my cousin Kimberly when I see this question! I know what she would say: fly. *winks*
I really don't care about having the ability to do either, sorry. But if I had to choose, I would say... breath under water?

#5  If you had to change your first name, what would it be? 

Tildy, Annette, or Roberta.
Those are probably unusual names, but I think they're beautiful!

#6 If you had to dye your hair an unnatural color for one week, what would it be? 

Uh... why do I have to dye my hair an unnatural color for one week? I don't know... Ha,ha! *winks*
Let's say.... pink? But I would look awful. *laughs*

#7 What book are you reading at the moment (if any)?

*giggles* Girl, you just had to ask... *winks*
I am reading To Tame a Land by Louis L'Amour. I am enjoying it so far - only the other night I was either over tired or have been cooped up for too long because I had a hard time remember characters... at one point I was like, "I remember this guy, but I don't remember him shooting him..." so I looked back and was like "Oh yeah! - that's like a lot to do with the story - girl, keep up!"
So I went to bed before I forgot everything I read. *winks*
One part is really sad - so far only one part has been sad. But, like I said, something was wrong with me the other night so I didn't comprehend that it was horribly sad until the next morning. I woke up and was like, "Nooooo!!!"

#8 What's your favorite citrus fruit? 

Well, Natasha - here is yet another thing that we have in common - my answer to this is grapefruit. *winks*

#9 What is something weird you do (or used to do)?

Uh...I invented weird, so let's see...
I would annoy LaKaysha like no other at night and she was trying to sleep. (Oh - I still do this. *laughs* Only in different ways. *winks*)
I would sing, recite the Apostle's Creed (I have no idea why...), tap out a rhythm on the wall, or make noises like sheep. I was an odd child. *winks*

#10 What era would you enjoy dressing up in? 

Um. Everybody knows the answer to this one - the 1950's! The dresses, shoes, hair, make up... and a car to go with it all. Maybe add a boyfriend like Bud Anderson, and I'd be the happiest girl alive. *giggle*

But I feel like that is a boring answer because it's just ... well... everybody knows!
So if I had to pick another era I'd say the 1930's. Have any of you watched the four original Nancy Drew movies? I literally want every outfit Nancy wears in those movies!

Alrighty! There you have my answers to Natasha's questions!

I tag:

Emily @ Living Through Jesus 

Marissa @ Hidden Treasures 

LaKaysha @ Calico and Lace

So now I am supposed to give you gals the questions that you are to answer:

#1 What natural disaster are you most afraid of? 
#2 What is something you loved doing when you were little?
#3 If you had to change your first name, what would it be?
#4 What is something weird you do (or used to)?
#5 What era would you enjoy dressing up in?
#6 If you were to move from where you live, where would it be?
#7 What is your dream vacation?
#8 What style is your dream wedding?
#9 Favorite style of music?
#10 Do you read more than one book at a time?

Use the header if you want.
Answer the questions. 
Tag anyone you'd like to. 
Choose five of the questions you answered and make up five more of your own for the people you tagged to answer.

Hope you enjoyed this - it was a lot of fun!


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, you're fast! ;P
      I'll head over and read it. =D

  2. Ah, enjoyed this very much! :D Glad you did it!
    Wait, you've actually never dreamed of being able to fly?! ;P Haha. :)
    Serena found a STACK of Louis L'Amour books at a consignment sort of shop the other day. She was so excited! ;P My dad was happy too. ;)
    Sad parts in books *sighs*... the sad part in the book I'm reading made me really cry. ;P It was probably the saddest thing I've read, unless I was just in a certain mood. ;P
    That fashion question is hard for me- there are SO MANY different eras I'd enjoy dressing up in! I may not have even said my favorites. ;P There's way too many great eras! :D

    Well anyhow, yea, I enjoyed this! ;D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D
      Nope. I'm scared of heights. hehe. ;P
      That sounds awesome! It's really hard for us to find Louis L'Amour books that we don't own. I think we figured out that we have them all but a couple short stories and maybe two books. Ha,ha!
      Yes, sad parts *sigh*. It's been awhile since I've actually cried in a book. But I have done it before. I do think it depends on your mood when you read it. ;P
      I know! I love so many different styles, it's hard to choose.
      But I DO know that I like the 50's the best. ;P

      SO GLAD! <3

    2. Oh, I guess that makes sense it you're scared of heights. ;P
      Wow, you guys must have a lot! ;)
      Yea, I don't think I cry easily in books... and yea, it does depend on your mood. ;P
      Yea, I like 1950's... and a million other eras. ;D

    3. Yeah... I couldn't climb Beacon Rock because I started passing out, so... ;P
      Yep, we do. Most of them we've had my whole life, too. ;P

  3. Lol! Enjoyed! Though I already knew all of this *winks*
    Ugh... could/can you ever being annoying at night! But... I can be too so, we're even!

    1. Haha! You like to play us songs that we don't care to hear, so yeah - we're even. ;P

    2. Hey! You'll miss me someday *low deep chuckle*

    3. That's what you think *smug look* ;P

  4. Oh, the memories of Schwans! ;) :)

  5. Fun post!! :) I enjoyed reading!


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