Monday, January 9, 2017

The Storm Shall Pass

Today begins the fourth week of being home.
For the past three Sundays we haven't gone to church (the first was because of Christmas, and the rest due to weather).

During those three weeks I have left the house three time only. First was a random trip to Walmart because we had cabin fever and needed to get out. The second was a trip to Cabala's with cousins. That was a lot of fun and it felt good to see them because they had had flu and we hadn't seen each other in weeks.
The third time was when we went to a "game night" at my dad's cousin's house. That was the first time we went, and I had fun listening to my sister and cousin talk. And drinking the wonderful hot cider. *winks* I'm not really one for games, but the one that I did play was fun.
It felt good to get out of the house again and see new faces - especially since we knew that another storm was on the way and we probably wouldn't be going to church (again) on Sunday.

And we didn't.

All day yesterday, I felt like banging my head against a wall and screaming. This house is getting to me, I'll tell ya that.

So we'd better go to church next Sunday!

Right now, more snow is falling down on our already-white world, and I wish it would go away. I can't even get to the library because of that stuff!

Normally I love snow. But have been known to get sick of it - and I am.

Normally I love winter. But can the snow just go away, please? I feel stuck.

But then, it is really pretty!

The other day, I went outside and walked around in it, with my sister's camera in tow.

It was pretty warm out there for once, I was just wearing a legging outfit (with a sweater) and boots. I never got cold.

I had fun kicking around in the snow, and taking pictures of randomness. So the snow isn't all that bad.

Even though I do feel cooped up in this house,

Winter's not forever.

The storm shall pass - and the snow will melt. 

and then I can leave this house. see people. go places


  1. Yea, you must be getting sick of your house! Snow can get really old. We'd have it ALL winter and into spring in Minnesota, and let me tell you, we were excited when that stuff melted! ;P It's probably a good thing we aren't there right now, because I'd probably be afraid to drive, unless the roads were always plowed and de-iced. ;)

    Hopefully it melts soon so you guys can see people! :)

    1. Oh boy! I've been staring at these walls for too long. ;P
      I wouldn't mind the snow, if we got soft and fluffy snow that doesn't effect the roads and I could go places. But here, it might as well be ice on the ground, not snow.
      Right now it's slush... nobody wants to be driving in that stuff.
      But Felicity did make it to work today, after fishtailing around a corner... that is why only my dad drives in this weather. Even sometimes HE doesn't. They try to keep the main roads plowed, but I've come to find out that we don't use the main roads much... ;P It's all back roads to the library, to my aunt and uncle's... to where Felicity works.

      Yeah! Hopefully! The main problem is it keeps melting and then freezing again - making it all ice.

      My sanity is at steak. ;P

    2. Oh yea... it would be scary to drive on those roads. ;P

  2. Cabin fever really stinks..... ;) I am ready to lose my sanity, too.

    1. Tell me about it.
      Much longer of this and I WILL be banging my head against a wall!
      I did scream into a pillow yesterday, and that seemed to help. ;P

  3. It is getting to be quite the ordeal! But we can lick it!

    1. Sure, YOU can. ;P
      Just kidding. I know we get lick it. If I had a book I might be okay. Like Louis L'Amour's poem called "Let it Snow" ... "I've got a fire, a book, and a dream." I've got everything but the book.
      BUT HEY!!! I DO have Ricky Nelson and Simba. ;P ;D

  4. I guess it can get old being home... Do you still knit or crochet? Maybe that would help pass the time.

    1. yeah... sometimes. I was crocheting the other day, but I got bored of the pattern I was using. Or more like I got confused by it. ;P
      I suppose that would help the time pass. :)

  5. Those are some pretty pictures! :) Sorry you feel so stuck! I don't know how many times I've left the house. I definitely haven't been going about as much as I used to, but I haven't been paying enough attention to know exactly how much less. :)

    1. Thanks! <3
      My whole family is feeling this! When my mom said we are invited to Grandpa's tonight we all jumped up and down, clapped our hands,and yelled "YES!!!"
      So now we are all keeping our fingers crossed that this last bunch of snow we got won't keep us from going.
      A new wall to stare at! New faces to see! New voices to hear! oooohhhh! If we don't go I'll die!!! ;P

  6. I'm sure you're enjoying "The great melt down!" lol. It is nice to be warm again.


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