Monday, January 16, 2017

Out and About // Warm Memories

Yesterday morning, I got up early, showered, did my hair and such... and went to church!
It was amazing.

Sitting there for the first time in a month.

It just felt so good to be alive. I almost cried it was so amazing.
After church we stood around and talked, like we always do - trying to agree on a place to go for lunch. Thankfully I had money and could join the gang at our favorite burger place. Where we are known to the workers, and just feel at home.
The whole time I was there I felt so happy.
Walking up to the counter and ordering my two burgers and a drink (didn't dare get fries because I wasn't sure if I had enough money *sniff*), sitting down with my Coke, waiting for my burgers to come, talking with the gang, texting Kirsten on my new phone (yes!!! my very own!!), watching the worker skip away after he gave us our food... it was all so wonderful!
Then my clever sister said we should go to Walmart... just because we have no idea when we'll be able to get to town again. So we piled back into the pickup borrowed from my uncle and we headed to Walmart. There we just walked around, and did our normal squealing over the stuff there.

From there we headed to my grandpa's house, where my parents already were.
The roads were icy, and we're not used to driving in such weather, so we just slowly made our way there. With Felicity and Marissa telling Marita what to do on an ice patch.
We were worried that we wouldn't be able to make it up the driveway. But instead of freaking out and just parking at the bottom, Marita went up that hill - with all of us holding our breath - and we made it! All the way up to the house!

There we spent our lazy Sunday - away from home.

I loved every minute of it.
Sitting around, laughing and talking, learning my way around my phone (*winks*), and seeing all the sights I seen when I was just a little tyke. The above pictures are such sights.

Sure, the house is somewhat different after the remodel - but it's still the house I know and love.
And as a little girl, I would lay on the platform of the stairs, and look up at the ceiling, watching the fan go round and round. And back then, the fan shook - making me wonder if I would die if it fell on me. *winks* (first picture)

I also would lay on the steps, with my hand on the warm chimney and just dream. Or chat with a small cousin or sister by my side. (second picture) Such warm memories in my mind. *sigh*

And yesterday, I enjoyed capturing them on camera with my phone - that has the best camera! *grins*

Do you have such warm memories? 


  1. Loved reading this!! I have many warm memories but I think you have heard plenty of them ;)

  2. The house looks lovely! Glad you had such a wonderful time! :)


  3. Aww...That chimney (and house) holds a special place in my heart!

  4. Enjoyed this post! It did feel good to get out of the house and go someplace!
    I have many memories. I love those pictures <3

  5. Ah, that all sounds really fun! :) :)

  6. Yes!! Twas a very blessed day!
    And my oh my... the many many times I sat on those very steps staring at that same ceiling. Also thinking any minute that old fan was going to come tumbling down LOL

  7. That house holds so many memories...even if it is remodeled. :) Wish I could have gotten to church too!

    1. It would have been way cool if you could've made it.
      Then I could've shown you my phone! <3

  8. That fan... *sighs* can't even count how many times I lay staring up at it, wondering if it would fall, while kids stepped around me on their way upstairs...
    Such good memories. :D
    It was AWESOME to get out again!

    1. I know! I never really thought about it, until I got that awesome picture of it... it's like one of the most special memories I have. :)
      It was like a breath of fresh air. :P

  9. LOVE the pictures! I want a house with a warm chimney ;)


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