Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 in Review

 I thought I'd review 2016 with you all. *smiles* I may not have had a very excited year. I can't say that I did anything as awesome as my sister (because adventures like New Hampshire and New York City would have been awesome), but here goes the post anyway.

// I started 2016 out with a bang. The second the clock struck 12 and we were no longer in 2015, someone gave the signal and all the guns went off! It was loud and wonderful! *grins*

//In January I served in the wedding of two wonderful people and had a wonderful time. It was a crazily busy week and I was so sad when it was over. I just didn't know what to do. All those months of planning, then everyone flies in from out of state and you get to see wonderful people, then they walk down the aisle and it's over. Everyone goes home, they leave for their honeymoon, the church gets cleaned up and that's it. The end. But, hey! I made wonderful memories! *grins at the thought of the "guys" sitting in a dark closet and listening to music just to prove that I have a "normal" family*
at the wedding

//Then my cousin gave us a shock and showed up one day. And wouldn't leave for two whole weeks! *rolls eyes* like, we tried everything to get rid to her! I told her my deepest secrets, I sang karaoke, I tickled her... that girl just stuck around. *winks because I'm joking* But it was so much fun! We went to the mall a bit, headed over to the beach, took pictures just for fun, watched movies, stayed up late... oh! *stares off as I remember*

//I went through Drivers Ed with a cousin of mine and somehow managed to survive. It was stressful for this shy person to have to go twice a week, go on drives once a week, and pass my test drive! Sitting in class wasn't so bad, as long as our teacher didn't ask me a question. He did - once. I just stared at him with wide eyes and shrugged. He never did that again. *winks* The trouble was that I didn't know!
 But I did it and I now have my licenses! *grins* doooone!!!

// In January I started thinking about maybe writing a cousin, and being pen pals with her. I wanted to really bad, but... I'm shy. And in April I finally got up enough nerve, and I wrote her a letter. I was scared to death of what she might think of me. She may be my 2nd cousin, but I had never talked to her before - except for a few comments on our blogs. And I was freaking out when I walked to the post office and sent out that first letter. She answered and wanted to write me too! So now we write and I love it! I'm so glad I put myself through those days of freaking out and wondering what she would think of me. *grins 'cause I know she's reading this*

// My hair began to grow thin and unhealthy. I was tired of having the same hair style since I was five, but still - cutting five inches off was scary!` I did it, though. More like my mom did it but whatever, my hair was five inches shorter than before. I liked it a lot (it was a change), but now that it's growing back, I can't wait for it to be long again! Hopefully healthier, too.
it doesn't look like that big of a change, but it was *winks*

// On my cousin's birthday we walked around Y-ville and on the railroad tracks. That was fun! It's really a cute town, and I love it! (that huge tree to the right of the train is the Christmas Tree)

// Memorial day came around, and with it our church campout. And I went. It was so much fun! The two hour drive in the "bus", the walking around the campground and the non-stop eating. *winks* The singing around the fire... watching the volleyball games! And the beautiful water falls! Even the drive home was a lot of fun! LaKaysha fell asleep on me, and I just sat there and ate the snacks I bought at the adorable little store! I even wished that the drive could be a little longer - not just two hours.

//my parents went to Texas along with my two younger siblings. So us older girls were home alone for ten whole days! We watched a bunch of "girly movies" (we may only have one brother, but he tends to "rule" what we watch *winks*) and just had a wonderful time being the only ones home. My cousin came and visited and stayed with us, one weekend. We ate a bunch of food, naturally. *winks* We watched "Gunsmoke" a lot while they were gone - and my cat (kitten at the time) watched with us. I like to pretend that he misses Matt. *winks*

// This year, for the Fourth of July, my family went to the Rodeo! I hadn't been in years and I enjoyed it a lot! The music, the announcer... the cowboys!!! *dies*

// We also made it up to Tri-Cities and seen my aunt and uncle! And of course I had a blast with Kirsten. And seeing Kaaren for the first time was like the whole point of the trip - wasn't it? *winks because it wasn't* Kirsten brought us to a 50s Diner in her Jeep and we melted the whole way there and the whole way back to her house. But we made great memories! And without the heat, my milkshake might not have tasted so good. *winks*
blurry I know - but it gives it character. *winks*

//One dream did come true this year! I went on a Ferris wheel! I've always dreamed of it and it was just as much fun as I thought! I want to go again! Maybe in the dark? Wouldn't that be so cool!? *grins because there is one right down the road from me every summer*

// and then I met my pen pal. *giggles* we must have been a sight. We're both shy, so we didn't do much talking, but I don't think it was an awkward silence... I hope she didn't think so. I seen her three times before she left. I hope to see her again someday, and maybe I'll force myself out of my shyness and be myself! We did talk the day she came over to my house, so we didn't just stare at each other. *winks*

//I packed my bag and once again I prepared for a trip. We went to my grandpa's ranch. I had the most fun I've ever had in one weekend! It was the best! All the boys running wild, getting so dirty you can hardly recognize them. I did I bit of "running wild" myself. *winks* Four-wheeler's are just the best!! That first ride when we first got there - I just wanted to scream I was so happy to feel that wind and smell those trees! *sighs* Then, as we were going down the driveway LaKaysha yelled, "This is freedom!!" And I couldn't  agree more! But you can read all about that trip here.

// I graduated! I am done with school!!! See some pictures from my party here.

// pretty soon I was packing again to go to The Ranch again! This trip wasn't as fun-packed, but I did finally go to the "upper pond"! Because not as many people were there that time, I had more time to run around and take pictures of randomness. We spent most of our time playing "Marrying Mr. Darcy" - that card game is so fun!! Who else has played it?

// We visited a local fort this year. I think it was my first time there. It was a lot of fun - and it was the first time I wore boots after the summer! I like summer, but I have this thing for boots, and when I can finally wear them again I rejoice. *winks* But really, the fort was so cool! In front of the fort was a timeline, starting in 1940 - and when you got into the fort you had traveled back to 1840! Isn't that cool? And my cousin was there and we never seen her! She and her family got there the same time as ours, and we somehow never bumped into each other! And it's not a very big fort. Crazy. *winks*

//I turned seventeen this year! It sounds so old for little me, but that now is my age. Scary. I hate to think that I will be eighteen next year!! *dies* But hey, that's not till October. That's not for a long time... *remembers how fast this year past* *looks doubtful*
But I had a wonderful birthday - complete with a rain storm, a pumpkin milkshake, a random, not-planned party, and ending it all with "Road to Avonlea". A great birthday. *smiles*

// when my cousin, Kimberly came down for the weekend she, LaKaysha, and Emily took me out to Olive Garden for my birthday. We had fun laughing and chatting - and riding with Kimberly when she doesn't know the roads or how to get anywhere. It doesn't help much when we don't know for sure how to get places. But we must've known enough because we never got lost. Though there were times were we would be getting closer and closer to a traffic light and we're all screaming, "WHICH LANE!?" and finally one of us decided which one it should be. Or when I'm the one in the front and I have no idea how to get to Grandpa's from church so I tell LaKaysha and Emily to yell directions from the back - then they get to talking and don't pay attention. Suddenly Emily yells, "Turn here!" Then LaKaysha and Emily are both telling her to turn, but forget to mention which way. So Kimberly practically stops in the road and asks, "Which way!?" Finally one of them realized and told her. It was funny. *winks*

// Kaysha and Roger had a Harvest Party, and I went dressed as a tree. I actually felt really pretty in my costume. *grins* It was for this party that I made my very first pumpkin pie. Then my Grandpa went and made one for Thanksgiving, and made mine look like a very cute attempt. *winks*

// When Thanksgiving came around I was very ready for it. We went to my Grandpa and Sue's house, as always, and enjoyed having the time with family.

// When my cousin Kirsten came to visit we all welcomed her with open arms! Even though she broke the door off one of our cabinets. *winks* She's just a ball of fun, and we don't have to do anything special when she's here. We just "chill" and she has fun. She's one of those friends who walks in the house and just says, "Where's your room?". She's not one for formal hellos or goodbyes. She just walks into your life and fits in like she's lived here her whole life, and then she leaves. And of course we miss her when she's gone. (I mean come on - she bought me coffee and a record! *winks*)

don't ask me why we're holding hands... 'cause I don't know ;)

// and of course with Kirsten came her family - baby sister Kaaren, and all her wonderful brothers. But Tyrel. He lives in New Hampshire, so of course he wasn't there. *winks*

// and now we come to this month - December. This month has been filled with family get-togethers, visiting, gifts, and all those Christmas-y stuff.

// We had the "Warnke Christmas" on Saturday, and I had a wonderful time! Us girls decided to do our gift exchange there, because we just couldn't find a time to do our own party.
Marissa had drawn my name - and she got me some wonderful things that just scream "Daminika!". She must know me. *winks* She got me a book that I have never read, and I'm looking forward to it! It's called "The Silent Songbird" and it's by Melanie Dickerson. She also got me a 2017, Thomas Kinkade, Disney calendar!! *squeals* the pictures are so beautiful!!!! And a Walt Disney quote on a coffee cup!! It's simple and amazing! (I drank tea in it last night while watching "Father Knows Best") She also got me bobby pins - and they're for my hair color. *claps* So, yeah - she spoiled me. My cousin, Kimberly got me a sign that says "Live, Laugh, Love" on it from Hobby Lobby - it's so pretty!! Each year we do family gift exchanges and Marissa and Marita got my family. What do you think they bought us? The first season of "Father Knows Best"! Among other things. *winks*

//Yesterday we all hung out at my Grandpa's and visited my aunt and uncle who came down from Cheney for the "Warnke Christmas" (Kimberly and her family). We played a game, played with cousins... just did the usual things we do at our family get-together's.

//We have snow! More came falling down on us while we were having our Christmas party. It looked so beautiful. But at home - in our "warm pocket" we didn't get any. Until today. We woke up with a white world smiling at us. But it'll melt soon - just you wait. *winks*
Huck - thinking he can jump over the snow *winks*

and now my...
2017 Bucket List
Here's where I'm gonna list a bunch of random things that I want to do with this whole new year. A fresh year with nothing in it. Like an empty page waiting to be filled. Some of these things I probably will never do, but it's be fun to see which ones I do get done.

Visit my grandparents in New Hampshire. Just a dream, but oh how wonderful it would be if it came true!

Try a Grinder. because I crave one. How do you crave something you've never had? - I don't know. *winks*

Get a job. Since I would need money in order to go to New Hampshire. I do have some money put aside - leftover from graduation money, but it's not enough. So I will have to get a job of some sort. I would prefer a babysitting job, or something like that.

Ice skate on a pond (maybe Grassy? *winks*). I haven't done this in years! I love ice skating - the one reason I wish we did get snow a lot. I seen a picture of people ice skating on Grassy in New Hampshire this year and was so jealous. *winks*

Visit The Ranch again? If it's truly not sold? (you have no idea how many times I've said "bye" to that wonderful place and then gone back) It would be so wonderful if all those people from Tri-Cities could join us again! That was so much fun! Like Kaysha and Roger's wedding - it's a memory that makes me so happy I'm sad. *winks*

Go to the Memorial Day Campout. Once again - a dream. Without a job, how could I afford to go to New Hampshire and the campout and the Ranch? Boy, that sure would be some awesome year, though. *winks*

How was your year?


  1. You made it sound like a such a wonderful year, and I guess, in truth, it was! :D
    Your post is way nicer than mine. *spitting raspberries and rolling eyes*

    1. haha! I liked yours and Felicity's posts better. *spitting raspberries back at you*

  2. Great post on a wonderful, blessing filled year!! <3

  3. Haha! I don't usually like pictures of me, but I really like that first picture of us at the top! (And I even like me in it!) ;)

  4. It sounds like you had a great 2016! =D I enjoyed reading about it! Especially the 5th and 13th thing you wrote about. ;) I quite agree. :D
    You did a lot of awesome things! But I suppose I did too. ;) My trip out there, and being on vacation by myself... I hope 2017 has even MORE awesome things in store!
    Ooh, you got "The Silent Songbird"? :D I recently read "The Princess of Thornbeck Forest", which is the third book by Melanie Dickerson that I've read. :) So far I like "The Golden Braid" best. ;)
    I have the same thing on MY (imaginary ;P) 2017 bucket list- to get a job! ;) I also want to get my license. Which I should, unless I take too long to get my hours. I envy you for being ALL over with that stuff! ;P ;)

    1. Yep it has been a good year! =D I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it - and that you agree on those. ;P
      I did? I thought my year was rather boring after Felicity's trips. ;P But your year sounds awesome! Oh, me too! I hope that 2017 is amazing. ;P
      Yep. I started it today, and so far I'm enjoying it. :) I think this is the third book by her that I've read too. I read one that I DIDN'T like - at all. ("The Healer's Apprentice") I have a feeling that I'm going to like "The Silent Songbird" best, but I'm only on chapter three so... ;P
      I can't say that I WANT to get a job, but I need to. Without money I can't do ANYTHING! Not even go out to eat on Sundays, like I used to when I had a job.
      I wanted to put more on my list, but I couldn't think of anything else... oh, well. ;P
      I hope you do get your license. :) I sure do feel good about having it all done. ;P

    2. Yea, my summer trips were awesome, but other than that I didn't do anything too great. ;P
      Oh yea, Shantelle read "The Healer's Apprentice" and did not like all the creepiness in it. I haven't read it- I don't think I will. :P
      Yea, you do kind of need a job to be able to do anything. ;)

    3. I wouldn't read it if I were you. ;P
      I'm really liking "The Silent Songbird" though. I'm now on chapter 14. ;P
      Yeah, I got a little too used to having income when I had that little job... now I have nothing. But oh well. I'll either find a job or get by with doing nothing... somehow. ;D

  5. Sounds like a nice year for you! I think maybe you are the spice of life that makes it so though! Stay happy!;)

    1. It was a pretty good year! =D
      I'll sure try ;P It can be hard, but I with God's help I can stay happy.
      I want to be known as someone who makes other people happy. :)


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