Thursday, October 27, 2016

Photo Shoot: Fall on our Little "Farm"

Today I took my moms camera out into the wet world outside our door and took some pictures.
It's been a wonderful fall and with my birthday done and over with I now have other things to look forward to. Like the Harvest Party some of my 1st cousins (once removed) are throwing! We are going to dress up and I'm quite excited about my costume! (My family isn't having our Fall Party this year -- guess they're all too busy)
I  am not going as Izzy Pettibone from "Road to Avonlea" because my sister came up with a way better idea. I'm not going to tell you what it is -- you'll just have to wait! *winks*
Okay! Here are the pictures I took today: 
This picture doesn't really look like a "fall" picture -- probably more like a winter one, but it was there and it was screaming "TAKE MY PICTURE!!" *winks*
I really like how this one turned out *grins*
The goats "hanging" with their friends -- the chickens
and inside the goat shed, my cat is snuggled in the hay *smiles*

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. Love it! And the seventh one is really good! =D

    1. Thank you!! =D
      It took me a while to get the camera to focus on that branch, but I think it turned out ;)

  2. They're gorgeous. I love that last one of the goat. He looks so curious!
    Sophie//The Techno Maid

  3. It's definitely fall! ;) You have a knack for picture taking! :)


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