Monday, October 17, 2016

My Seventeenth Birthday

Guys!! I'm seventeen! =D
My birthday was on Friday, and it was amazing! We did our normal house cleaning that we do on Fridays in the morning. Then I showered and "prettied myself up". I put on leggings, a long black shirt/tunic, gray socks, black boots, a gray scarf, and my red jacket. Then I did my hair and makeup, and I was ready to go.
My parents took me to a 50s diner! I had never been to that one and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

  Just LOOK at it!! =D *dies*
 With my mother dear ;)
My Chocolate Ice Cream Soda!! It was soooooo good!!!

 My Chicken Pot Pie, corn, fries, and roll. This was wonderful!!! (isn't the pot pie interesting? ;P)
After supper, we went to Fred Meyer's. I decided that I wouldn't get clothes this year because I'm going to be spending my graduation money on a "new wardrobe" ;P I didn't spend all the money that my parents had put aside for my presents so I got $20 cash.

I also got:  
These wonderful slippers that I have been loving!! I use them when I walk back and forth from my room to the house. Aren't they adorable!? 
 This beautiful purse, a notebook, and lip shimmer!
Lotion and Body Spray. I LOVE the smell of both!! =D (and isn't the lotion bottle pretty?) 
a SMASH book! =D I have filled three of these in the past two years. I thought I was okay with not having one to fill, until I took out my box and started looking at the my old ones. Now I have a new one to fill with memories! =D 
(just so you get an idea of what a SMASH book is like)
and with the money from my parents and some from my grandpa and grandma, I bought these boots!!! I am so excited! :D They can also unroll and be taller.
I also bought clear nail polish, The Tangled Soundtrack (I'm so wild ;P), and candy with money from my grandpa and Sue.

By the time we were done at Freddie's it was getting dark. And it was raining! We drove through the Burgerville drive through --I got a pumpkin shake and a pumpkin spice cookie (which I still have part of in my top drawer). Then we headed home.
It was Friday night -- the night for our usual "Family Night". We weren't sure if we were going to have it that night, but then my grandpa and Sue texted and asked if they could come over and that decided it for us. So we let other people know that there WAS going to be Family Night.
Grandpa + Sue, Marissa (aunt), Marita (aunt), Emily(cousin), and Dustin (cousin) ended up coming over and we had an unplanned birthday party for me. (oh, and my younger cousin, Damara, was already at our house)
Felicity had baked a cake, so they did sing to me. (and the cake was pink in the inside!)

Before dessert, we went on into our bedroom. It was a lot of fun -- actually having a bedroom to hangout in, listening to music, singing, and dancing around. ;P 
After everyone left that night, me and my older sisters went out into our garage bedroom and watched "Road to Avonlea" till late. We watched the last episode of the series. I have watched it many times, but it was still just as sad as it ever was. ;P

Then I went to bed and my birthday was over. But what a wonderful birthday it was :)

The day after my birthday I got some birthday wishes in the mail!


  1. I m so glad you enjoyed your day! :)

  2. EEP! Happy birthday!! I turned 17 back in August. ;) It's actually been quite an interesting age to me. I feel like I've changed a lot. :P But gosh, you're so cute and THAT DINER IS SOOOOO CUTE.

    as are those boots xD

    1. THANK YOU!! Yeah, I seen that you turned 17! I hope it's a good age for me ;) Awe! Thank you!!!
      I know! it was so cool! I want to go again and try a malt... I'm always watching movies where they have malts, but I've never tried one. But my ice cream soda was sooo good!! =D

  3. Glad you enjoyed your birthday! And your cake ;)




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