Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Birthday Pictures Adventures

Having your pictures taken can be an adventure. Especially when you have a sister like Felicity take them. She had me doing the craziest things!

her - "Let's go in the goat pen!"
me -"In these boots!?"
her - "Hey! People climb mountains and stand in water in a PROM dress - you can go in the goat pen."

So we went in the goat pen.

her - "Scream if a goat tries to eat me."

Simon promptly comes up to me and lays his head in my lap. While Felicity is calling for him, he just sits there. So I started to pet him.

me - "He just loves me."
me - *screams*
me -  "He's eating me!"

I got him off my sweater, Felicity took him away and after pulling Theodore -- then Alvin -- away from me we got some pictures taken. (Plus we had to chase off some chickens)
When I started to walk away, I walked up to Alvin.

Me - *Gasp* "HELP! He's eating me!"

And this time he grabbed on my sweater tight! But we did get him off of it before he tore a hole in it. After which I went running out if the pen. "I'm getting out of here!"

So. Yeah. She told me to scream if the goats tries to eat her and they never once touched her!!

We tried to take some pictures with my cat, but he just went back to sleep in my arms. I tried to get him to open his eyes but he was just like, "Yeah, whatever - I'm sleeping."

Then she says we are going to the back of our property... with the spiders, bugs, and cougars. After telling me to "climb in that bush", we get some taken there... with me bending my legs because I was uphill from her. *winks*

her - "Okay, sit in the pile of leaves. We'll just have to fix..."
me -"Me, after?"
her - "I was gonna say "it"..."

So I climbed into the leaves and she tells me to throw some in the air. After getting leaves in my hair, face and all over myself she says, "Oh. It's blurry. I'm gonna delete it."

But  I think we got some pretty good pictures anyway. *winks*


  1. You are so naturally pretty!

  2. Lovely pictures! And you are very pretty! :)


  3. These are lovely! So FALL too- I like your sweater. :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I thought it was cool that they turned out so fallish. =D
      I was a little nervous about the color of the sweater when I bought it,but now I LOVE it!

  4. They're beautiful! Your hair is gorgeous.
    Sophie // The Techno Maid

  5. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful daughter!! <3

  6. You are so beautiful my dear friend!!! Kisses!! <3


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