Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Bedroom Tour #1

*I know I said this post would be posted sometime next week, but... ;P*
Today I am doing a more detailed bedroom tour. I didn't like the pictures I used for the "finished look" in my last post, so this is mainly so I can feel better about it. :)

I hope you all enjoy! Just keep in mind that our room is still a work in progress. That is the reason for this being the #1 bedroom tour. ;)

First off, we have our bookshelf!! =D My dad made it for us. ;)
So. On the top of the bookshelf, we have decorations that need a place to go. Our baby pictures (I'm the one on the left), signs and stuff like:
 a few of my Disney postcard collection that we framed. Aren't they beautiful? I can't wait till we find a spot for them on the wall. I think my favorite is the one from Peter Pan. =D
Which is your favorite?
On the top shelf we have our school yearbooks, for the three years we went to school. (two copies of each, but only one set is mine) ... it looks like most the rest of the books are LaKaysha's. Jane Eyre is mine, as well as the Dear America book, the Disney Fairies books, and The Daybreakers. (a few more may be mine, too)
On the second shelf, the first thirteen books are mine. (the first one is kinda hidden by the side of the shelf) The Mandie books are mine, and I own most of American Girl books, and the Life of Faith books are mine... yeah, I mostly own youth books. I am in need of others., I know :)
On the last shelf we have all Felicity's movies, my purse and LaKaysha's purse.
I am thinking about finding a new "home" for our purses and moving my movies into our room, too, but I'm not sure if they will fit on that shelf with hers... they should I don't have that many movies ;)
(All Felicity's books are still packed, so if it's not mine - it's LaKaysha's)  
The view from our window... which we hardly ever see because we have it covered with a sheet... until we get curtains. :)
Under the window we have Felicity's hope chest (which my dad made), with my record player on top. :) It's a lovely record player, isn't it? But, I do think it needs to go someplace else eventually... it just doesn't "pop" while it's sitting there ;P  
And here is our open closet. With the clothes of three fashion lovers in it. :) And it's mostly coats and sweaters. I have a thing for "winterish" things - like coats and sweater and boots... and scarves!!! I love the cozy look of them all. I have one pair of fingerless mittens that I made, but they're pink, so I don't find much to wear them with.......
Here are our shoes...such a "neat" pile, huh? Most of them are Felicity's... thanks to her I have a shoe for every occasion. ;P We have more now... as you know - I bought a pair of boots! And guys, those boots are soooo comfortable!!!! *dies* I wore them to town the day after I got them, but I can't wait to wear them again!!!!
This is my dresser. After sharing a dresser with my sister for a year - this is awesome! =D Though the bottom drawer is crammed. We try to fit my pants, all our scarves, boot cuffs, head wraps, and hats ALL in one drawer... I organize it a lot, hoping for a better way ;P
And on top of it we have all our makeup, lotions, body sprays, and just all our "girly" things ;)
And that little shelf - my brother built for LaKaysha's birthday one year. We have our Bibles on the top and our Cds on the shelves. And we have our mirror hung now. :)
On the top shelf I have my CDs. (missing Tangled Soundtrack... I hadn't bought it yet when I took this picture... oh. And one Cd is actually Kimberly's... I just never remember to give it to her when she comes to visit! *vows to remember this time*) I just realized that I mostly have Disney Soundtracks and Celtic Thunder Cds. ;P Well, that's just what I like, I guess! :D
Between my dresser and Felicity's is where I keep my records. =D Aren't they beautiful? *happy sigh* ;P I am so in need of more... ;D
on top of Felicity's dresser is where we have her CD player and LaKaysha's typewriter. ;)
Don't they look nice? And that picture of Felicity and Kaysha adds... with those dried flowers :) Too bad none of these beautiful things are mine. ;D Maybe someday my record player will have a better "home" than it has and it'll look this amazing ;)  
Here is the door that goes into my dad's shop. He made it himself. :D And that is our heater on the floor. ;P
Our bed. :) I sleep on the bottom... on the side by the wall. (on the floor by my dresser is our containers full of hair stuff) I put pillow shams on two other pillows, so our bed looks a little better than this now . ;) Oh. And that pink throw blanket on the bed, I made. :) I don't even remember when I made that... it was after 2013 ;P
Each step opens up into a cupboard where we "hide" all our junk ;P
 That blanket folded up on that step, Emily made for me. She gave it to me for Christmas one year. :D
And on the top step are my diaries... oh. And some of LaKaysha's ;P
But most of them are mine... eleven of them are mine. (ten full) there are also a couple family cookbooks up there... I don't have a hope chest yet, so there they sit. ;P  
 All the boxes on the left are what we will be putting on the other shelves when they're done... so those won't be staying there ;P the lighting of this picture is pretty bad - sorry. ;P
 (The door on the end goes outside)

So there you have it! It's quite cozy, actually. 
What do you all think?


  1. Ah, your bedroom is very nice! :D I think it's cool how you have a record player and your sisters have a CD player and typewriter- they're all old fashioned looking!

  2. looks so cozy! AND THOSE DIARIES!!! go you! I'm working on my 4th full one right now.

    1. =D
      Yeah, I've kept a diary since I was twelve. ;) And sometimes I fill one in two months!! I guess I just have a lot to say? ;P

    2. *Correction* I was nine when I started keeping a diary - I always forget about my first two ;)

  3. Ah! I can't wait until we get our shelves in! I want to unpack my books ;)

    1. Yeah, then it'll be easier for me to see if you have any books I want to read. ;P

  4. And I have more movies out in the living room! But I can't remember what they are? Johnny Shiloh? Some Winnie the Pooh?

    1. Yep! Johnny Shiloh is yours, and I think 2 of the Winnie the Pooh movies are yours? I don't keep track of what YOU own ;P

  5. I really like that door!! Did I say that last time, too? ;) :)

    1. It is lovely. :) I can't remember what you said last time ;)

  6. Yes, its quite cozy! :) I am happy for you girls!


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