Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Currently in October

It's time for another "currently" post! =D I think this has been a great month for me, but it's not over yet. ;P Who knows what will happen between now and the end of the month!? But, so far this has been an awesome fall! Our bedroom can get cold, both at night and during the day - but that only helps to make it feel like fall. I certainly have been loving my new slippers and all my sweaters that keep me warm while I am in my room - usually cleaning something or going through my boxes. And our new heater helps too - if I decide it's cold enough to run it. ;)
I have been enjoying looking out the window and seeing the leaves fall from the trees. And when it's raining I always smile. :) Though my cat doesn't seem to like the rain and cries at every door - annoying my family. ;) He's spoiled, I know.
Our goats are so cute and fluffy with their winter coats of fur. <3

Okay! On with this post! ;P

Current Happenings// I had my birthday which you all should know. ;P It's crazy how much can change in a year. When I turned 16, I didn't even have my drivers permit! Now I have my license!! =D
I also went shopping and spent a lot of my graduation money on beautiful fall outfits. =D It has been a while since I went serious shopping, mostly I window shop and maybe buy one thing. But I was in need of new clothes, so I went and spent a lot... I don't think I've ever spent that much before. Then again, I've never had that much to spend ;P  My sister helped me because I'm terrible at spending money on myself. I just wonder if I really need it... should I really spend the money? Then I hear someone say they want or need something and I'm like "I'll buy it for you!" - easy as pie ;P Like on Sunday's when someone can't afford lunch... I have done that many times. But I've also needed someone to pay for me many times, so we're all even ;)
But I really like the outfits that I bought!! I got this beautiful orange (like a pumpkin orange) sweater for only $10! And a lot of cool shirts! =D

Let's see what else have I been up to?
Well, I pulled out my "Smash Box" and began smash booking again. And just for fun I took pictures of my smash books. ;) (I had intended to do a whole post about smash booking, but I'll just share some of the pictures here)
They all have this is the front when you buy them
One of the pages I have done in my new book 

My sister's cat died after having seven kittens, so we took them all in and began to bottle feed them. Sadly we have only been able to save two of them. :( It was so sad when the runt died. He had lived long enough for us to get attached to him. And we tried so hard to save him. He was a fighter and lived for at least two days more than the others did once they started acting sick.
Duchess - one of the ones we were able to save
Hmm... haven't been up to much else.
I am on the last pages of my diary and soon I'll be able to start a fresh, new one. I always love starting a new diary. I wonder what I will fill the pages with - What kind of memories I'll make while having this diary as my friend. ;)
Currently Read// The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dikerson

I finally got this book from the library! (I waited long enough ;P ) I really enjoyed it! I put some more books from this series on hold... we'll see how long those take to get to me ;P
Currently Watched//we have been watching Father Knows Best.
 Felicity mentioned on her blog that she didn't know why we started watching this show in season four - well. That is because our library tricked me! ;)
I had the first season (but I couldn't get Felicity to sit down and watch it - it takes her awhile to get the to know characters ;P) and when it got due, I brought it back without finishing it completely. I thought, oh well, and went on our library site to put the second season on hold. But they didn't have it - so I put the fourth season on hold. (they didn't have the third either)
Now here's where they tricked me: when I went to put the fifth season on hold - they had the second!! So. Now we are watching it all out of order. *rolls eyes at the library*

We have also been re-watching Road to Avonlea. Only backwards. lol. ;P I was "dying" to watch the last season, and after watching that - I wanted to watch the rest of the show again. Why not watch it backwards? ;)
 Only -  if you have never watched this show before and want to - DO NOT DO THIS!! Start at the first season and work your way to the seventh. If you don't the whole show will be ruined for you!

At the beginning of this month, we watched Meet John Doe. It was a very good movie. If you like old movies -I'd recommend this one. (Gary Cooper has great movies ;P)

Currently Ate// Felicity made us some Spiced Apple Sweat Tea
I also bought myself a pretzel while we were shopping at the mall that one day. =D
Oooh! And had a Vanilla Coke too! (it was a good day ;P)

Current Favorite Songs//
//Life with You by Celtic Thunder (the version that is on their newest album: Legacy Vol. 2)

//There's A Reason by The Cascades

//Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

//Forever Country by Artist of Then, Now and Forever (A mix of country singers singing a mix of songs)

//Just to see you Smile by Tim McGraw

Current Posts//

Top Ten Disney Soundtracks

A Bedroom at Last!

Hello October - My Friend!

A Red Jacket

My Seventeenth Birthday   

I also have another post done - and scheduled to post itself sometime next week. Simply because I wanted to do the post while the idea was fresh in my mind, but I didn't want to do too many posts in a row. ;) So keep a look out for that post.  ;)

Currently Looking Forward to// A weekend visit from my aunt and uncle! =D
And while they are here we have our "nut auction" planned. A friend from church (and her husband) bring a bunch of stuff to a potluck - stuff like, clothes, yarn, books, games - or whatever. They also bring a bunch of nuts and we have an auction - using the nuts as money. It's actually really fun. I got my first record from it one year. ;)

Well! There you have my "currently" post! I hope you enjoyed!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ooh, those "smash books" look really cool! :D Are they kind of like scrapbooks?
    Aw, I hope those two kittens survive! They're cute. :)
    That "nut auction" sounds awesome! ;D

    I tried to take the test to get my permit yesterday... but I failed the vision test! :P They wouldn't let me go-ahead and do the written test either. So I'm getting glasses, which I'll have to wear whenever I drive. I'm going to try take the test again tomorrow. ;)

    Enjoyed this post! :D

    1. They are really cool! Yeah, they are kinda like a scrapbook - also maybe a diary? Maybe kinda like a Pinterest-type-thingy, too? Just a place to "smash" anything and everything into. I'm not sure how to explain them ;P Some pages I just "throw" things onto them - other times I make sure it looks nice. Some of the pages have things on them already when you buy them. Like questions you fill out, or just a random saying or something. Like one page can say "top ten" on it... ;) I put my top ten favorite singers on that page in one of my books.
      The kittens are cute! Especially now that they are old enough to act like kittens. They like to have their tummies tickled now. ;)
      It is really cool! I look forward to it each year. :D

      That's too bad that you failed the vision test. I have reading glasses - but thankfully I don't have to wear them, except to read. :)
      I hope you pass this time!! *fingers crossed* ;)

      I'm glad you did! =D

    2. That sounds fun. :D

      The eye doctor didn't think I'd have to take the vision test again, so I hope I don't! :) Yes, I really hope I pass the written test!

  2. Enjoyed!! Duchess and Miss Kitty are growing up so fast! And getting so cute <3 when they are clean that is LOL
    I haven't smashed booked in forever *sigh*

    1. haha! yeah - when they're clean!! ;P
      (when I get off the computer I'm going to give them baths)

  3. Nice post! Enjoyed the pictures too.

  4. Looks like fun! You'll have to show me your Smash book sometime. :)

    1. I will - next time you come over... if I remember ;P


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