Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Month of August

September, already!? Eee!! That means I'll be seventeen next month! *gasp*

I didn't do much last month (that I haven't already told you about) - but I figured that I'd do a post anyway. ;P

I did in the month of August:

  • Had a friend over ("pen pal")- which might sound like an everyday thing, but when you had seen this friend only once before having her over it's a crazy thing! (for shy little me, anyway ;P) We walked to an ice cream shop down the road - which was a first to me. I've been to it, but never walked. ;P Then we sat at the park and ate our ice cream. That was fun. =D

  • Visited a "church" family. They live two hours away so we don't visit them often (besides at church ;P). That was fun. We held different colored clothes up to us and found out what "season" we are. I'm a winter... not sure what that means - besides that I can wear my favorite color and not look dead ;P

  • The next day we went out with my "pen pal" and her sister again... only this time my aunt, cousin, and sisters were with us. That was fun - even though I didn't talk much to her... I guess I'm shyer than I thought. ;P

  • I went to my grandpa's Ranch twice!! :D  I did posts about those trips already. ;P
First Trip
Second Trip
  • Finally had my graduation party!! :D That was a blast! My cousin stayed over the night before... we bought ice cream, watched a movie... before the party (after church) we got coffee!

Watched in the month of August:
  • Cinderella (2015) -  I liked it! But I have to say: It's not better than the cartoon. *sorry people who don't agree* ;P

  • Father Knows Best - Kirsten told me that I would like this show ("It's you're type"). And what I have watched of it I liked! (it was due back to the library before I finished it - but my younger siblings watched the whole season) I want to watch more! =D

  • Little Old New York - This is the movie we watched when my cousin stayed over night. ;P I had watched it before...

Read in the month of August:
  • The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis - I mostly read them because I had to know had it ends, and I refuse to skip. ;P

Not much of a post... I've done some pretty cool things this month - so maybe I'll do a 'currently post' sometime...

P.S I think it might have been September already when we went to the Ranch the second time... oh, well. :D


  1. Hey, I finally found you! Sounds like you had some fun times!

    1. Yay! =D I was wondering when you would, Auntie Dear (or as Chancy would say - Auntie A) ;P

  2. I enjoyed reading this! =D
    I think, since I missed a bunch of currently and monthly highlights, I'm going to do a summer highlights post instead, once summer officially ends. ;D

    I hope you do a currently post! :)

    1. haha! =D
      I probably will sometime. We did something pretty cool last night, that might be all I've done "currently"... ;P

  3. Dustin says that it sounds like you didn't have as much fun as him! He was joking, though! ;)

    1. haha! =D that cousin of mine. *rolls eyes* ;P

  4. Sounds like you did plenty to me! ;) At least, I felt like my life was busy, and seeing as we live in the same house.... ;)


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