Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Currently in September

Look how big my "kitten" has gotten!!! *gasp*

 *Current Happenings*
 I got my licenses!! =D Finally! I still haven't driven anywhere - but I did it! It's over with! I'm so happy! =D But enough about that.. ;P
We babysat for my aunt and uncle some this month. Those kids are just adorable! They like me to play with them - even though I try to tell them that I'm "too old". ;P
They just reply, "No you're not!! You're just sixteen!!" ha,ha! ;D
The other night, we went to a local fort for a reenactment type thing. It was so cool! They had the sidewalk outside the fort lined with tents. As you walked toward the fort you went through a time line. 1940s-1840s.
When you walked in the fort they said, "Welcome to 1844." Then we toured the fort. I had never been there (besides once when I was too young to remember) so I though it was really cool! There were a lot of people and the inside of buildings were hot. (and I so wanted it to be fall...) We stayed till dark - which was kind of the point of the event since it was called something like "Campfires and Candlelight". ;P
*Sorry that I didn't take any pictures that night- I was too busy soaking it all it* 
I took Marita's pictures the other day. We had just come home from the mall and she had bought a really cute new outfit - so we just went outside and took pictures. Not sure how they turned out...
*Click picture to view Marita's blog*
I changed my header! But I'm sure you already noticed that. ;P Isn't it beautiful? I'm quite happy with it. I think the colors turned out nice. ;) Though it is kind of hard to see the W... oh, well.
Took our pool done. Yep. Even though it still can get warm during the day - fall weather is finally coming!! =D Am I the only one excited? The last few mornings it's been so cold I've had to put my housecoat on! :D
cleaning the pool
*Currently Eaten*  
Iced Cocoa. I finally tried it! Only, we didn't have any milk, so I used water and a little half-and-half. But it was still good! :D
*Currently Reading*
I was tricked into reading another Louis L'Amour. ;P
We were at the Ranch and all wound up because Felicity was stranded in NYC; so Marita begged me to read aloud. I told them that if I read - it would be The Daybreakers but they insisted that I read Dark Canyon.  So, I did - thinking that I would just read to them and then never pick it up again... yeah, right. ;P
It's not as good as The Daybreakers... (meaning - I don't like it as much) but it's interesting. :)
 *Currently Listening to*
I've been in a "Celtic Thunder" mood these days. I own three of their CDs and also Phil Coulter's tribute to them. (oh - and a piano book ;P) 
But of course I still listen to the usual 80s/90s country and 50s/60s rock. :)
*Currently Looking Forward to*
We are going out with a cousin from New Hampshire tomorrow night! I'm looking forward to that, since it's been  over a year since I seen her last. :)
Driving for the first time. For the first time without a parent anyway. :) It'll probably just be a fifteen minute drive to our little library or to the coffee shop.
Have you noticed that I didn't have a "currently watching" part? Isn't it sad? ;P
But have no fear - I have put Father Knows Best on hold at the library.


  1. Congratulations on getting your license! :D
    Your header is nice! :)
    Sounds like you're having a good September! :D

    1. Thanks! =D
      Thank you. I was quite proud of it ;P
      I am! ;P

  2. hahaa, we actually just took down our pool as well yesterday! xD

    ICED COCOA. yes. But you must try it again with milk. :D

    1. haha! That's so funny! ;P

      It was really good! But we DO have milk now, so I'll probably try it again. :D

  3. Yes, I like your header. You're so pretty...well, all of the time, but also in that picture in your header. :) We haven't taken our pool down...yet. But we're working on it. ;)

  4. Enjoyed! It is depressing we don't have a "currently watching" show! Where is Matt and Chester when you need them? ;)

    1. I know!!! It's so sad!!! ;P I'm so mad at the library for not having Gunsmoke! :(

  5. Congratulations on getting your license! You are an excellent driver :) Your dear ole' mama doesn't mind that you don't have a "currently watching".. :p and I love your header! :)

  6. Our pool is in the process of being taken down, taking awhile tho as everybody has been busy lately! This year seems really weird for me, I'm not feeling like it should be fall. Probably because little miss Kaaren has taken up so much of my life, which I love!


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