Thursday, September 29, 2016

10 facts

*The pictures and the post have nothing to do with each other*

Our Dwarf Goats - Simon, Alvin, and Theodore.

   // For the past year I have not had a bedroom. We have a room, but it's really, really small and four of us girls share it. We have a mattress on the floor and it takes up the whole room, with dressers, toys, and hampers along the walls. Two girls sleep on the mattress while two girls sleep in the living room - switching on Fridays. But, we are working on a bedroom in our garage. We will have to enter from the outside, and us three oldest will be sharing it. I hope to do a post about it once we get it all done and we move in. We already painted the walls, ceiling, and floor - now my dad has to put in an open closet and some shelving. We hope to have it ready to move into by Saturday or sooner.
  // I live 20 seconds from town.  (If we drive) But, guys, it's the smallest town ever. We have a store, a gas station, a fire station, a post office, a restaurant, a school, an ice cream/ coffee shop, a park, and an old church-turned-museum. That's about it. My little hometown. I wouldn't say it was a cute town - it's not like the buildings are made to look cool, but it's "my cute town". ;P I love the park, and enjoy walking to the little store. (I never thought of it as little until my cousin from South Carolina came out here and said it was)
  // I have never tried a "Grinder" from Pizza Haven. When we visit New Hampshire it's always been easier to just get pizza. Otherwise my mom and dad just hear a bunch of "I want..." and it gets confusing. So I let people who know they want a grinder get one and I just say, "I'll have pizza." But next time (whenever that may be) I am going to have one! And nobody can stop me. ;P
  // I think that the best music to help you work is Disney. That's just my opinion. ;) While we were painting our new bedroom, we listened to my sister's Pandora. I told her that we needed Disney - I just knew we could get it done faster if we had Disney. ;P
  // Coca-Cola is the best pop... yes, "pop". It's just "the bomb" - enough said.
  // I once broke my left foot. It was during the two weeks that we had family visiting in 2012. Our uncle said he would take us to the store to buy Arizona Iced Teas and such. I was so excited that I ran down the stairs of our old house and fell. My foot got caught in the railing and the bone broke. That hurt - I'll tell ya that. Once I was done falling, I realized that I had the wrong shoe and went limping back up the stairs to correct that. Once in my room I clung to my foot, rocking back and told myself that I would not cry. And I didn't. Well, not just then, anyway. ;P We did go to the store but I had to be carried back out and wait in the car because every time I put weight on my foot blood bubbled out of the cut that I also got. My dear, sweet uncle bought me some junk - so did Kirsten. And later Tyrel gave me his Arizona... so I was spoiled. ;P It's such a strange, horrible, but yet wonderful memory. Having the cast in my foot is a different story.
  // My seventeenth birthday is in 2 weeks! *gasp* I just realized this today!
  // I want cuddles from Kaaren!!! I miss that sweet little baby! Come visit me, "Auntie A"!!!! I need my little cousin! Bring Kirsten and my life would be complete... almost. All it would need is Tyrel. ;P Then my life would be complete.
 //  I want Neal McCoy's tribute to Charley Pride. It's Neal McCoy singing Charley Pride's songs! It doesn't get any more amazing than that... unless it's Ricky Nelson singing country songs. ;P
 // I think the new music video "Forever Country" is the saddest thing since "Gunsmoke" wasn't at Walmart when I had money. ;P... But, really. It's sad. Have you watched it?

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I am looking forward to a real bedroom! Maybe it won't be exactly "pretty" with all our stuff stacked around, but it'll have four walls, a door, and a bed!!
    Oh, oh! Mary got me a Calzone while in NH and I liked it WAY better than a grinder OR pizza! Was seriously the best thing I ever ate. Now I want one.
    Crazy your going to be 17. Makes me feel old *wink*
    Oh! Yes! I could use some Kaaren snuggles myself!
    HAHAHA! I still think your Gunsmoke fact if the best! But truly, it is rather sad LOL

    1. Also gotta add, I love the pictures of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore!

    2. "I'm so 'cited!" A REAL bed!!!!! =D
      And I don't mind having our stuff not hidden. I like to be able to see my stuff... as long as they are sitting nicely on the shelves I'll be okay. ;P
      It WAS pretty clever. hehe! =D

  2. Yay! I'm sure your new bedroom will be such a nice change!
    I did get a grinder while I was in NH. Kirsten said I had to. :)
    I could argue with you about Coca-Cola being the best pop, but I won't. ;)

    1. Yea! I can't wait to show you! =D At this moment all our stuff are just "thrown" on the bed and everywhere while we get the house in order - Felicity is getting Liberty's room organized and ready to be lived in. The rest of us are taking breaks from hauling boxes and such. Then we have to organize the garage and FINALLY tackle our bedroom... but we WILL be sleeping in it tonight!!
      I really want to try a Steak and Cheese Grinder... is it possible to crave something you've never had? ;P

  3. Enjoyed this! :D
    Ah, I'm sure that'll be so nice for you all to finally have a real bedroom! ;)
    Ouch, breaking your foot must've been painful! I probably WOULD cry if I broke a bone- I haven't know much pain. :P
    Yea, Coka-Cola is a pretty great "SODA". :D At our family reunion some of my cousins and siblings were kind of "arguing" about what it's called. That's a pretty pointless argument, I'll say that. :P Haha!

    1. I'm glad you did! By the end I was getting tired and just putting down random facts. ;P
      We slept in our bedroom last night!! I had to take care of a baby all night, but he slept good and so did I - until 5:30 when he decided he was done with night. ;P But despite all that I slept wonderfully in a REAL bed that is in a REAL room!! I never knew how amazing it would be to be able to WALK from my bed to the closet. =D
      I never did cry from the pain - though it did hurt at first, then it went numb - but I did cry because I hated the crutches and the cast, once I got it on. It was just not fun having that cast... but that first day that I broke it, I was too happy to have family visiting to really think about it.
      Yea, I agree - it's kinda a pointless argument. ;P I've always called it "pop". Probably because I grew up "out West". ;) But I have cousins who call it "soda". (the ones who grew up "out East") :P

    2. Well that will be fun to see your post about your new room, if you do one. :D
      Yea, it must not have been fun to have to wear a cast all the time.
      Huh, I wonder how I just grew up calling it "soda"? I've lived all over the place! :P

  4. 17???? That's just plain crazy!!!:p Loved this post! :)

  5. I'm excited for you all getting a bedroom!


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