Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"1-2-3 Cousins"

I'm sure you've heard of double cousins... or is that just my family? Seriously, they are as common as any other cousin. Double 1st, double 2nd, and even double 1st-once-removed!Then there are those cousins who are 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 3rd... but I've got these other cousins who are 1st, 2nd and 3rd, all at once. :) How often does that happen!? It was just recently that I actually realized this.
I was doing the first post about our trip to my grandpa's ranch. At the end, I name everyone who was there and how they are connected to my family... I didn't put in the post about them being related to me three times, but it was when I was writing that that it really sunk in.
Then my sister was in New Hampshire visiting family. One such cousin lives out there and she jokingly called him her "1-2-3 cousin".
When she came home and told me about this, I just thought it was way too clever. Isn't it just the best!? He will forever be my "1-2-3 Cousin". And then he has siblings who are also my 1-2-3 Cousins! ;P
My sisters think I'm so weird because I'm sharing this with you - I just know it. But they can think what they wish.. So there. ;P

This post has been completely random and just for fun, and you probably don't care at all about my clever name for my cousins. But that's me - always coming up with things that I think are amazing and nobody really cares about. It's like a pin I seen on Pinterest once:

I love all my cousins - they don't have to be "1-2-3 Cousins" to be cool. ;P


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