Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ranch Memories

    My grandpa's ranch. A huge part of my childhood. :) And this weekend, a large group of us "young kids" are heading up there to stay for four days.
    When I was really young, we used to go up there a lot.
the house and wood shed
the barn. where we would swing on the "huge" rope swing, play house, and "collect" golf balls for eggs
waiting to continue the ride. Colten, LaKaysha, me, and Emily.
playing in the dust. me and Lando.
on the tramp. :) me - with my beautiful hair ;)

     I have such great memories of this place. :) Swimming in the river, riding four-wheelers, jumping on the tramp, watching  old Disney Classics, sleeping outside, getting dirty - and I mean DIRTY, cleaning the "play house" in the barn - which is just a messing room full of old dishes ;), crawling into the old, empty chicken coop to gathering the golf balls - as if laying on our belly's saves us from the snakes. haha!
    'Course, not all my memories are good, but, hey, who wants to think about that? ;P

me -all dressed up as a "prairie girl" and eating my corn :)

Grandpa - chattin' with a neighbor

the swing by the basement door- under the porch


my adorable little sister - walking back from the barn

me and my brother - this was the trip I learned to drive a four-wheeler :D

me and Emily, sledding. this was taken when we went up there for New Years, the year my grandma died. I think this is the only time I've been up there in the snow
    I can't wait to get on a four-wheeler and just GO! :D Like my cousin, Colten, is doing in the above picture. :)
I plan to sleep under the stars this trip! Won't that be fun!? On the porch - up away from the snakes, but also out away from the bugs ;P
Let's go and make some more memories, gang! ;P 



  1. Adorable picutes and Great memories!!! Prayers for a blessed and safe trip!! and many more great memories made :):)

  2. Woohoo!!! :D can't wait! I need me some mountain air! <3

  3. I love the ranch! :) I'm writing this about 2 hours since I got back from the ranch! :D


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