Monday, August 29, 2016

Nineteen at the Ranch: Day IV

Just in case you missed the last three posts:

Yay! We are finally on the last day of our trip to my Grandpa's Ranch!! Hope these posts haven't been annoying you.
And guess where I'm headed this weekend! - he,he! =D Yeah. My Grandpa's Ranch. ;P Only this time my parents are going - and the owner. (until the sale closes, anyway) Along with some aunts and uncles. :D
Okay. So, the last day, we woke up and made breakfast - scrabbled eggs, bacon, and cold cereal.
Then we set about packing and cleaning, and packing our lunch for on the road - while the boys loaded up four-wheelers and such.
Colten shut everything off and all too soon we were locked out of the house and ready to go. As I stood on the porch, watching Colten lock up I said, "How 'bout we just don't go?"
I think this time I had the hardest time leaving I've ever had - even harder than last year when we thought it would be the last time going up there. (But thankfully I have one more chance to say good-bye! Who would've thought I'd go twice in one year - and so close together!?)
We said bye to Kirsten and her "gang" - and we were off - waving out the windows as we went.
Can you spot the deer?
By this time we were practically out of water- one more bottle for each of us. The day before we had been saving our water - trying to make it last. Some of us gave our last bottle to Colten- who has water diabetes and cannot get dehydrated. Thankfully, Kirsten had brought extra water. So  we headed to the teeny-tiny town near by and stopped to buy snacks and water! ;)
While we waited outside the little store for the rest off our group, Colten noticed the flag that was hanging from a post was tangled up. He told the boys to fix it. A little while later a car backed out to leave - they yelled, "Thank you!" out their window. At first I was thought, for what? Then I remembered the flag. :)
We hopped back in the two pickups - and we were "on the road again". We did stop once for lunch, once for a rest stop, and once for gas - but we made it home. ;P I was tired. I'll tell ya that. ;)

And that was our trip. :) It was amazing! And I mean it. ;P

Such great memories!


  1. It was an awesome trip and we made so many wonderful memories! :D

  2. I had a blessed childhood there! Excited to be headed back so soon too! Love these post! <3

    1. I know you did! Me too!!! =D
      Thank you! ;D

  3. I am thankful you kids were able to go! :)

  4. That's nice that you get to go back before it's sold. :)
    I'm finally home from my trip! It felt kind of strange at first... or something. :P I've just been away so long! :) It's nice to see my family though. ;)

    1. It was nice... we had some adventures while up there ;P
      You're home!? YAYYYY!!!! =D I've waited and waited ;P
      That would be kinda strange after so long. ;) I'm sure you had fun, though. :D

    2. Yep, I am! Life actually seems to be getting back to normal now. :) Yea, I've never done something like that, and I'm glad I did it. :D I DID have fun. :)

  5. Wish I could make a trip up there before it's sold, but with a young baby it's probably just not happening... Glad all you kids got to though!

  6. Wish I could make a trip up there before it's sold, but with a young baby it's probably just not happening... Glad all you kids got to though!


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