Monday, July 11, 2016

A Mini Fair

I didn't get any pictures, so the above pictures are from my sister's phone... I'm actually in them both if you look closely ;)
My hometown has a mini fair type thing every summer. Because I just recently moved back to this "town", I hadn't been to it in years! And now we live, literally, right by it! So, the very first day that it started, I started begging my sisters and friends to go with me. Things happened to make so we couldn't go. (things like: my friends car breaking down, my sisters not wanting to go with me, starting to rain when my Dad was gonna go with me...) But, we finally went the last day. :)
Years ago, when I went to this fair, I remember telling my mom that I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, but she said I was too young. Ever since then, I've had this dream to go on one. So, I did. :D And it was amazing! We walked around the mini fair for a while, and I bought a watermelon snow cone. (it had also been years since I had one of those) YUM! :D
Then we walked home. But I hadn't had enough of the Ferris wheel. So one hour before the park closed, my cousin, little sister, and I walked back. I think that ride was a lot more fun because I knew what it felt like. :) I probably would've went on the Yo-Yo, if I hadn't brought just enough money for the Ferris wheel. :) 
I just had to share my joy with y'all. :P


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