Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spring Tea Party

My youngest sister had a 'spring' tea party last week. :) She and my mom had planned to have it at the beginning of spring, but things happened. You know how life can be. :P And it's a good thing they got it done when they did - it's raining cats and dogs out there, complete with thunder and lightning! You'd never know it was bright and sunny on Sunday!
Anyway, my mom asked me to take some pictures so I thought I could share them. The lighting under a tree isn't the best, but thanks to Picmonkey I think I got them to look okay. :D

There were six girls total at the party, but I thought it would be a little much to share all six. :P

I guess I can't share all the pictures I took, so I'll stop there. :P
Hope you have a wonderful day! :D
*It's now sunny outside! Proof that the weather here changes it's mind a lot ;)*


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