Monday, June 20, 2016

Currently in June

Seeing Natasha's "Currently" post made me want to do one! (Sorry, Natasha, for being a copycat ;P)

*Current Happenings*

I got a kitten!

His name is Huckleberry Finn... but of course we call him Huck ;) And he's my very own! :D He's such a cuddle bug :P

For Fathers Day, we had a family gathering at a park that's just down the road from my house. :) So much fun to see the little kids running around on the playground. And I even ran around with them. :P And the boys/ guys played 500 in the field (a game with a ball and bat, one person hits the ball and people across the field try to catch it, you get points somehow and the first person to yell "500!" wins) We also walked to the creek... it was just all in all a fun day :D

Today, on the first day of summer, my parents (along with my two younger siblings) left for a road trip! :) They are visiting family in Texas, and also driving a pickup to its owner... so they'll be flying back. They will see the Alamo! :) Us "older kids" will be housekeeping for a while :P

*Currently Eating*
(Just some "amazing" things I've eaten this month)

Pizza!! :P

One day this month, my family went to a very good pizza place. :D I've gone to it my whole life and so I'm attached to it. :P

Coffee!! <3

My dad had me drive through a new coffee shop in our once-was hometown :P So good! The best I've ever had, and it's easy to drive through... that's one of the first things I want to do when I get my license... once I get the 18 hours I still need *sigh* I hope I can do it before summer is over. :P At least before my 17th birthday in October. ;)

Cinnamon Rolls


Homemade pretzels! So good! :D :P

*Currently Craving* ;P

Ice cream and coffee... when am I not carving those? :P ;)

*Currently Reading*

 Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley... By request of my mom :)

*Currently Watching*

  We just finished the last season of Hogan's Heroes :) Such a good show
We watched The Fighting Prince of Donegal this month. It's a good, old, Disney movie! :) I liked it. Sure kept me on the edge of my seat, but I'm probably just dramatic. :P  
Haven't watched it yet, but we plan to watch Belle sometime. :)
*Currently Listening to*
Treasure by Johnny Crawford (when I wrote this)
Wink by Neal McCoy (when I posted this)

*Currently Looking Forward to*
A weekend trip to visit family only four hours away. :) We'll get to see the new little girl!! :D

My graduation photo shoot. :D

I graduated this year, my sister is going to take my pictures! My mom wants them done by an old building not far away. (15 minutes... at the most) Then I get to design my announcement and look forward to my party! ...whenever that will be ;P

Have a wonderful first week of summer! <3



  1. I don't care that you copied me! :P I got the idea from another blog.

    Aw, your kitten is so cute! <3 I want to watch "Belle" too... Shantelle watched it and really liked it. :)

    1. :D

      He is adorable! You should see him play :P

      Yea, one of these days my aunts (Marissa and Marita) are going to come over and we'll watch it :) My parents really liked it too :P

  2. Sounds like you've been having fun! And it WAS a lot of fun to make those pretzels. :)

  3. I knew all this but hey! ;) Loved relaxing at the park. Needed that time!


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