Friday, May 13, 2016

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things Tag

Natasha @ Looking Through My Lens did another fun looking tag, so I'm going to do it. I think tags all together are fun! ;D
  Like her, I don't really have favorite things, so I'll just say these are ten things that could be my favorites. :P

1) My Polaroid Camera 

My mom and dad bought me this for Christmas. I was so excited! Someday I'd like to get a case for it. I've seen a whole bunch of cool accessories on Amazon that would be cool too! :D  This camera is a great way to make memories. Wouldn't it be a cool prop for a retro themed photo shoot?

2) Records

Aren't they just the coolest? I've also thought that records would be a good prop for a retro themed photo shoot. :) Course, what good are records without a record player?


3) Music

I love all music! Not just music on records. ;) I listen to different kinds of music. But nothing modern. :) I listen to music from the 1950s to the 1990s (sometimes something in the early 2000s). :P I like Country, Gospel, and Rock/ Pop (you know, from like the 1950s or 60s) :P George Strait, Randy Travis, Clay Walker, Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Paul Petersen, The Everly Brothers, and Shelley Fabares are some singers I like. :)

4) Old TV Shows

Old TV Shows are the best! :) Old Movies are too, but there's just something about an old show. Me and my siblings are watching Hogan's Heroes right now (we're just finishing season four) and we're loving it! I've watched most of the other shows that I posted in the above picture, but My Three Sons, we watched two episodes on TV in a motel once, and I've been wanting to watch it ever since! My aunt just bought half of the first season, and once she watches them (and we finish Hogan's Heroes) I'd like to borrow that. :)

5) Dresses/ Fashion

I love 1950s dresses, and just fashion all together! :) I like to dress up. Even when I'm dressing casual, I like to look nice. :)

6) Diaries

I've been keeping a diary since 2009, and I can't imagine not having a diary to tell everything to. ;)

7) Letters

I love getting letters and I love writing letters! :)

8) Videos/Pictures

I've always liked videos and the thought of filming. All the angles and lighting and stuff! But what is the use of videoing everything? After seeing Natasha's blog, I decided that taking pictures was just as exciting as videoing! But I still would like to make a movie someday. :P (I tend to dream big) ;)

9) Coffee/Drinks

I was just going to say coffee, but then I realized that I like drinks in general. :P In the winter I like a nice cup of hot coco or coffee or even tea. And in the summer I like an iced coffee, or tea! :) All different flavors! Lemonade is good too!:P

10) Old Things

Old cars! Old furniture! Old cameras (as you can see from number one :P)! Almost anything old! :D
Well, that's it! :D
I tag:
Kimberly @My Scribbling
List ten of your Favorite things
Tag three people
Have fun! :D


  1. Boy oh boy, we shall see! :) Cool post though!

  2. Your camera is really cool! :) And you have such pretty diaries! Many of mine are just notebooks. :P I have a couple nice ones though. :)

    It was fun to see you do the tag! :)

    1. Not all my diaries are pretty. :) I didn't take a picture of the other ones though. I have one that's just a notebook. ;P

  3. That's you all around! I really like the picture of the polaroid camera and pictures! :)

  4. Yup! This is all you!! :) Lovely photos!!

  5. Fun! Now I have two tags to catch up on! :D


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