Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Brazzle Dazzle Day: Spring!

    Spring is here and I'm loving it! After last summer, I thought I'd never want to see the sun again, but I'm really enjoying it! I look the camera and took some pictures yesterday. :D  (I am listening to my Disney radios on Pandora while I write this, hence the title :P... if you don't know which movie that song is from, leave a comment! Oh, the spring part isn't part of the song, btw ;P)

    You may have noticed that I updated my profile picture. (I know, I do that a lot) I also added the same picture to my fashion page, so be sure to check that out ;P The below picture is of my lemonade that I'm holding in it. ;) (Just a random fact, and you probably don't even care, but the cup was from my sixteen birthday party my sisters, aunts, and cousins (aka friends :P) had for me. It's a Coca-Cola cup :D)

Well, anyway... here are the pictures :P

When I took this picture, I never even noticed the little bee! I thinks it's just so cool! I never noticed it until had downloaded the pictures! :D Isn't it adorable? ;)

I just love shadows! <3 :P (Yep, that's my shadow)

Our lovely dog, Echo! :D  (I wanted to take some pictures of our cat, Tinkerbell, but she wasn't around)

I know, I've already posted pictures of this swing, but it's just so-o adorable! :P 

    We have a park down the road from us. (and I mean right down the road from us! :P) So we walked to it. We went down to 'the' creek. (Cedar Creek) It's a beautiful creek... more like a river. :P

Doesn't my brother look tiny next to that huge cedar? ;)

Well, there they are! ;P


  1. LOVED ALL the pictures!! :):)

  2. It looks like spring! And I love trilliums! They always remind me of Easter since we call them Easter lilies. :) I couldn't find the bee...but I enjoyed the pictures! :)

  3. Beautiful! And you are right, the bee is adorable! ;)

  4. Lovely pictures! :) Ah, and I love the cedar tree! We don't have huge trees here.

  5. Aww love! I am so excited for summer with u guys living by the park!! <3


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