Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Record Collection

I haven't done a single post yet this year! Guess I've been enjoying the 'breath of fresh air' after the holidays. ;) The beginning of my year feels like it's all planned out already! :D This coming Saturday I have a wedding to go to. I'm super excited about it! Only I'm a little nervous about serving the bridal table. But, as I've mentioned before on this blog, when your moms first cousin marries your dads first cousin, you are related to everyone in the bridal party and that might help make it not so scary. ;) After that there is one more wedding to attend, only this time I won't have to serve! ;) Then comes Drivers Ed. in February, which I'm also nervous about. I'm praying for a class full of nice Old Apps. And I'm starting to get comfortable behind the wheel! (I've enjoyed the little driving I've done :D ) 
Well, now for what I've titled this post for:

I was looking at one of my old posts (Click here to view) and seen that I had put a picture up of the records I owned at the time... It makes me laugh to see that it was only three (not counting Christmas albums)! Now I'm close to twenty (counting Christmas albums)! And after Christmas, I had quite the time trying to find a place to keep them in our tiny room! :D

I thought that I could do a post one my 'updated' record collection! Course I will include the three I had before. I try and tell you the order I got them, but I may have forgotten exactly which one came before which.

My very first record. I got it for free, but I don't listen to it much.
I don't like choirs, but how could I pass up a free record? ;)

This record was given to me for free also, on the same day, by the same person ;)
My sister listens to it more than me... I'm not much for instrumentals. :D 
This was the very first record I bought myself! Since this album isn't available on CD, this was a must for my collection ;)
These records were given to me for Christmas that first year I had my record player,
by my Grandpa and Sue. I've really enjoyed the Wayne Newton one, and this Christmas
I got to listen to the Disney one! I loved the ones my Cliff Edwards! :D (we know him as the voice of Jiminy Cricket) 

This one my aunt, Marita, gave to me that some year for Christmas. I love it! For a long time it was my favorite record to listen to. (I've gotten more since then, so now I have a lot of favorites)
This is the only record I own with any of my favorite singers on it, though Eddie Hodges and Paul Petersen only sing one song on the whole album. ;) (Someday I hope to have at least one album of my favorite singers :D)

This is actually both Eddie Arnold and some other guy I don't know. It was given to me and I like the songs by Eddie Arnold most. :D
I bought myself this one at Goodwill. It's not the 'original' Sons of the Pioneers that I like, but it does of some of the same guys, and I do like it. :D

My aunt and uncle, Amanda and Tim, gave me these for my sixteenth birthday. I like them a lot! :D I really like soundtracks ;)

I got these for free, and though they're not my type, my sisters enjoy them ;)

Now we come to the ones I got for Christmas this year. These ones, my brother, Chancy, bought me. I love Disney, and when I got those other two Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtracks I had said that I wanted to collect them and he knew that. Now I only need State Fair and I can start on MGM soundtracks! :D

My little sister, Liberty, got me this record. When I opened it, the first thing I saw was Glen Campbell's face and I knew I'd like it. Though I haven't really listened to it yet because it's not Christmas any more.

Now we come to my newest and most listened to (as I write this) record. When Kirsten bought the movie for me, I loved the songs and would fast-forward to each one to listen to them. And now that Felicity bought me the soundtrack I don't have to! :D
Well, that's my collection! ... so far ;D


  1. Your collection sure has grown! I hadn't even seen some of these. :) ~ Emily

  2. Don't worry, someday you'll get your Eddie Hodges and Paul Petersen ;)

  3. your blog posts are so much like you they make miss me you!!! :D


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