Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lights, Parties, Stockings, and Trees...An Update on my Life

Our Tree, before we put the presents under it :D
I just thought I'd write a quick update on my life. (I don't do very much writing on this blog, but I'll try)
    Well, let's see. Thursday I went down to Hi-Mark's Office and help set up for Kaysha's Bridal Shower. That was fun! And it turned out just wonderful! We were worried that it would be too small there, or we'd run out of food, but we had just the right amount of everything! :D
    These last few Family Nights have been quiet. Guess everyone's busy with Christmas coming. Last Friday only Leander came, and yesterday only Colten came with his brothers (Emily is in Cheney, visiting Kimberly). Chancy enjoyed having his friends over, and us girls watched Road to Avonlea while the boys sang karaoke in Chancy's room.
    Today we are babysitting for my aunt and uncle, which takes up most of our day. ;)
    Usually we'd have church potluck to go to tomorrow, but it was canceled this week. But I still have one more Christmas present to get, so maybe I can get that tomorrow? (If someone will take me :D)
     I do school during the week, and next Friday Family Night will be canceled for a Christmas party that I'm having with my friends, and my parents will be going to a Hi-Mark diner, so they wont be home anyway. ;)
     I decided to do this party quite a while ago. We usually open our presents at the Warnke Christmas. It's pretty hard to find time to open the presents at Grandpa and Sue's. The meal, dishes, singing, reading of the Christmas story, presents to hand out and open, and we would try and run upstairs, open o few presents from our friends, then run back downstairs when we're needed again... back and forth! :D So I decided that we should have our own party. With the shower and wedding coming up, every time I'd mention it someone would freak out and say they were too busy to plan such a thing. So, I finally said that I would do everything and all anyone would have to do is show up. And that's what they're doing! :D I did invite both Kimberly and Kirsten, but neither of them can make it. But, we sent our presents for Kimberly up with Grandpa and Sue (and Damara and Emily) this weekend, and Kirsten is coming in January for the wedding, so they will both be getting their presents somewhat on time. (One year I gave Kirsten her present in July! Because that is her birthday month, let's just say it was a birthday presents :P)
    Even though they can't make it, I'm still really excited about the party! I bought a gingerbread house kit that we will do together, and I have I some other things planned, but if we never get around to them, that would to totally fine! The only thing that I wanted to do that night not happen is watch a good Christmas movie. Those are so hard to find! We've all watched It's a Wonderful Life so many times we cant even count! I'm leaning towards watching The Shop Around the Corner (Is that even a Christmas movie?). I've never watched it, but Kirsten has and I like James Stewart (I call him Jimmy Stewart, but he's credited as James) so that's probably what we'll watch. Unless someone has a better idea? (For real, if you do please let me know!)
    The day after my party (which is a sleepover... not sure people I've invited or even my mom remembers that :P) is the Stenersen Christmas, which is always fun! :D Then sometime my mom wants to have Marissa and Marita over to open the presents they got them.
    As far as I know Christmas Eve is the Warnke Christmas. Christmas day, of course, is our family Christmas. Then comes New Years! Wow! is 2015 almost over already!? It's been a wonderful year and I hope 2016 is just as amazing! How can it not be when we're starting it out with a wedding? The first wedding Felicity's ever stood in. She's pretty nervous, but at least she knows (or at least knows of) everyone in the wedding party. That's what happens when your mom's first cousin marries your dad's first cousin. ;)
    Maybe I'll get around to doing another post before the end of the year. But if not:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Little Women is actually really nice for a Christmas movie (though, I am sure you have watched it a lot already), also the old Heidi movie with Shirley Temple. Those both have great Christmas scenes! We also have watched It's A Wonderful Life so many times, so I wanted to switch things up this year. We don't own Little Women, but we do own Heidi. I am hoping to buy Little Women or just rent it online. :)

    1. Those both are great ideas. :D And we own both! I've thought of Little Women, but not Heidi. (If you want to borrow Little Women from us I'm sure that would be fine :D)

  2. I hope your party turns out as planned!

  3. Sounds like you are blessed! Merry Christmas!

  4. Your party will be so much fun! Wish I could make it. Oh well. Anyway, have great time!


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