Monday, December 28, 2015

A Christmas I Won't Forget!

This Christmas was amazing! :D
First; I had my party! Which was just the best! (I did pretty good ;D)

Me with my presents :D

I'm so excited!! :D



Marita (that crazy aunt of mine)



Didn't I say she was crazy? ;)

Time to make the Gingerbread House!

Not the best, but it was fun! :D

We woke up Christmas Eve morning to a white world! It was gone by Christmas Day, but it was still cool! :D
Then we headed to my Grandpa and Sue's for the Warnke Christmas which was just the best! My cousin Clayton flew here from South Carolina, and my other Cousins ("Little") Casey and Austin came! And to make things even better, my uncle ("Big") Casey sang! :D

They're just too cute! <3

Uh-oh! Better run, they have cameras! ;)

Too late. :P
The original 'big kid' group, together for the first time in years

The new 'big kid' group... grew the tiniest bit ;)
And then, of course, came Christmas Day! Which was spent with my family! I didn't get any pictures of that, but it was fun! :D My mom and dad got me a purple Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera!!! :D
Hope your Christmas was as amazing as mine!


  1. It sounds pretty nice. I'm glad you all had a good time!

  2. Aw, what a good looking bunch! <3

  3. It was a very blessed Christmas :) I am planning on doing a post on it, too, so I may have some of the same pictures as you... :) :)


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