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Top Ten Disney Movies:

As of right now ;) (I may change my mind tomorrow)
    I would do just a 'top ten' list of movies in general, but I like way too many movies! (My newest 'loves' are "Beyond the Mask" and the four 1938 "Nancy Drew" movies) So I had to narrow it down, and decided to do Disney right now. But, I'm not sure if that even narrowed it down enough, so I‘ll say all the Disney movies with real actors and actresses (not cartoon) :D ... not sure if these are completely true, but they're ten Disney movies that I like anyway.
     Unlike my sisters top ten list I won’t be telling you what the movie’s about, just saying my thoughts on it. :D I might not have much to say about each movie (might not have anything to say), I'm just trying to get this post done, so don't expect much. ;)  

    Note: You may notice that a lot of them have the same actors and actresses, Fred MacMurrey, Kurt Russell, Hayley Mills, Kevin Corcoran, Tommy Kirk... ect. ;)


10. Tuck Everlasting

    This movie isn’t one of the best Disney movies ever made (it being made after Walt died), but I still like it a lot. But please keep in mind that it’s number ten on my list.
    Maybe its because I grew up watching it, or maybe it’s because Jonathan Jackson’s ’hometown’ could be called my hometown, also. (I only lived there for two years of my life, but I’ve never lived farther than 30 min. away and that’s where we call ‘town’) I don’t know, but I like this movie. I like the music and the way it was put together. (yes, I judge a movie by how it was filmed, it’s odd, I know. My family sometimes get annoyed at me when I randomly shout out during a movie, “Did you see that!? That angle was amazing! And with that music!”)
    It’s not exactly a perfect movie, but most movies aren’t. The story itself is magical, and could never really happen, but the message behind the story isn’t so bad. It would suck to have to live forever! Oh, and it’s more of a girl movie; we watched it the other night and my brother wasn’t very excited about the idea. ;)

Favorite Quote: “You don’t have to live forever; you just have to live. And she did.”


9. Shaggy Dog (1959)

    To tell you the truth, growing up, I was scared of this movie! :D But now I really like it. It’s really funny, and just a cool movie. Of course, like Tuck Everlasting, it could never really happen, but I like it anyway. I like Fred MacMurray quite a bit, and Kevin Corcoran (and this time his character’s name is Moochy) is in this movie too. I also like that Annette Funicello is in it, though little are the moments with her. :D This movie is a comedy... and I don't like many of those. ;)

*No Favorite Quote*

8. The Light in the Forest

     This is a movie that I would never expect to see on my top ten list.  :D Unlike my family, these kind of movies just don't come to me as amazing! But, I think it's the memories behind them that make them special to me. And especially this one, for some reason! It seems like this one would be the least special, seeing as we didn't watch it as much growing up (though we've always owned it... well, always as far as I'm concerned). But I like it quite a bit. I think my two favorite memories of it are when my dad and uncle went to Alaska to fish, and the night that they flew in, my aunt and all her kids came over to wait for them to come back. We all watched it in our living room... and watching a movie with my mom and Mindy doesn't usually happen. ;) And we watched it at my eleventh birthday... That year was the first time I'd seen Kirsten in years, and I jut love that memory! :D

*No Favorite Quote*

7. Pollyanna

Favorite Quote: "Go away from me, please, little boy."

6.Savage Sam


    I really like both Old Yeller and Savage Sam, but I couldn’t put both, so I did the second movie.
    This movie is as close to the book as you could get, I suppose. Especially since they waited so long to make it. They couldn’t help that Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran (my family calls him Moochy) were so old when they finally decided to do a sequel! :D (If you haven't read the book, do! I like it even better than the movie.)

Favorite Quote: "Who ever heard tell of workin' when you can chase a bobcat!?"
5. The Parent Trap (1961)

Favorite Quote: "Are you kidding!? Ricky Nelson!?"

4. The Moon-Spinners

Favorite Quote: "For crying loud out."

3. The Barefoot Executive

     Oh, this movie! :D I don't know why, but I just love it! Want to know something funny? When I was growing up, I used to look at this cover and tell everyone that Kurt Russell was "Arliss from Old Yeller"! I was too young to read that they had different names... and they do look alike... don't they? :D  I just think this movie is so funny and cute! I love the song too! My family sings it a lot. ;)

Favorite Quote:"You mean I gave up a million bucks!?"

2. Follow Me, Boys

    It never fails. If someone in our house says, "Follow me", the rest of the house answers in song: "Follow me boys, follow me. When you think your really beat, that's the time to left your feet.."
    Yep, the Sherman Brothers did it again! That song can go through your head for hours and hours! I'm not sure how they wrote such amazing songs... now that's talent! ;) But, this isn't about Dick and Bob Sherman, it's about the movie! This movie we first got from the library, and watched it three or four times in those three weeks we had it! We just loved it! That Christmas, my mom and dad bought it as a family gift. It has been a well watched and borrowed movie. :D I love Kurt Russell in it! He's so little!! And I love Fred MacMurray! That is why we got it that first time, we love both actors! Even if Kurt Russell isn't in the whole thing, it's still amazing. ;) The first time we watched it, both me and Marita almost cried! ... we do that a lot. ;)

Favorite Quote: "Don't be a dope! Take it!"

1. Johnny Shiloh

     I know, it’s an odd movie to be number one, but I really like it that much! ;) For some reason, I have this thing for Johnny Clem. I just think he was amazing! :D
     As far as I know, Disney stayed pretty close to the true story, they usually do. In the film, he escapes the Confederate camp when captured, but I know that he was really given back along with other prisoners. And the Union gave back Confederate prisoners in return. But, this makes it more interesting. :D
    I think Kevin Corcoran (Moochy :D) did a wonderful job being Johnny! I love most of the actors in it, really. Eddie Hodges, Brian Keith... they all just did amazing jobs! :D
    This moving is one of the rare Disney movies that I didn't grow up watching (along with Follow Me, Boys and Savage Sam), but it's still one of the best! :D

Favorite Quote: - "Do you think the President would mind if I called him Mr. Lincoln?" (Johnny asking about naming his horse)

    It's been so long since I started to write this post, my top ten movies have already changed... (When we moved, I had to put it aside for a while, then I had a birthday... well, you get it! I was busy) ;) But, Johnny Shiloh is still number one! :D And it feels so good to finally have it posted! Even if I didn't say anything about the Hayley Mills movies. ;)



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