Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ten Random Facts About Frank, Ducky, Peanut, Daminika... aka Me ;)

1. I'm trying to do as many blog posts as I can before the new year. That's the reason for this random post. :D

2. I'm known to go on 'Rabbit Trails' that most people think are pointless, but I find that they have quite a bit to do with which I am speaking. ;)

3. Cat or Dog? I'd take a cat! My family thinks I'm weird; especially my boy cousins and my brother. ;).. but, right now, Liberty's kitten, Tink (short for Tinkerbell), is playing on the rug with Chancy; so he doesn't hate cats as much as he says! :P

4. Besides the two books I like to 'pretend' to write, I have many stories in my head. I have so many, I often forget some of them! Sometimes I'm suddenly like, "Oh yeah! I made up a story where Ruby thinks Jeremy gets stuck in the cave!.." haha! ;)

5. I still sleep with a stuffed donkey; which I got on my first birthday from my Grandpa and Grandma Warnke. Felicity named him 'Cinnamon', and we all know him as that to this day. ;) 

6. As I write this fact, I am listening to Johnny Crawford on my Pandora! ;)

7. I love weekends; but who doesn't? :P Friday night is what we call 'Family Night', and this Friday, Amanda and Tim are coming!!! :D Saturdays are always cool... and I love Sundays. Maybe its because I love being with people!

8. When I sign something, (letters, dairy entries, and stuff like that) I tend to put two little hearts after my name... I also have to remind myself not to sign things like library cards 'Frank James' ;) :P Guess that could've been an eleventh fact. :)

9. I tend to do a lot of wink faces! ;) :P

10. I have a lot of nicknames; as you can see from my title ;) Most of which Marita gave me. ;) But, it's my dad who calls me 'Peanut'... I do have more that I don't get called as often, but I didn't what my title to be that long! :D

~Daminika  <3


  1. Yup! That's my Ducky! ;) ~ Bobby <3

  2. I love you, Daminika Carol! And I think I might even know you ;)


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