Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School and Cake

I don't know about you, but I never look forward to the first day of school. After summer, my brain is a little foggy, and I never want to have to get up in the morning. (Being a night owl, getting up early is always hard for me)
 Well, today was the first day of school, and it went well. I mean, once I knew what I was doing on what day of the week, I got it down pretty good.
 Here is my Schedule for this year:
Everyday:  Bible (Singing, Verse(Penmanship), and study)
Piano (I just have to play for at least ten minutes, which I do throughout the day)
Format Writing (The only thing that was added sense last year)
United States History
Family and Consumer Science (aka Home Ec.)

Tues. and Thurs.: Basic Science

Wednesdays: American Government

Friday: Bible (Verse and Study)
Cleaning (Home Ec.)

Well, today, for Home Ec. I made a Pollyanna Cake, using the recipe my sister found. Only, mine didn't turn out! All, well. :)



  1. Your cake turned out nice!!!! We just need to grease it better with palm shortening next time :)

  2. ah, school... In some ways I almost miss it!!!


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