Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crocheted with Love

Lately I've been crocheting quit a bit when I'm not doing school, and it reminded me of all the projects I've done in the past.
 Here are just a few; I've done more, but I'll have to share those in a different post. :)

This dress I made for a my cousins baptism gown :)
This set I made for my hope chest, when I get one ;)

 This blanket I made for fun
but ended up giving it to my aunt for her newest baby (of the time) I've also made it in white for another cousin's baptism ;)

This dress and headband I think I still have (when you move, things tend to get lost), though, to tell you the truth, I'd rather not. :)
I've tried to sell it, but nobody bought it... guess it goes for a gift or in my someday hope chest. :)
Just today, I finished a sweater, but I don't have any pictures of it yet... next time ;)



  1. They are all beautiful! God has blessed you with such a gift :) Keep sharing it with others .... I love that you learned how to crochet and knit! :):)

  2. Lovely my Darling! Have I ever mentioned how amazing you are?!


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