Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pictures Rrom the Past Month or So...

Just thought I'd post some pictures I took over the past month or so, mostly after we moved, but some of them were taken before... I put them in date order so you'll know :)

Evelyn, who I referred to before as my 'tootsie-roll' :) 
Had some friends over to our house for the last time before moving...

Before we moved, some cousin's came over to
 help move some stuff down to my Grandpa's so we wouldn't have to do it all moving day.
Well, the kids must've got bored because the next thing I knew there was a tunnel made of unused boxes going through the house.. even my mom and dad went through it!
 (Yep, I did it many times, great way to relieve stress;)

This is what she did when I told her I was going to take a picture. :)
Just some pictures of my temporary 
room while living with my Grandpa and Sue's
while waiting for the rental, it was actually fun to sleep above the garage.
 (even if I was scared the first night, being away from everyone else)

We went hiking on Memorial Day...

The falls at the end...

A beautiful rainbow we saw one night... it was a triple then changed to a double..
not sure if you can tell in this picture, though.

 Riding to church on Confirmation Sunday...
(Do I look as nervous as I felt?)
Well, there you are!


  1. Great pictures! Life is quite the adventure;) I can't tell you are nervous in the picture :) You all look nice and pretty!

  2. Lovely pictures! You were beautiful on confirmation Sunday!


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