Monday, May 4, 2015

Remembering Summer 2014

With summer coming, I've been thinking about last summer.
 Summer is AMAZING!
 I can't wait!

4th of July last year!

Taking LaKaysha's grad. pictures

Ready for Conventions

When it's midnight, your sisters are at a youth gathering for Conventions,
and the house is still 'alive and kickin', why not go swimming?
The birthday picnic we had for Marita's 18th
I tried to share a video of my uncle singing at the family reunion that was last summer, but my computer is pretty slow and I don't have patience. ;) maybe later


  1. Fun! Love your new blog look! :) Why'd you have to put a picture of me though? ;)

    1. Thank you! and as for the picture of you: it was too amazing to pass up!

  2. Fun times for sure! I also love summer :)

  3. Swimming at midnight....ah, good times! Love you Daminika!


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