Friday, February 6, 2015

It's the First One That's the Hardest

 I wanted a blog, and now that I have one, I don't know what to write! Why do things always seem easier when you're thinking about doing them? Then you go to do them, you freeze.

I suppose I could just start by writing about myself, though I'm a pretty boring person. Mostly I'm old-fashioned. My favorite time in history is the 1950s, though, because I'm so old-fashioned, the 1950s doesn't seem like so long ago that it could be history. I mean, that was when my Grandma was born! If someone I know was alive during a time in 'history' it doesn't seem that long ago to me. The Revolutionary War, now that's history. I love George Washington, he is, in a way, my hero. He was so amazing! Well, if I don't stop myself now, I might tell you his whole life. So, to keep you from being bored, I'll tell you more about myself. But you'll be seeing more of George Washington on my blog. (Someday I might share the report I did on him for school)

I love to crochet. I've crocheted one dress that I'm quit proud of. It was for my cousin's baby. It was for her baptism and I think it was the prettiest dress I've ever made (and the hardest). Right now I've been working on a skirt. What size it will be, I don't know yet. I need to try it on some of my little cousins to know. I do that when I make my own design.

 I love music, I listen to it every day. It's what keeps me going. Whether it's on my CD player or on my record player, music is almost always going in my room. I hop around from what kind of music I like most, but I usually always end up liking music from the 1950s best. When it come to a lot of things I like the 1950s best. I love the way they dressed, the way they did their hair, the music they listened to and how they listened to it. That 's why I saved up my money and bought a record player, and I've never once regretted it. At first it seemed kinda weird. Where would I get records anyway? But the more I looked for them, the more places I found that sell them!

 I also knit, though not as much as I crochet, I still do it. It's fun to do when you want to do something and you're bored of crocheting. But when you start dropping and picking up stitches my brain goes crazy and I just go back to crocheting.

 I enjoy writing, but not as much as my friends. I am writing a book, but I don't think anything will become of it. But I do love to make up stories. They're mostly either about myself (what I'll do, what I should've done, ect.) or about characters that I made up. It's funny that most of my stories aren't about the characters in my book.

 Making movies, that's what I enjoy more than writing. The only problem I have is my family doesn't enjoy being videoed, especially acting. Finally I decided to just do a video of nature and stuff around our house. I haven't finished it yet. It's called "Walking in the Sunshine... Dancing in the Rain." 'Walking in the sunshine' because life is truly amazing if you look at it that way, and 'Dancing in the rain' because in most of the videos are it's raining.

 I was going to call both it and my blog, "Walking in the Sunshine... Living in the Rain", because of where we live. But when I was putting  the video together my aunt suggested that I say 'dancing in the rain' instead. I thought was a good idea because it sounded more like me. Then, my mom suggested that, on my blog, I change the 'u' to a 'o' for the Son of God. I thought that was pretty clever of her.

 I suppose that I don't have to tell you about every little bit about myself. I'm sure you're already bored and wishing I would just stop blabbing on an on about nothing.

     Until next time,


  1. Welcome! Very nice first post:) I look forward to reading more:) Love you!

  2. Very nice! :) Now we can help each other out on our new blogs ;)

  3. Welcome! That's so neat that you have a record player! :)

  4. Aw, made me miss you! A lovely first post. Welcome to the blogging world!

  5. It is always good to walk in the sunshine(or sonshine) where ever we go. Love it! And yes, dance in the rain, always...It makes it worth living in;)(literally and figuratively).

  6. Welcome! I enjoyed your first post :)


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