Thursday, April 1, 2021

memory lane || songs that built me {playlist}


{a massive playlist - excluding Disney}

|| The House That Built Me   by Miranda Lambert

|| Down Home   by Alabama

|| The Last Drive In   by Chris LeDoux

|| Caledonia   by Celtic Thunder

|| Butterfly Kisses by the Raybon Brothers

|| You Can't Take Me   by Bryan Adams

|| Everywhere We Go   by Randy Travis

|| The Wings of a Dove   by Ernest

|| Upside Down   by Jack Johnson

|| Chains   by Patty Loveless

|| Lament   from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

|| Everything Is Fine   by Josh Turner

|| I Saw God Today   by George Strait

|| Shot Full of Love   by Chris LeDoux

|| Running Bear   by Johnny Preston

|| Drive   by Alan Jackson

|| Something Special   by Johnny Crawford

|| Rhymes of the Renegades  by Michael Martin Murphey

|| (How Much is) That Doggie in the Window   by Patti Page

|| For Your Sweet Love   by Ricky Nelson

|| Next to You, Next to Me   by Shenandoah 

|| Flowers on the Wall    by the Statler Brothers

|| L.A. International Airport   by Susan Raye

|| Cradle of Love   by Sonny James

|| Easy Come, Easy Go   by George Strait

|| Take Me Home   by Celtic Thunder

|| Annie's Song   by John Denver

|| Walk on Faith   by Mike Reid

|| Till I See you Again   by Kevin Welch

|| Billy Can't Read   by Paul Overstreet

|| Sea of Heartbreak   by Don Gibson

ice cream for anyone who can tell me why this song was one of my favorites:

|| Frank James Farewell   by Michael Martin Murphy

Thursday, March 18, 2021

memory lane || stuff and fluff


here's a random picture of me, Felicity, and LaKaysha at the beach in 2014

   Once upon a time, my sister and I made a video to give to my cousins as a gift. A video of us, just... being us. We didn't want them to know what the video was about until they watched it, so we called it "Stuff and Fluff". Little did we know that that video start what I now will call a six part series: Stuff and Fluff.

   I have recently started sharing these videos on my MeWe account. Then I thought, you know what? those would go good in my "Memory Lane" blog series I never followed up on. *laughs* So here we are. Sharing all six videos of me and my childhood friends goofy off and playing around in all our childhood places. Little did we know that we'd all grow apart, people would move away, and everything would change. But enough about that.

Hope you enjoy see us in our growing up years!

*note: I made the last five on my own, and am the most proud to number four*

Stuff and Fluff One:

Stuff and Fluff Two:

Stuff and Fluff Three:

Stuff and Fluff Four:

Stuff and Fluff Five:

Stuff and Fluff Six:

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Multi-Media || T A G


Hello, lovely people of the blogger world! 

I thought it would be fun to do this tag, which was inspired by a tag I did a long time ago. I loved doing it back then, and looking at it the other day made me want to do it again. .So, that's what I'm doing today. I changed the title, and added a few of my own "prompts". 

Here we gooooooo:

1 || a song that describes you some way

well, at this time in my life, a song that describes me would have to be Single Girl by Sandy Posey

"Nobody loves me 'cause nobody knows me. Nobody takes the time to go slowly. A single girl needs a sweet lovin' man to lean on."

2 || a movie that inspires you

I Still Believe

3 || a book that the main character is like you 

Though I couldn't really explain why, but I remember really relating to Rosemary in A Name Unknown by Roseanna M White.

4 || a song that you love 

Stuck on You by Lionel Ritchie

The breezy sound to this song is just so soothing. And the lyrics melt my heart! <3

"Needed a friend, And the way I feel now I guess, I'll be with you till the end, Guess I'm on my way, Mighty glad you stayed"

5 || a movie that you love 

Christopher Robin. Congrats Disney, you've finally made something Walt would be proud of.

6 || a book that you love

The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham

7 || a song you do not like

The Bones by Maren Morris

8 || a movie you do not like 

Black Panther. What a waste of my time. Though I am sad that Chadwick Boseman died. But the movie was just... eh.

9 || a book you do not like

An Orphan's Wish by Melanie Dickerson. Yeah my answer last time was one of her books, but I guess it's just hit or miss with her. *shrugs*

10 || a song that makes you happy

Moonshine by Ricky Nelson

11 || a movie that freaked you out

well, maybe this didn't "freak me out", but it drove me up the wall. So glad to be done with that *laughs*

Longmire *this show is not for everyone, and not the cleanest, but don't worry, there's nothing in the trailer I linked*

12 || a book that made you cry 

Did NOT expect to cry.

Until The Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

13 || a song you listened to a lot when you were younger 

Down Home by Alabama 

"Things move at a slower pass, nobody's in a rat race"

ahhh the memories. I would listen to this song on repeat. <3

14 || a movie you watched a lot when you were younger 

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

15 || a book you read a lot when you were younger 

The Mandie Series by Louis Galdys Leppard

16 || a song that irritates you

Swingin' by John Anderson

but still I listen to it????

17 || a movie that kept you on the edge of your seat

Anthropoid *this IS rated R, but it's a true story of WWII, and decently clean*

18 || a book that left you breathless 

Lady Jayne Dissapear by Joanna Davidson Politano

*all the love for this book*

19 || a song you listen to when you can't sleep

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

"Let me be your hero..."

20 || a comfort movie

Tuck Everlasting

21 || a comfort book

Spring's Gentle Promise by Janette Oke

The Daybreakers by Louis L'Amour

22 || a song by an artist you wouldn't normally listen to

Neverland by Zendaya

"We can sail away tonight

On a sea of pure moonlight

We can navigate the stars

Bring us back home

In a place so far away

We'll be young that's how we'll stay

Every wish is a command

When we find ourselves in Never Neverland"

23 || a book you didn't expect to love

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

everyone I know told me this book was traumatizing, but I found it beautiful <3

24 || a movie that you shockingly loved

Ford v Ferrari

I looooved this movie. And you'd think it would be just a guy movie

25 || current on-repeat song

Now or Never by the Willis Clan

"We're walking away from what we know, taking a chance on where we wanna go.."

26 || currently reading

A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

27 || recently watched